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    This is old ideology of Apolit.png 'REDUCTED'.
    Please redirect to Chiroteslaism. I put old Chirotesla's ideals here. If you want to my previous self-insert ideology name, click here.

    Old Chiroteslaism was the former ideology of ChiroPro aka Apolit.png 'REDUCTED'. It is an economically centre-left to left and culturally centre-left. He would be more conservative in the first world time. Welfare is necessary and needed. Patriotism/Nationalism is necessary. He believes that racism, xenophobia, and sexism need to get eliminated. Military is also important to protect nation from threats. The border should welcome for foreigners, immigrants, refugees, or more when they aren't threat to their governments. He is against any form of theocracy and state-atheism. He believes that faiths must be freedom. He supports semi-direct democracy, environmental protection, progression of technology, social balance policies, non-interventionism, anti-imperialism, social justice, market, and socialism.

    According to Chirotesla.png Old Chiroteslaism, the best way to achieve those required conditions is through:
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    Statist.png Civil Axis

    Old Chiroteslaism believes that government is needed to protect the people. He opposes anarchism, libertarianism, extreme authoritarianism, and totalitarianism. He is mixed between liberal democracy and direct democracy. He thinks that the form of government will be republic. He thinks populism will lead people to prosperity, even if there are any serious threats, so he will embrace authoritarianism.

    Unitary.png Unitary or Federal? Federal.png

    He mostly prefers unitary because his country is unitary state officially. Federal system will be implemented if the country is too large, populated, and diverse.

    Reform.png Reform or Revolution? Revolution.png

    Old Chiroteslaism is mixed between reform and revolution. He will support revolution if reforms are too slow. In democratic society, he would prefer reformism.

    Dem.png Voting

    Old Chiroteslaism supports the right to vote and believes in voter should be citizen in order to be able to vote.

    Liberty.png Civil Liberties

    Old Chiroteslaism believes in preservation of civil liberties. He supports semi-liberal democracy and belives that Dem.png liberal democracy has brought many great things such as constitutionalism, civil rights, the rule of law, private property, and equality, he is also against current day cultural liberalism and economic liberalism, and believes that there are flaws which would require the state to intervene. He is against technology progression that support extreme authoritarianism, seeing it as an infringement on civil liberties, and although safety of the people is important, which is why he supports the homeland security. He believes that to an extent, civil liberties have been curbed in the name of counter terrorism. He thinks mass surveillance (like Ingsocf.png orwellian system, Totalitarian.png totalitarianism, etc) will create dystopian society. He also thinks Awaj.png anarchy or extreme libertarian will create dystopian society.

    Equality.png Economy Axis Markets.png

    Old Chiroteslaism is economically centre-left to left-wing on economy axis. His economy policy is combined with Marketsoc.png Market Socialism, Georgist.png Georgism, Distributist.png Distributism, and Socdem.png Social Democracy.

    Georgist.png Ownership Axis

    He is the supporter of georgism. He views as landlords as explotative because landlords can kick one out of their house even if they are innocent. He is against landlords. He wishes homeless people that refused not to work will not get the advantage of being given a house and having to pay it off.

    Welf.png Healthcare

    He is the supportive of the universal and free healthcare, for it greatly fits in with his beliefs in egalitarianism, however he believes that citizens should still pay medicine in order to cover restocking costs, and that those who must drink, smoke, or overeat should still pay for surgery, since they are the ones at fault for ending up in those conditions, He also believes that every individuals must be a citizen/permanent resident should he receive free healthcare, He wishes to increase funding towards the healthcare industry. He also wishes to prevent people from abusing the system.

    Planned.png Market Axis Markets.png

    Old Chiroteslaism views it, planned economies are always bounding to fail. Countries with planned economies just stayed far until ended up being collapsed, or slowly moved towards economic liberalism. Market should be implemented in order to be efficient. He also belives that workers must own the means of production through workers' cooperatives in a Marketsoc.png socialist market economy. Market should have restriction against drugs and sex servies. He can understand that people have bad experience under socialism, so he opposes planned economy and laissez faire economy too. He supports the right of people to open business. He believes in collectivization of big businesses and privatization of small businesses. He would have no tolerance towards the exploitative businesses.

    Trad.png Social Axis Prgess.png

    Old Chiroteslaism is culturally center in general. He is culturally left and progressive in the third world and any underdeveloped countries, especially on many Middle Eastern, African, and South Asian because he believes that there are oppressive institutions for humanity in third world. He thinks that oppressive institutions (especially arranged marriage, forced marriage, spousal abuse, gender inequality, etc) should be suppressed effectively. He would be more conservative and less progressive in the west and any developed nations. Regarding Nusantara, he is culturally centre-left. He thinks progression and tradition are both Important. Old Chiroteslaism wants interculturalism as alternative to assimilationism and multiculturalism because it allows for cultural diversity. He thinks that extreme scale on social axis (like far-left or right) will create dystopian society.

    He also fights against SJW.png SJW taking over progressive movement. He sees them as hypocrite and threat to modern society. Gender fluid ideology, intersectionality, and identity politics also are threat modern society and should be fought effectively. He also believes that SJW.png SJW always accuse people of being racist, sexist, xenophobic, and more. He follows "hate the sins but loves sinners".

    Mansphere.png Gender Fem.png

    He firmly supports gender equality. He views sexism as stupid. Sexism need to get eliminated because he views it as threat to modern society. He strongly believes there are two gender. He supports the first and second wave feminism. In addition, man and woman must be paid the same amount of money for the same amouny of work.

    He rejects any notion of patriarchy existing in the West, although he believes that it exists in the third world, mainly Saudi Arabia, India, any African countries, any Middle East countries, and any South Asian countries, which lack gender equality. He also rejcts any notion that woman must be homemakers (unless baby is being raised) in addition to strict gender role (but he doesn't want to abolish it). His variant of feminism is a blend of Confem.png Conservative Feminism (excluding Karens, and primarly for the West), Marxfem.png Socialist Feminism, and PostColFem.png Postcolonial Feminism. Even though he calls himself as feminist. If some country has lack gender equality, so that cases would be the most important.

    Gay.png Bix.png Les.png Sexual identity and LGBT Trans.png Enby.png Straight.png

    He supports sexual identify equality. He approves the right to sexuality. People with different sexual and gender identities shouldn't be discriminated against in the society. He views LGBT movement is pretty toxic because he feels that LGBT community is always being infested with wokes. He believes that the government should ban pride parades, ban government buldings from flying the pride flag, and oppose LGBT presence in children's programs and the education system. Sex reassignment surgery and hormone replacement will be allowed and trans people also will be allowed to identify as the gender what they wish to.

    He really hate people when they idolize LGBT. He believes that marriage is between man and woman officially. He only knows that there are three sexuality identifies, especially heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual.

    Antiporn.png Pornography and Sexual topics Sexocracy.png

    Old Chiroteslaism believes that Pornography as negative bias for society because it could give bad effect for the minds of people. He supports illegalization of pornography and prostitution. The internet police authorities should take measure action against pornograhpy and prostitution.

    He believes that sex outside marriage is immoral, but it should not get you in punishment and should not be criminalized. Sex education will be properly taught in schools, so that the children will not to get wrong way or idea. Premarital sex and masturbation would not be illegal.

    Religious.png Religion

    In religiously diverse nations like Cball-India.png India, Cball-Indonesia.png Indonesia, etc. Secularism must be implemented which completely separates religion and government in order to avoid religious conflict. Freedom of religion should be granted except for Satanism and cults. Government must take action against cults. He is against state-atheism and theocracy. He is fine with religion influence on the government.

    Abort.png Abortion Abortion-icon.png

    Old Chiroteslaism thinks that abortion is mostly bad and murder. He believes that abortion should be legal in all cases. Woman should have right to abort fetus. When a mother bears a child that she can't support, that will burden the entire society.

    Even though he is the supporter of Abort.png pro-choice. He also supports funding planned parent hood and comprehensive sex education to decrease the amount of abortions and unwanted pregnancies as well. After all, abortions should be safe, legal, and rare.

    Youth.png Youth

    Old Chiroteslaism is moderate adultist. He is really concerned about the politicization of the youth. He thinks youth shouldn't be taugh about politics in schools. He is against schools teaching traditional and religious ideologies (not necessarily values), but he is also against teaching progressive ideologies in schools. He believes that teachers and students shouldn't be allowed to wear any political gears.

    He would try to encourage apoliticism for the youth, telling them to how to have fun activity, and not worry about politic issues, and adult topic. The apolitical youth organization would encouraged.

    Political youth would be discouraged. He wishes to ban any political youth organization. He also wishes to sanction political youth organization leaders. Political youth related website would get shut down. His local internet authorities should take measure action against political youth websites immediately.

    He is against parent trying to tell their children that a certain ideology is correct. He would make parents bringing anyone who is under 16 year old to political rally illegal.

    Mat.png Family

    He supports the nuclear family unit and seeks to promote it, althought not to the point to harming same-sex couples, as he believes that they should be respected and they are too worthy of the same support and recognition. He believes that nuclear family unit should be promoted the most.

    He will give 6-12 weeks of paid leave to the mother who gave birth. 6 weeks should be basedline, but it can be extended according to the mother's needs by informing the city government and more welfare be given to families, especially if they recently gave birth.

    He believes that working class and families are more important than billionaries becasue billionaries are seen as parasites thet get rich through exploitation and shady methods most.

    He sees family breakup as a cause of societal breakdown and wishes to maintain family values, and discourage divorce except for cases of abuse or differences between family members being too strong to compromise to be possible, and believes thay family is the build up of every society.

    He wishes to implement robust pro-family policies such as child benefits, family welfare plans, and housing program in support of low-income families who are unable to pay rent.

    Ethnonat.png Ethnic/Race Racenat.png

    He views ethnic hate and racism are both stupid. He thinks ethnic equality and race equality are both important. He thinks ethnic hate and racism both should get eliminated.

    Assimil.png Integration Multicult.png

    He is Intercult.png interculturalist and thinks that preservation of culture and society progression are both important. He supports Intercult.png interculturalism as alternative to assimilationism and multiculturalism. Assimilationism and multiculturalism are both necessary evil, although multiculturalism is better than assimilationism. He sees how assimilationist countries tend to be very bigoted and hateful to those outside of the national culture and sees how the same becomes of multiculturalist societies tending to self-segregate. He believes that immigrants must learn our culture, values, way of life, and adapt it, but he doesn't want them to abandon their previous culture. He also thinks that foreign cultures can enrich ours if done in moderation.

    Transh.png Technology and Science Scientocracy Small.png

    Old Chiroteslaism stronlgy supports science and technology because he believes that it could lead to society to prosperity. He supports the space program. He supports Transh.png transhumanism. He also thinks that transhumanism would overcome human weakness (like disability, etc). He believes that the usage of AI could cause mass unemployment. He can support the usage of AI depending on the situation (like space exploration, etc). He is Neotech.png technoliberal, supporting civil liberties and technological advancement.

    Corp.png Big tech Technocracy.png

    He is opposed to big tech companies, seeing them as not only exploitative, tax evading, monopolistic, data thieves, but as tools for the SJW.png woke elites to gain power over society. He belives that SJW.png SJWs can gain power through their frequent promotion of Gay.png LGBT pride, Trans.png transgender emojis, donating to SJW.png wokes, purging anti-woke individuals from their workplaces and the persecution opposing opinions from their opinions from their platforms while allowing Radlib.png radlibs to thrive.

    He is supportive of FDF-Pirate.png pirate politics, believing that laws should put people before corporations, and plans on making it illegal for corporations to get and steal personal information and data. He believes that current copyright law is bad and supports the freedom of internet, although pirating games, movies, etc is cringe

    Space-ball.png Space program

    He supports space program because he thinks that humans can't always survive in far future from now without leaving the Earth. He thinks that space is not healthy for human because zero gravity would cause loss of muscle and bone mass. He wishes to make efforts to put people on the moon or mars in the future.

    Envi.png Environment

    Old Chiroteslaism views clean environment as important because clean environment is safe for human. In clean environment, human can breath and survive. He wishes to ban littering and sanction someone who has caught littering. He wishes to keep the city clean. He believes that climate change and global warming are both real and the biggest threat to humanity. He views climate change/global warming denial as stupid. He supports environmental regulation and carbon tax. He strongly opposes fossil energy and wants to replace them with nuclear energy/electric. He would call enviromentalists hypocrites if they oppose nuclear energy because he views nuclear energy as renewable energy. He believes in zero emissions by around 2040-2050. Conclusion from Old Chiroteslaism's environment policy:

    1. Implementing carbon tax
    2. Replacing unrenewable energy with renewable energy
    3. Promotion of eco-friendly products
    4. Replacing plastic products with biodegradable plastics or any plastics products that are friendly to environment
    5. Creating eco-friendly jobs
    6. Creating tree plating program
    7. Lowering tax rates for renewable energy sources
    8. Banning of petrol
    9. Replacing of petrol motor vehicle with eco-friendly motor vehicle
    10. Total replacement of fossil fuel with renewable energy (like nuclear energy, electric, or more) by 2045
    11. Mass production of electric or other eco-friendly vehicles, with the goal of banning the sale of gas/diesel cars no later than 2035
    12. Placing harshly sanctions on countries that are actively destroying the environment

    World.png Foreign Policy Nation.png

    Old Chiroteslaism is the Globnat.png Alter-globalist. He wants to work with other countries to build new technology and have good relations with the world, while avoiding economic globalization.

    He is Civnat.png civic nationalist, being proud of the country, but still respecting and taking inspiration from others. However, he opposes the most forms of nationalism, especially ethno-nationalism, racial nationalism, ultranationalism, and more.

    He is centrist on the pacifism-militarism axis scale, believing that the military is needed and important to protect the nation from any threats.

    He is Isolationist.png kind of isolationist and opposing interventionism.

    Chirotesla (transh).png Goal Late Stage Lairi.png

    He wants to make society prosperous by progressing technology, supporting environmentalism, creating more new jobs, and encouraging them to innovate. He also wants society to be developed by progressing society while preserving culture. He also wants to end climate change and global warming by progressing technology and protecting the environment. He also wants to create a society accepting of all regardless of religion, race, nationality, ethnic, sexuality, gender, and any other factor. He wants to make space travel more easier than before.

    After several centuries, once a certain point is reached in the chroteslaisation of society, the nation can advance and reach Late Stage Lairi.png Late Stage Chiroteslaism. After Late Stage Lairi.png Late Stage Chiroteslaism reached, it will accelerate to Post-Chiroteslaism.

    The six principles of Old Chiroteslaism

    Republicanismpix.png Republicanism

    Republicanism is the belief that civic power within society should be held with democratically elected representatives, instead of through the generations like in Monarchy. Thought it also banned earlier opposition parties because of "saving the secular state".

    Nation.png Nationalism

    Based on Civic Nationalism, protect and promote the moral, spiritual, cultural, and humanistic values of the our nation. Our nation must be independence and free from imperialism influence and oppression. Nationalism must be instilled from childhood. We will proud to our nation without underestimating other nation That's why Ethnic Nationalism, Ultranationalism, and Racial Nationalism must be opposed or eliminated.

    Soc-h.png Labor

    The workers shall receive fair wages. The Market will exist, it will be regulated in order to protect workers and consumers. It is the duty of Lairists to promote/protect worker's right and to be ethical towards workers and consumers.

    Atheism.png Secularism

    Religion is stay out of government and public school. Freedom of religion must be granted. If a cult pops up, the government shall intervening or taking action them. Chiroteslaist shall accept all for their religions, and not force one into it. Forced conversions are deemed as inhumane and uncivilized.

    Humanismpix.png Modernism

    We must accelerate the technological progress to lead people to prosperity. We must base law off of what's wrong and right rather than traditional values, and create a society accepting of all regardless religion, race, nationality, ethnic, sexuality, gender, and any other factor. We must maintain our culture while progressing society to prosperity and modernity. It is important for nation and society to develop.

    Antiimp.png Anti Imperialism and Colonialism Postconan.png

    We know about Europeans have colonized almost all continents. Imperialism and Colonialism are considered as evil system because they are based off of exploitation, enslavement, and forced submission. The people and especially a Chiroteslaist shall do anything to kill off Imperialism and Colonialism.


    Old Chiroteslaism is pretty good person. He often speaks softly and politely. He sometimes hates being called Social Democrat because he has changed his views. He sometimes can be aggressive when someone is making him very uncomfortably. His least friend is Alt-Right. He has also worst nightmare ideological relation, called State Liberalism, Jihadism, Fordism, and SJW. He has kinda hardline views. He gets along with both leftist, progressive balls, and conservative balls (when they sometimes can be more or less moderate) due to his economic and cultural views. He hates theocracies. He dislikes Colonialism and Imperialism because he believe that Colonialism and Imperialism are unfair ideology. He loves technology progression because he loves Sci-Fi so much.

    Flag and How to draw it


    Flag of Old Chiroteslaism
    1. Draw a ball,
    2. Fill it with half white and red,
    3. Draw circle in the centre,
    4. Split circle color into half white and red,
    5. Draw 2 split in circle,
    6. (Optional): Draw hat or etc,
    7. Done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Red #ff0000 255, 0, 0
    White #ffffff 255, 255, 255

    Meaning of Flag

    1. "Red" means the courage and blood of the people.
    2. "White" means the empowerment of the power, courage, and spirit of the people.
    3. "White half circle" means the bright of Nationalism and Republicanism.
    4. "Lower half circle with 3 red pillars and 2 white pillars" means Labor, Secularism, and Modernism, While "2 white pillars' means Anti-Imperialism and Anti-Colonialism.
    Click here to show previous flag


    This contains only ideologies from original polcompball.

    Mega Yes.png The core values:

    • Dsa.png Democratic Socialism - my preferred system , but it should be mix with Market! yeah, the reason why socialist countries failed because of authoritarianism. MY IDEOLOGY!!!!
    • Leftpop-0.png Left-Wing Populism - HELLA BASED! POWER TO THE PEOPLES! ALSO MY IDEOLOGY!!!!!
    • Marketsoc.png Market Socialism - My praxis! yes I'm socialist. I believe there should be a market, but it should be regulated in order to ensure fairness. I know the reason why some countries with planned economy bounded into failed state and transitioned to liberal economy because of very centralized economy. Every socialists should try it.
    • Distributist.png Distributism & Socdem.png Social Democracy - I can't lie. your both economics are good. I think you're both cool! Meh socdem may be too moderate for my taste
    • Leftnat.png Left-Wing Nationalism - Based!
    • Intercult.png Interculturalism & Civnat.png Civic Nationalism - Based! BROTHERHOOD AND UNITY! people must unite and work together regardless of their religions, races, and ethnics! I refuse to let arbitrary ethnic, racial, religious, and cultural divisions divide and tear the nation apart.
    • Progconf.png Progressive Conservatism (in general) - My cultural system! Progressive and Tradition are both IMPORTANT! it should be a culture and progress.
    • Georgist.png Georgism - Landl*rds are soy! MEGABASED! ALL LAND SHOULD BE FREE FOR PEOPLE! I agree that a house shall belong to it's occupier. I also agree that landlords are indeed necessary evil because landlords can kick one out of their house even if they are innocent. Plus, you're the capitalist I respect! ANTI-LANDLORDIST GANG! I shall give all wicked landlords Mao Zedong treatments.
    • Fem.png Feminism and Menslib.png Men's Liberation - equal right for both man and woman!

    Yes.png Friends:

    • Kemal.png Kemalism - secularized of your country, science, populism, industrialized of your country, and replaced old absolute monarchy with republic? What can I say except "MEGABASED!"?
    • Tito.png Titoism - United people regardless ethnic, formed republic instead of monarchy after WW2, anti-fascism, freed yugoslavia from nazi occupation, neutral during cold war, market socialist, and created non-alligned block? What can I say except "MEGABASED!"? although state atheism is cringe.
    • NatProg.png Bull Moose Progressivism - ah this progressive guy cared about actual issues instead of forcing people to memorize that there are 9999999 genders. Although imperialism is cringe. so I can't deny that Theodore Roosevelt is megabased. Shame that modern progressivism is alligned with wokes that would give bad name of progressivism.
    • 3princ.png Tridemism - Civic nationalism, civil liberties, republicanism, welfarism, georgism, modernism, pisses off reactionaries, and also pisses off feudalism? What can I say except "MEGABASED!"?
    • Liberalsoc.png Liberal Socialism - good liberals! we're both workplace democracy enjoyer!
    • Technocracy.png Technocracy - support progression of technology? Our country should only ruled by the most capable and the most efficient through democracy. wait! you are too authoritarian! but Neotech.png Technoliberalism is go for me.
      • Neotech.png Technoliberalism - upgraded version of Technocracy for me. also socialize your economy term.
    • Transh.png Transhumanism - Enhancing humanity power? BASED! but there should be a civil liberty in the future!
    • Keynes.png Keynesianism - Based economy! I believe that there should be a market. regulations are necessary. although planned economy is bad, but laissez faire economy is worse!
    • Soc.png Socialism - You have a lot of good ideas for me. Yeah the working classes deserve rights and better treatments, you need markets in order to be efficient however.
    • Soc21.png Socialism of the 21st Century - Evo Morales was based!
    • Soccap.png Social Capitalism - the best form of capitalism! also a good system if left wing economics aren't an option.
    • Prog.png Progressivism (in the third world) - Yeah, I'm progressivist in the third world. but I belive in societal progression and preservation of culture. yes dude f*ck Reactcross.png reacucktionarism!
      • Prgess.png Classical Progressivism - of course! Enlighternment, secularism, social equality, and technological progress! True progressiveness! SJWs/Wokes are pseudo-progressives!
    • Auth-AntiTot.png Auth-Anti Totalitarianism - of course, we need strong state to fight against totalitarianism!
    • Statist.png Statism - BASED! State is necessary to protect the residents from any inner or outer threats!
    • Positivism.png Positivism - Positive Factual, Empiricism, Scientific Methodology!

    Kinda Yes.png Kinda Friends:

    • Soclib.png Social Liberalism - Decent policies, FDR was based, but he might has some faults. As nowadays, it's a shame modern figures that represent this such as Tr*deau and B*den are cringe.
    • PCB-Sjwliteicon.png SJW-Lite - well I don't like SJW.png SJW. good thing you're not extreme as SJW.png. you have some good ideas for me when you're too woke and anti-conservative for my taste. You could be against SJW.png normal SJW.

    Centrist-yellow.png Neutrals:

    • Conservative.png Conservatism - yeah I believe that some cultural values should be maintained to keep morality and history. but you can go too far by rejecting progression.

    Kinda No.png Not Friends:

    No.png Enemies:

    • ML.png Marxism-Leninism - too authoritarian and economically left for my taste. Although I'm marketsoc/demsoc, I dislike communism for a bigger government that could lead to totalitarianism due to very centralized economy, creating extensive bureaucracy, not letting the minds of people walk free when comes to production. That's why reason any ML countries have abandoned their beliefs. Although overthrowing monarch and right dictatoship is based.
    • Ispop.png Islamic Populism - Fuck this! Fuck you to hell for pushing my country to shit! HOW DARE YOU USE YOUR RELIGION TO REMOVE CHINESE CHRISTIAN GOVERNOR, CALLED AHOK? STOP KILLING, DISCRIMINATING, AND INTIMIDATING NON-MUSLIMS YOU SUCKER!!! YOU ALSO ARE ACTIVELY DESTROYING THE UNITY OF INDONESIA. SO DO YOU WANT MY COUNTRY TO GET DIVIDED INTO NEW COUNTRY ACCORDING TO RELIGION?! nah, Indonesian islamic populist movement is ethnonationalistic since they brought up the Pribumi (natives) vs Cina (Chinese) sentiment.
    • Plcn2.png Paleoconservatism - Yes I oppose foreign interventions. but you're too conservative and capitalistic for my taste. Plus, You're very traditional, which is very cringe. but there are some facists that are follower of paleocon. but Tucker Carlson is meh.
    • Awaj.png Anarchism - Anarchism is cringe and dangerous to society. In fact of you, so you want to live chaos. State is necessary to protect people, and much as you wish for liberty and disavowal from tyrannies. Not all states are tyrannies.
      • Annil.png Anarcho-Nihilism - cringe anarchy and also cringe nihilism. why are you depressed? What's wrong with you? I can talk and help you :D
      • Ancom.png Anarcho-Communism - This ideology is doubly lazy because it thinks that anarchism is best way to ensure equality and freedom, but it is almost supported by people who want free stuffs without working and breaking law when it conflicts their interests.
      • Ancapf.png Anarcho-Capitalism - This ideology is abomination because it wants to abolish government and let exploitative greedy companies exploit their workers. It is also worse than Ancom.png anarcho-communism. plus, you're basicially Somalia's closest ideology and that your followers are even more retarded anarchist variants of austrololbert.
    • Antifa.png Antifa - yeah fascism is indeed cringe, but “antifa” is aligned with wokes and a bunch of disorganized soy chugging larpers. The heroes who have fought against nazis and fascists in WW2 would be disappointed towards you.
    • Christy.pngMuslim 2.pngHind.png Theocracies Bud.pngJewTheo.png - Religious intolerance and too authoritarian? MEGACRINGE! I know why people have turned into faithlessness. I agree with chad Admiralism Icon.png Admiralism AdmAlt icon.png's point about you.
    • Stateath.png State Atheism - also bad as theocracy!

    DvSupremacy.png MORTAL ENEMY REEEEEEE:

    • Necon.png Neoconservatism - stop pointless war! also stop backing up dictator! Please read "What does democracy mean?"
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism - almost same as neocon!
    • Altr.png Alt-Right - GODAMMNIT FUCKERS! I know some followers of this ideology are manosphere. Racial, ethnic, and gender equality is good and while I understand wanting to maintain culture, but you go too far. And while I support nationalism and family value, you go too far and discriminate against those that don’t obey to your views. Just megacringe overall.
    • Obj.png Objectivism - extreme libertarian and laissez faire capitalism? what a manifestation of selfishness. ok then you deserve to be mauled to death by a gorilla pack.
    • Statlib.png State Liberalism - wokeness, totalitarian, anti-democracy, anti-religion, and elitism? ALSO FAKE LIBS! ALSO MEGACRINGE! ALSO THIS IS ULTIMATE ABOMINATION! ALSO SAME AS ABOVE!
    • Ford.png Fordism - AHHH DYSTOPIAN IDEOLOGY! THIS IS ACTUALLY EXTREME VERSION OF STATE LIBERALISM! ALSO this is actually heaven for revprogs and wokes, but this is hell for everything! ALSO SAME AS ABOVE AND AVARITIONISM!
    • SJW.png SJW - godamn! fake libs! also fake progs! You're just corrupted by wokes! You're even disgrace to the good name of progressivism! I know you have accelerated into revolutionary progressivist! I become centre-conservative in the West thank to wokes!
    • Vaush.png Vaushism - I may appreciate your economic model, but you are savage because you have ruined the good name of market socialism and liberal socialism. I know that you have watched p*rn. So you want to legalize child p*rn. That your opinion is very disgusting and uncomfortable. If Tito.png Tito come back to life again, he would be disappointed towards you.

    Yes.png Friends:

    • Scarlet Icon.png Scarletism ScrLt Ushanka.png - your economic is hella based! BASED! but I have minor different things to you. Overall megabased ideology. plus, I will do an explanation about your self insert ideology when your page has gained significant development.
    • Admiralism Icon.png Admiralism AdmAlt icon.png - megabased your economic views, but I have minor different things to you (especially social axis, etc). yeah we both hate woke and reactionary elements. your critique against theocracies is so great!
    • Bmanthought.png Bman thought - while you are too economically left, but your anti-imperialism and social views are both based. plus, I have a little minor disagreement on your social views. yeah we both dislike Canadian current government and tr*deau.
    • Mebrouk.png Mebroukism Mebrouk-2.png - your economically is too moderate for my taste. but your social views are based. I believe in preservation culture and progression of society, What's your opinion about my points on social policies?
    • Waspicon.png Waspism - your ideals are hella based. but your economy is too moderate, which is kinda based. Overall based ideology.
    • EvolvingSoc.png Evolutionary Socialism - we both support market socialism, social democracy, civic nationalism, science technology, secularism, and semi-direct democracy. Your social view is also based. The death penalty can be justified, punitive justice is more efficient (though I believe in some usage of rehabilitative justice). Beside of that, it is still based. yeah Regulated market socialist, democratic, and anti-imperialist gang!
    • Luoyangist Tridemism.png Luoyangist Tridemism - a Mikhail Celflosky's irl friends. You're too economically right and conservative for my taste. Plus, multiculturalism is not my taste and I prefer interculturalism. Interventionism is also cringe. Beside of that, We both have same civil axis. We both like Georgism, Alter-globalization, Left-wing populism, Tridemism, Transhumanism, Welfarism, and Civic nationalism. Overall based ideology.
    • MattBall1.png Mattism - I may be more conservative, socialistic, and statist than you. You have gone too far by endorsing anti-conservatism. We both agreed that market is always needed. You have good economics, but I prefer socialism. I have some disagreement on your social views and diplomatic axis. There are your some cringe parts for me, called globalism and anti-nationalism. You're also internationalist/globalist. Nah I prefer alter-globalization instead of internationalism/globalism. Beside of that, overall based ideology. Other things, we both hate these mortal f*ckers.

    Kinda Yes.png Kinda Friends:

    • Cflski.png Celfloskism.pngCelfloskyismCflski (general).png - rather cool ideology. based nationalism, welfarism, georgism, anti-SJW, and technological advancement. you're too economically right and a bit too liberal for my taste. You should know that trans isn't gender. I can understand that you want to respect other cultures. I think interculturalism is best way to unite different cultures instead of multiculturalism because I see multiculturalist societies tending to self-segregate.
    • Template:NameQuarkism - based ideology, but post-humanism is not my taste. state-atheism is also cringe. Yeah transhumanism is epik. although secularism, republicanism, modernism, and purging reactionary elements of clergy are all based. yeah we both dislike canadian current government and tr*deau.
    • GenShrekf.png General Shrekretary Thought - communism, planned economy, and traditionalism are both not my taste. I have agreed points on you. I think planned economies are always bounding to fail. I believe that market should be implemented in order to be efficient. Yeah neoliberalism and neoconservatism are indeed megacringe.
    • - while you are too religious, authoritarian, conservative, and left for my taste, but you still have good ideals, such as worker's rights, land value tax, and preserving culture to some small scale. Almost same as GenShrekf.png General Shrekretary Thought
    • CSN(hat).png Veronism - almost same as above and GenShrekf.png General Shrekretary Thought
    • Calreibozism.png Calreibozism CalreibozismCat.png - has good ideals, although libertarianism are cringe. I'm ok with religion influence, not theocracy. plus, Ceremonial monarchism confusses me.
    • BeryAbLib.png Beryism - Pro-EU and anti-populism are cringe. EU should need reforms. Atleast you hate NATO and imperialism. Your economy is okay-ish. You're open to pro-gun rights. We both are civil liberty enjoyer. Patriotism and non-interventionism are based, but I prefer alter-globalization. As I'm culturally centre-left, your social and culture view is basedish-based. We both hate these mortal fuckers. You could be fight against other moral fuckers taking over progressive movement.

    Centrist-yellow.png Neutrals:

    • Apolit.png REDUCTED - WTF?! What happened to me now? successor again? Why are you too radical?! What's wrong with socdem? I'll give you credit for stopping being fallen into the rightist idpol hellhole.
    • Cheesenism (PB).png Cheesenism Cheesenism (PCB).png - totalitarianism, fascism, thinks socialism is same as communism, reactionary, monarchism, and imperialism? CRINGE! atleast you are against western imperialism. But I have some agreement on your views. Although caring for people, respecting all religion, and racial equality are based, but I prefer secularism instead of theocracy. That's you are not bad as normal theocracy. also EPIC GAMER! I feel that your ideology is kinda contradicting. but seems good person. yeah we're both Indonesian! yeah Soekarno is gigabased! cheese is so delicious when it is cooked or not :D

    Kinda No.png Not Friends:

    • File:Councilguy2.png Post-Councilism - too culturally left for my taste, but liberty is good. Anarchism, nihilism, anti-work, egoism, and illgealism are cringe. We're both socialist and environmentalist. I appreciate you for being anti-colonialist and against imperialism.
    • Neoafun.png Neo-Afunhumaninterism Neoafunalt.png - Austrolibertarianism, laissez faire economy, libertarianism, and imperialism are all cringe. But I have some agreement on your views. WIP
    • Corplibswap.png Left Corporatocracy - Very cringe corporatocracy, but you have good social views. Also based market, environmentalism, and democracy.

    No.png Enemies:

    • Consocf.png His successor Altl.png - WHAT HAPPENED TO ME?! Successor? How dare you fall into the rightist idpol hellhole?! Yay, Chirotesla (new).png my newer successor succeeded you! At least, you haven't abandoned the socialist pride yet.
    • TIMUAAAism.png ThisIsMyUsernameAAAism - a fellow Dutch user! Ancom.png Anarcho-communism is too utopian, unrealistic, and cringe. atleast you are transhumanist. Directdem.png Direct democracy is kinda good, but I prefer Semidirect.png semi-direct democracy. environmentalism and gun right are based. I have some disagreement on your social view.

    DvSupremacy.png MORTAL ENEMY REEEEEEE:

    • Palos.png Palostiusism - ahhh this is annoying soyboy sexist c*rcle T**loids! LARPer! Get the out of the internet!

    Request for ideological relations

    If you want your ideology to be added to my ideological relations. It is feel to ask requests :D. You can post comment in below. I respect all ideologies and don't judge people for 'em. It is okay to add my ideology to enemies because it has too much opposite things as possible. You can also dm me in discord about request for ideological relations. My discord is Chirotesla#5959. Feel free to add your own ideology to this below:

    • Apolit.png REDUCTED

    List of request for ideological relations:

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