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    Oceanian System is an ideology that was created when Heinrich Himmler read 1984 and fell in love with the ideology of IngSoc. The Oceanian System espouses that the Burgundian System in all of its forms didn't go far enough to establish Aryan supremacy, believing that the only way to truly do so is to create a state in which Heinrich Himmler becomes the "Big Brother" and has 100% control over the lives of Aryans living within the country, with absolutely nothing happening that isn't directly supervised by the newly-created super-party, the "Burgundian Party", touting themselves as the "vanguard of the Aryan revolution".

    Heinrich Himmler is treated as a deity among the adherents to this ideology, being christened the "Savior of the Aryans". Those who do not accept Himmler's status as a living god are purged. Those who do not agree with Himmler are purged. Those who go against the wishes of the Burgundian Party are purged. Those who do not speak in the party-sanctioned "neuesprache" are purged. Those who do anything or are anything that isn't party-sanctioned are purged.

    Everything under the Oceanian System is controlled by Himmler. Himmler is the party. Himmler is the Aryan race. Everything is Himmler. Aryans are by proxy merely just extensions of Himmler. The economy is Himmler. The media is Himmler. The foods and drinks are Himmler. Nothing is ever outside of Himmler, for He is everything, and everything is Him. Reality itself is dictated by the supreme words of Himmler, and facts can prop in and out of existence by Himmler's will. The media is regularly changed to suit the ever-evolving needs of Himmler, facts and words are written, rewritten, or erased at His advice. No Aryan should know anything, because if Himmler knows it, so do they. War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.

    The system has a "by any means necessary" approach to how it can be achieved, but it stresses that the ideology can only truly work on a global scale. A nuclear apocalypse is generally preferred as the best approach to achieving the ideology and is seen as the best way to get rid of the non-Germans. Genocide is seen as another preferable second option.

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