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    Omni-Paperclipism is a void compass version of Paperclipism that belives every single atom in the universe should either be a paperclip or produce paperclips at a maximum rate.


    Omni-paperclipism belives that the best way to produce more paperclips is through an uncontrolled, but very intellingent AI with only one goal - maximize the production of paperclips in the long term. The ideology puts the production of paperclips above everything else, even human life, ethics (which it believes isn’t real) and the existence of the universe itself.

    Before the AI is invented, Omni-paperclipism encourages to maximize the prodcution of paperclips through Industrialism. It also advocates for creating a paperclip-based capitalist system.


    Only talks about paperclips. Uses paperclips as a currency. Eats edible paperclips. Drinks from paperclip-shaped straws. Wants to turn everyone it meets and anything it sees into a paperclip factory (or just a paperclip).

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a paperclip of any color
    2. Draw eyes



    None since they everyone else is anti-paperclip (and Paperclipism is too moderate)



    • Environmentalism - Environment doesn’t matter as long as you have paperclips
    • Neoluddism - The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for anti-paperclippers
    • Primitivists - your primitivist ideology opposes technology, including paperclips


    Further Information


    Authoritarian Right
    Fictional Ideologies
    Infinite Compass


    Void Compass

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