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    Oiboioiism is an ideology that believes in a Nazi HRE (Holy Roman Empire) as a Christian Theocracy with only Christians, and if anything, even nothing, violates christianity on a subatomic level instant death. it is also a transhumanist ideology that believes that robotic parts are essential to normal life. It has heavy influence from ideologies like Homophobia.png Homophobia and Sexism icon.png Sexism and has some influence from Heinsoc.png Inghein it is the most authoritarian ideology on all of the pcb franchise as well as being the most right wing, most technologically advanced and most culturally right ideology. He believes that children must be obedient to their parents and wives must be obedient to their husbands and that the children and wives are to be under the husband even ON A SUBATOMIC LEVEL even a tiny electron or quark must stay in place.


    Oiboioiism believes in a Christian state where everyone is Christian and anybody who is not will be eliminated by the government, it believes that religion is a very important part of politics and of day to day life and 10% of everyone’s income goes to the church. It believes that marriage is a sacred thing ordained by god and it is between one man and one woman, marriage is compulsory as it is seen as a sacred binding. It believes that divorce is never acceptable and is banned as it is seen as adultery and marriage is considered a sacred binding not to be broken whoever breaks this law will be prosecuted. Gay.png Gay marriage is never ok to Oiboioiism and all Gay.png Gays will be prosecuted by the law. It believes that Sexocracy.png Adultery is never right and shall be banned and believes that all witchcraft and Sexocracy.png Adultery is an abomination to the lord and therefor Sexocracy.png Adulterers and witches shall all be burned at the stake and it believes that all File:PCB- Gay.png Gays should be stoned to death.


    He believes in a File:PCB-Ingsocf.png Orwellian Government (more authoritarian than Heinsoc.png Heinsoc) (and everything is dictated even subatomic things) and Commies have no place in his nation and will be Pinochet.png Physically removed (even subatomic things) and given a Pinochet.png Free Helicopter Ride, certain percentages of a persons income goes the things like the church it believes that Transh.pngRobot parts and ID chips are essential to day to day life but computers are completely banned and so is the internet. He is a Darwinist.png Social Darwinist and believes that his race is superior and believes in a Hyper feudalistic economy In which people work for the wealthier in exchange for a roof over their head) (laziness is not tolerated, even if a quark or neutron stops working) he does not believe in eugenics and Transh.pngRobot parts and ID chips are not used to alter DNA but are used for other reasons such as the military instead he uses old school Nazi.png Physical Removal tactics.


    As a Darwinist.png Social Darwinist he believes in a hyper feudalistic economy no business that market against the laws (marketing to gays etc) will be evicted and be Pinochet.png Physically removed. The government makes sure that everybody who is part of a business is good to their bosses and bad employees are Pinochet.png Physically removed and women are not permitted to work they must stay at the house and cook for the family child labour is mandatory over the age of 5 (mainly physical chores like cutting firewood even if they already have some) and only nuclear energy is allowed to be marketed. People must work for the wealthy in exchange for a roof over their heads (even for subatomic particles, if a electron does not work or an atom INSTANT DEATH)


    The Strato.png Military is a very important thing to him and is very advanced as citizens are fully equipped with military robot parts (arm rocket launchers, arm Assault Rifles etc) he conscripts everyone heavily and shows no mercy to other nations he does not believe in nuclear treaties and has many people in the military with access to missile silos and the ability to launch to missiles. Nobody is permitted to leave a war and all must fight either to victory or death


    Oiboioiism is a very strong PCB-Trad.png Cultural Rightist and he hates all degeneracy firstly he is a god fearing PCB-Christy.png Christian and is horrified when people do thing like blaspheming PCB-Christy.png Jesus he absolutely HATES Anarchoanimegirlism.png Anime and feels that Anarchoanimegirlism.png Anime is only a tool of the devil he believes that Transh.pngTranshumanism preserves cultural values by zapping or hitting Kak.png Misbehaving Children (the robot arms can hurt their users yes) he is a Darwinist.png Social Darwinist so he believes only his race is pure and only his race can live any other races must be PCB-Nazi.png Physically Removed


    he is a aggressive at times but also playful he likes to hang out with other fascists and Christians and even though he is aggressive he can also be a peacemaker if a fight breaks out between the fascists and Christians he does not pick sides but he finds a solution that keeps the fascists close to the Christians (a lot of the Time he tells the fascists that they are descended from Christianity and tells the Christians that all fascists are Christians except for esoteric fascism (he considers esoteric fascism and it’s descendants a disgrace to the fascist name)

    Self-Regulation system

    This is the mechanism made by Oiboioi to always counteract the one made by Heinrich-Cheung and any one that could be made by any user. This is how this mechanism work: First, it will search all the ideologies available. (Yes, even Senate.pngSenatorialism) Second, it will regulate itself to be MORE Authoritarian That the most Authoritarian ideology (but he himself is the most authoritarian ideology so it would be the second most authoritarian ideology which is Heinsoc.png Heinsoc and Nullball.png Nullism) Third, it will regulate its technical advancement level to the most advanced part. (but he himself is the most advanced ideology so it would be the second most advanced ideology which is Omni 06 Icon.png Omni-06.



    Demol.png Demolism - we did it
    Untitled - 2021-06-19T212223.533.png Conseilism - also was banned by fandomsoc and is a nice guy
    METBOL.png Metbolism - inky banned you from pcb did you notice
    Jedpill.png Classical Jed-Pilled Thought - straya mate


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