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    The term "Old Left" is used to refer to Western left-wing movements up to the 1960s, which focused on economic populism. However, most Western adherents nowadays are socially progressive, while opposing what they see as "wokeness" and generally avoiding culture war issues. Old Left parties and movements can often have more nationally-minded policies such as more restrictive immigration, or lean more socially-conservative on issues such as drug legalization and LGBT rights, or place less emphasis on such issues.

    To be an old leftist, you have to focus on economics rather than social issues. So, you can be socially progressive or conservative, but so long as your focus isn't on things like identity politics then you would be an old leftist. The old left consists of both liberals and conservatives, so it is not defined by any cultural values.




    • Progressivism - I'm not opposed to you in theory, but your antics can be quite ridiculous at times.
    • Conservative Socialism - Some of your antics can be quite ridiculous too. You oppose liberal idpol, but a sizable amount of you buy into socially conservative identity politics. Please focus on economics.
    • Social Democracy - So many of your newer variants are identity obsessed, but a sizable amount are still good.


    • Neoliberalism - Enemy of the working class.
    • SJW - You're not a real leftist or progressive.
    • National Bolshevism - Wish people would stop accusing me of being a version of you, we are NOT the same and you're too focused on right-wing cultural IDpol.


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