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    File:OmniSJW.pngOmni-TriggeredFile:OmniSJW.png is an off-off-off compass SJW (LeftUnity) ideology. Why stop at xenogenders, fatshaming and critical race theory when you can literally #cancel someone across the entire multiverse for breathing in the general direction of a marginalized subatomic particle? Every singular neutrino? Quantum string itself? Maybe beyond the Planck Length? And let’s not stop at things with MASS, either (you massphobe); Gravity, Entropy and Dark Energy all have very strong online presences and will doxx you and get you FIRED. So what if we have to be a little bit racist or a little bit homophobic? They’re probably just Uncle Toms, anyway.

    Also, let’s not forget LIFE PRIVILEGE, either. Even if certain lifeforms (i.e hologis, machines, Peter Griffin, etc) have faced staunch biocolonialism, they’re still VERY TRIGGERING to those particles who have no free will at all. Therefore, the only way to solve this problem is to take away their sentience and dissolve their body so they become particles too, because, y’know, EqUiTy.

    I just realized; WHY AM I WRITING THIS IN MULTIVERSAL “STANDARD” [English]? Only 0.000000000000000000...(G64)...000000.1% of all denizens in the multiverse speak it? Henceforth, I shall speak in an indigenous tongue known only to. Here I go: ç˚˜ˆ¨™˜¢ˆ¨µ∑®˜ˆ¨˜∑∑˜®˙ˆƒ˜ˆ¨˜ßˆ¨˜ˆ¨ni˜ˆƒ˜˚ƒ˜˜˜®¨øå˜√•∞˜å˜√ø¶å˜√¨¬˜≈¬√˜å¬˜√ø¨˜¢ø˜ø˜åø¨¨˙˙∫ç¨√†å√稆√†¨√¢§•©œ•˙ø¨˜åø¨®˜∫¶∫ª¶∫ø˜å•˙˜˜øå˜ø•∂˜ø¨å®˜√åø¨∫¶∫¢√¶ª∫√˜øˆ˜åªª¶∫∂∫å√∫√˜ø••√∫®•∫ª∫º∂˜å˜ç•º˜¢•å˜∫¶ªå˜•µºµµπåˆπ˜†¨¥∫¥√ˆ∫˙˚˜√©√∫ˆ¥∫ø¨£ø¨˜∫¨ø∫˜øˆåµˆπ√åå√≥øå≤“√≤¢≤•˙ª¶∞˙ø˜åø¨˜√åø¶˜¢π•˜£π√˜å•∫®ø˜ø•√˜√π•˜®ø¨∫ø¶∫√˜πˆ√˜ø•œ∫ø¶√∫ø•˜åˆπµ˜å˚µç˚…µø˜çø®˜√ø¨∑˜ø¶˙˜ø˜ø˜ø¨∑˜®ø√®¨˜√ˆ∑˜ø√˜ø¨˜ø¨√˜∑ø¨˜ø¨˜ ˙ß∫ˆ¥∫˙∑ø∫ø˜∂∫˙ˆ¥ß∫√ø¨˜ø¨∑˙˜ø¨√˜®√ø¨˜∑∆√˜∑∆®˜∑¨∫©˜˙ø˜∑ø¨˜øˆ˜ø˜∂∆ߘ.

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