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    This is the old page of Aaronism but had been remade into it's own thing because Aarons views updated and also because he wants to make his page better quality in general.

    Old Aaron Idealism was the ideology of the wikiuser Lord_Atom and is a libertarian ideology which believes in "Liberty, human progression and the pursuit of happiness". The goal of Old Aaron Idealism is to make the lifes of humans as happy as possible while still progressing as humanity to give the people even better living conditions. Most of Old Aaron Idealism believes could be achieved though democratic reforms which is the prefered way of achieving it. One of the closest countries to Old Aaron Idealism would be Switzerland.

    Old Aaron Idealism is a libertarian ideology, believing in many liberties and thinking that the state should have pretty much no say in the personal lifes of human. He also advocates that many things should be voluntary and not forced and he pretty much supports everything as long as it's consensual. Old Aaron Idealism is also a hyper-globalist believing that human cooperation is needed if we ever want to leave earth. His goal would be to create a very decentralized and federal world government. On the cultural axes Old Aaron Idealism would be left, believing that any notion of going back to old values would make humanity regress which he sees as bad because it would decrease liberty, happiness and progress. Old Aaron Idealisms economically speaking is a centrist, while supporting unions, coops and workplace democracy he also values the free market as an important tool for humanity to progress.


    Old Aaron Idealism is simply put a Geolibertarian Market Socialist. He doesn't trust planned economies and believes that markets are the best way to go. While wanting important services as police, firefighters healthcare etc. to be nationalized he still believes that private companies should be able to provide the same service. Old Aaron Idealism also encourages businesses to compete and innovate. One of the few tasks the government has to do in the economy is to stop monopolies to form while giving small businesses pretty much no regulations.

    Old Aaron Idealism also supports workplace democracy because it thinks that businesses should be runed similarly to the government. He also encourages the workers to form co-ops and unions which is decided through a vote in the workplace. Old Aaron Idealism want the people in the company to decide how the place should be ran and doesn't want to force economic policies upon them.

    A LVT would also be implemented and would be the only tax with maybe a really small income tax. The economy would be decentralized and mostly automated because Old Aaron Idealism thinks that it's a waste of time for humans to work in repetitive works in factories and thinks that robots should do the shitwork while humans innovate and teach more and more. Ideally, this is how the economy should be run but knowing that the economy can change in the blink of an eye, Old Aaron Idealism is economically adaptable.


    Old Aaron Idealism is in support of direct democracy believing that people should determine their own faith. People should be able to change pretty much everything except some basic humans rights and other important stuff. Old Aaron Idealism advocates that religion and state shall be separated, for a decentral, federal government and for equality of opportunity.

    Old Aaron Idealism advocates for a libertarian, small government because he believes that big governments will always favor some lifestyles over others which he sees as unjust. One of the few tasks that the government has is to ensure the freedoms of the people such as academic freedom, freedom of dissident, freedom of privacy, freedom of owning a gun and using it on its own property, freedom of peaceful assembly, freedom of association, freedom of movement, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of thought and some minor once. Old Aaron Idealism thinks that the government should have no say in the private lives of individuals.

    File:PCB-PROG.png Social

    Old Aaron Idealism supports racial, gender and sexual equality. He sees everyone born as equal and believes that actions should determine how people should be treated and not stuff that they don't have control over. He thinks also that society should socially progress, but he doesn't want to force these changes on people and allows conservatives to live a conservative lifestyle while progressives can life a progressive lifestyle.

    Old Aaron Idealism supports also cultural secularism, because he thinks that culture has nothing to do in politics and that culture is a personal matter. He sees cultural preserven as dumb because if a culture can't survive because it's actually good it should just die out, he's a cultural Darwinist so to speak. While thinking that inclusivity can be something positive, he still opposes forced inclusivity like for example a women ratio for jobs because he sees that as inherently discriminatory because the women would get the job just for being a woman and not because she's really good at it. He also doesn't believe in the concept of hate speech because he fully supports freedom of speech and is strictly against media censorship. He also supports pro-choice and decriminalization of all drugs (making consume legal but selling not) and making cannabis legal. He also supports multiculturalism.

    He also fights against SJW taking over the progressive movement. He sees them as fake progressives and as a dangerous threat to modern society which is why they should be seen as a radical minority which society should just ignore.

    He also wants to accelerate science and technology to give people a better live. He sees the human body as good but still flawed and looks forward to transhumanism and mind enhancements. His goal is to create a society based on science and logic.


    One of the goals of Old Aaron Idealism is to create a world government. First, the aaronist nation has to convince other regions and nations to join in the government. To enter the world government, you have to accept the basic rights that should count anywhere on the globe and if you do that, you're free to join. The government will be a voluntary confederation, you're always welcome to join if you accept the basic rights and always allowed to leave the world government because it's more like a voluntary union rather than a strong unitary government. The government is very federal leaving up many decisions to the local government.

    The only two jobs of the world government are to ensure that the basic rights are being upheld by the local ones and to take power on issues that would affect the whole globe and to keep world peace. The world government would be also anti-imperialistic and would hold neutrality similar to Switzerland. Aaronism is also very supportive of international cooperation on science, innovation and much more. He also supports a global economy, complete freedom of movement on the planet and high amounts of immigration as long as they are willing to learn English or another majority language.

    File:PCB-Ego.png Other policies

    Individualism File:PCB-Ego.png

    Old Aaron Idealism is a big fan of individualism. He believes that people should be judged as individuals and not as some sort of group. He also opposes groupthink and supports free thinking individuals. He believes moreover in philosophical egoism and thinks that every human should be in control of their own life and happiness.

    Global warming

    Old Aaron Idealism acknowledges man made global warming and sees it as a big danger for human and human progression. He highly opposes fossil energy and wants to replace them with nuclear. He sees nuclear as the best option until renewable energy is strong enough to support the whole planet. He hates Environmentalists that oppose nuclear energy and calls them hypocrites.


    Old Aaron Idealism sees space travel technology as one of the most important technologies and supports research in it. He sees that humans can't always stay on earth and sees that technology as inevitable if humans want to progress beyond earths lifetime.


    Creativity is one of the guiding principles in Old Aaron Idealism. He encourages individuals to live out their passion and innovation as much as possible.


    Old Aaron Idealism wants to build a society on rationality and logic. He thinks that if morals exist, they should be rational rather than emotional.

    How to draw

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Ego Colour #036A66 3, 106, 102
    Black #000000 0, 0, 0
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Yellow #F5DD00 245, 221, 0
    Green #49DB0B 73, 219, 11
    1. Draw a white #FFFFFF ball.
    2. Make the left half of the ball, black #00000 or #080808 or even #090909.
    3. Keep the right half of the ball, white #FFFFFF ball.
    4. Draw a big "A" in the middle of the ball, the color of the "A" is #036966.
    5. In the upper hole in the "A", make the color filling a green color which is #74ff03.
    6. In the bottom hole in the "A", make the color filling a yellow color which is #ffeb3b.
    7. Give the ball, two nice eyes that someone can look through.

    Personality and Behavior

    Old Aaron Idealism has the same personality as his founder Aaron. He sees himself as smart and is considered by many other people as smart as well. He also likes to ponder and philosophize about everything. He never gives up his dreams and can be sometimes very ambitious. He's also a materialist and sometimes a big idealist. He always tries to be rational and skeptic which he sometimes fails. He's also a very narcissistic person, more narcissistic even than most presidents but luckily, he's got at hiding this fact. Aaron is a big fan of edgy, ironic and abstract humor but also laughs at the most stupid puns. He's also very self-centered, self-interested and entitled. While he seems to some like an introvert, he actually sees himself more as a centrist, sometimes liking being the center of attention while still seeing his alone time as very important. He's also very open minded and likes to try out new things. He mostly displays calmness and relaxness but can get really angry rarely. People would describe him as an unconventional person. His describes his looks as a 7/10 but from the 4 people he asked for a ranking, the average was 8.5/10. Aaron doesn't see himself as a good person, because he stalked girls, cheated countless times in games, stole stuff, manipulates people etc. but still many people consider him nice like File:PCB-Aeirin.png Aeirinism for exaple. And most of all he's horny as fuck! He faps on a daily basis because it's healthy but he mostly does it for pleasure. He has many folders filled with special "material" that I can't describe with more detail because it would make this page NSFW.


    Best Friends

    • Classical Liberalism (10/10) - Yes, you have your flaws but you're inspiring me and I just fucking love you.




    • Corona Accelerationism (2/10) - I hate Corona as much as you but spreading it would make it only worse and I don't want to lose my grandparents.

    Mortal Enemies

    Best Friends

    • Old Aaron Idealism (10/10) - Wow! The most based ideology i ever saw! I disagree on nothing.. oh wait, that's me!
    • Fallenism (9/10) - You'd be a (7/10) only based on ideology. You're reactionary and hyper-capitalist which is bad, swiss nationalism is ok but libertrainism is extremely based! Also the [ REDACTED ] we had was very ... good, which pulls you up to a (9/10)
    • Aaronist-Fallenism (9/10) - My dear daughter, I wish she wouldn't be so nationalistic but swiss nationalism is ok in my opinion.
    • Mangoism (9/10) - Similar to Fallen you'd be ideologically wise only a (7/10) tho you are a extremely based civic libertarian, but luckily you're a really good dom which puts you up to a (9/10).



    • Celfloskism (6/10) - In my opinion, China would be way better under you, but that isn't that hard to accomplish. You're welfare market, open boardere, equality and especially turning human into anime characters is based, but your hate speech laws, taxes and interventionism are bad.


    Mortal Enemies


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