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    One Nation labour is the ideology of Former Labour leader and current member of the shadow cabinet, Ed Miliband. It is essentially a form of Social Democracy influenced by Patriotism and a few culturally conservative policies. He succeeded Gordon Brown as leader of the Labour Party after his loss to David cameron in the 2010 General Election. his term lasted until 2016, when Miliband resigned as leader, in the wake of his loss to Cameron in 2015. When Miliband resigned, a leadership election between Jeremy Corbyn, Andy Burnham, And various other Social Democratic candidates.




    • Corbynism - Some good ideas but too far-left.
    • Blairism - Some good ideas but too right-wing and pro-war.
    • Striking teachers - These strikes are wrong at a time when negotiations are still going on!
    • Ralph Milibandism - Dad, please be proud of me.
    • Labour Zionism - We should maintain strong ties to Israel. But I don't support the killing of Palestinians.
    • Paternalistic Conservatism - We agree on patriotism and cracking down on immigration. But I think gay and women rights are important!
    • Fiscal Conservatism - Uhhh The Tories's austerity cuts are bad, but uhhhhh we won't reverse them because uh...uh...uhhhhhhhhh.
      • Angel Eddie - Come on Eddie, just come out and oppose them. Look at how much suffering they've caused.
      • Devil Eddie - Don't listen to that loony leftist, austerity is good and necessary. You wanna succeed just like Blair right?