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    One Cosmopolity Libertarianism


    One Cosmopolity Libertarianism is a civically libertarian, economically far-right, culturally left, monarchist, and nationalist albeit multiculturalist ideology. It advocates for nations to be broken up into many smaller libertarian nations with independence and sovereignty similarly to Sep.png Separatism, but, quite differently, while it believes that each nation should act in its own national interest, it believes that all people groups should receive mutual respect and one should never be perceived as superior to another, being a vehement supporter of the principle that all cultures, all ethnicities, and all religions are completely equal. It believes in anti-interventionism however, that each nation should be left to forge their own path, once they have achieved their independence. The ideology is extremely localized but, in spite of this, it supports diversity and that while they should many separate nations, they should all have a unique mix of cultures and people groups.


    Political Organization

    Economic Organization

    Societal Organization

    This ideology supports morality based on religion, that society should adhere to its religions devoutly. But, supporting multiculturalism, it is a proponent of all religions and seeks to prevent religious discrimination. But, since it is extremely religious but against supremacy of a single religion or group, it acts similarly to Antiath.png Anti-Atheism. Its respect for all religions and hard anti-discrimination stances makes it a culturally left, or progressive, ideology.

    Personality and Behaviour





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