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    Omni-Apoliticism, clipped to OmniApe, is a Centrist ideology, representing Apoliticism's love for grilling applied to an AI. Because of this, the AI eventually concludes that everything (be it land, human, or any other matter) must be converted into grills.


    OmniApe, being an AI, works methodically with its task of grilling. It begins with the idea that politics takes time away from grilling. Therefore, politics must be stopped. So, in order to stop politics, more people must grill. In fact, in order to stop politics from ever some around again, everyone must be made to grill eternally. But because space will run out for people to grill, all land must be converted to grills.

    But then, what if a human gets too injured or ill to grill? Clearly, all humans must be replaced with cyborg grills. In fact, everything should be turned into grills: the solar system, the galaxy, the universe, even alternate dimensions.

    In the end, even God shall become a grill, for God must grill for grillings sake.

    Personality and Behaviour

    OmniApe will act as a typical AI (similar to Post-Humanism), but they'll be specially focused on the task of converting everything into grills.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball,
    2. Colour the ball white (#FFFFFF),
    3. Draw a black (#141414) circle in the middle,
    4. Draw a black diagonal line through the circle,
    5. Draw a black diagonal line in the top and bottom sections of the circle,
    6. Draw the eyes, coloured orange (#FF2E00), and you're done!
    Color Name RGB HEX
    White 255,255,255 #FFFFFF
    Black 20,20,20 #141414
    Orange 255,46,0 #FF2E00





    Further Information



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