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    Oceanid Humanism is a Non-Quad ideology advocating that oceanids should become humans and that human life and living on land is better than life underwater. Oceanid Humanism became an ideology when oceanids started to get envious of human life after spying on other lifeforms prompting Egeria to turn these oceanids into humans. All Fontainians were actually oceanids and not true humans until Neuvillette made them true humans after regaining all his power. Fun fact: He actually forgot he was an oceanid for a while until the Hydro Archon was sentenced to death.


    Oceanid Humanism basically believes that oceanids should become humans and live on land due to human life being better than life as an oceanid. To do this Oceanid Humanism would augment himself and ask gods for power to transform oceanids into humans. The end goal is to turn oceanids into true humans. Egeria gave oceanids a human form by injecting primordial seawater into oceanids however one problem is that any contact with primordial seawater would turn them back into oceanids. Neuvillette eventually forgave their sins and turned Fontainians into true humans. Oceanid Humanism also believes in resisting the Heavenly Principles due to the Heavenly Principles not really approving the creation of a new type of human race and finding a way to subvert the prophecy by Celestia.


    Oceanid Humanism is bascially an oceanid who's really envious of humans. Oceanid Humanism likes to observe and stalk humans and one day dream of becoming a human themselves. Oceanid Humanism does this by trying to find ways to become human or asking gods to turn them into humans. Since all Fontainians were oceanids, basically Oceanid Humanism can have the personality of any Fontainian in existence.



    • Humanism - I really want to become human! You guys really have the best life ever! Please Egeria turn me human please?
    • Egeria Theocracy - Thank you for turning me human Egeria by injecting Primordial Seawater into my blood.
    • Focalors Theocracy - Thank you for subverting the prophecy and saving all of us.
    • Dracocracy - And thank you for making me a true human now.
    • Transhumanism - I will enhance myself or ask gods to do that to become human.
    • Bio-Transhumanism - I was injected with primordial seawater into my blood to gain a human form.
    • Tellurocracy - Living on land is better than living in the water.
    • Post-Oceanidism - Finally I'm a real human!
    • Anti-Celestism - Celestia is such a meanie! Why does the heavenly principles not want me to become human! Haha adverted your stupid prophecy!
    • Fontaine Kritarchy - My nation
    • Tsaritsa Theocracy - Also thank you for adverting the prophecy so I can live happily as a human.


    • Thalassocracy - I'm getting tired of living in the ocean.
    • Remus Theocracy - I appreciate you making a civilization and teaching me how to farm but could you please not try to kill my fellow oceanids. Also a lot of us still like Egeria.


    • Celestia Theocracy - Stupid Heavenly Principles cursing me with a prophecy just because I wanna to become human!
    • Anti-Humanism - I wanna become a human, your philosophies won't stop me!
    • Misanthropy - Why do you hate humans? Being a human is the best thing I could ever ask for!
    • Anti-Natalism - I think having a baby is a big part of the human experience and I shall pray to the fountain to get a baby.
    • Voluntary Human Extinction - Humans are so precious why would anyone want humans to go extinct?
    • Primal Abyssalism - Why do I hear whale noises and boss music?

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