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    I'm kind of leaving the wiki, I think my page is done, and I won't be deleting it, but I also won't be answering comments or taking add requests.


    Ok so to put it simply, I'm a Classical Anarchist, Anarcho-Syndicalist, Synthesis Anarchist, and in some cases, just a Socialist Without Adjectives (basically what I mean with this is I'm willing to support less radical positions if it means we get to build a better society). I support a Gift Economy, consisting of worker cooperatives, however I'm also a fan of Mutualism, and while I'd prefer a gift economy, mutualism is also fine. I'm generally tolerant of most leftist ideologies, as long as they're not overly authoritarian and I'm even willing to collaborate with far left (yes, cringe warning ahead) Social Democrats. To put it simply, I'm an Anarchist and a Socialist. I'm also heavily Syndicalist, and believe in reviving and using workers' unions to build the new society within the shell of the old. Sorry contemporary anarchists, but I'm very workerist and believe in populism focused on the working class to get more people on board with anarchism. Socially, I'm progressive, though I don't condone revolutionary terror towards reactionaries, and I'm not necessarily anti-conservative as long as they're not super extreme. I support LGBTQ+ rights, Feminism, Men's Liberation, and Indigenous Liberation. I think you get it, but if you care, I'll go into more detail in the more specific sections.


    So, I'm weird when it comes to economics, because I'm a communist but I also want to hold on to certain things from capitalism (cringe warning #2 ahead). I unironically enjoy Disney, I like their movies and amusement parks, I unironically enjoy Fender, they make good amplifiers and guitars. I think that if we actually want to get any change done in the direction of anarchism or socialism, we have to accept that people are mostly like me when it comes to capitalist corporations. They make good products, that's for sure, at least based on how people act, but their production practices are HORRIBLE. I think that we need to use syndicalism to slowly turn capitalist corporations into cooperatives, and preserve the good things about the old society.

    Post-revolution, I'd like to have a Gift Economy, where everyone works at a job for free and has access to the products of all labor for free. In order to obtain luxury goods, people would go to stores and sign out products. Using this record of who has taken what, the workers in said stores would be able to decide who has had their fair share, making it so that everyone can have everything they reasonably want for free. As ownership goes, I generally tend to lean towards cooperative management and ownership, but if the community owns production as opposed to just the workers I don't have a problem with this, as long as businesses are only managed by the workers that work there.


    As I said in my essay "On Anarchism", anarchism is just democracy applied to everyday life. Now, I know this is a complete oversimplification leaving out mutual aid and various forms of anti-democratic anarchy, but as a classical anarchist, this is generally how I would generalize my form of anarchy. I think that society should be divided into cities that would further be divided into smaller communities, and each community would have assemblies where they voted on issues in a communal direct democracy. These smaller communities could then communicate with each other to make sure the city functions properly, eliminating the need for representatives. I'm not going to go into this here, if you're really interested into an in depth dive into my civics just read my essay.

    On the issue of policing, I hate police, and I hate prisons. They are tools of oppression used to help the ruling class. With the elimination of capitalism, and therefore economic crime, the majority of crime would be eliminated. For the crime that remained, the perpetrators would be contacted, and asked for an explanation. They would probably be required to give something back if they stole something, or just be given their own free version of it (gift economics). The worst case scenario would be that someone had committed a (specifically violent) crime against someone else, wasn't feeling remorse for their actions, and didn't have a valid reason for perpetrating their crime. They would be sent to a rehabilitation center (I know this sounds like a metaphor for a prison, and it unfortunately kind of is,) where they would be given therapy, and be allowed to leave, as long as they were supervised, and came back for their required therapy sessions. If someone continued multiple violent offences after this, they could be exiled from their community and forced to find refuge elsewhere. These may sound like acts of hierarchy, however I believe that after a number of times of someone exerting power above another (violence), the community should be able to exert power over them.

    Social Organization

    I'm progressive, I think that an essential part of anarchism is the liberation of all oppressed groups, and total equality between everyone regardless of race, gender, sexuality, etc. I also think that we should increase awareness to Indigenous struggles and (as anarchists) promote landback, because many Indigenous traditional societies were more equal and anti-hierarchical in nature than our societies.


    I think that national sovereignty is very important in modern day society in order to combat imperialism, but so is global cooperation. Ultranationalism is a disease, there is no reason for you to think your country is inherently better than anyone else's. HOWEVER, I think that in many cases post-colonial and independence nationalism is necessary as 1, a populist measure to build support for a revolution and 2, a means to rebuilding a collapsed country that has been ruined by colonialism and imperialism. I generally would consider myself alter-globalist, but unlike most anarchists I'm not necessarily opposed to borders, I think it's realistic that an anarchist society in the modern world would have to have borders with other non-anarchist countries.


    We should attempt to peacefully take control of land, and hold on to that territory and expand it, once the government interferes revolution is necessary. Also a general strike would be nice, even if a bit unrealistic. Anti-Reformism is dumb, of course reformism won't get anything meaningful done, but we should still attempt to make it so we're not literally dying of preventable diseases while we're stockpiling weapons

    Movements I Like

    • Revolutionary Catalonia - Nice praxis/economy/practical application of anarchism, but you burning churches is cringe. Respect all religions. 90/100
    • Zapatista Autonomous Zones - Incredibly based, I haven't really found anything I dislike about you, prob my favorite. Maybe be more urban IG? 99/100
    • Rojava - I'm generally supportive, but you're a bit sketchy when it comes to not really letting journalists in. 83/100
    • Freetown Christiania - I like what I see, lots of voluntary association and urban praxis. It's cool you started out as squatters! 98/100
    • Industrial Workers of the World - Great organization, very anti-hierarchical and lots of praxis. Just call yourselves anarchists pls lol. 98/100

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a polcompball
    2. Shade it in black
    3. Draw a red hammer

    [[File:|thumb|220x220px|Flag of O'Langism ]]

    Color Name HEX RGB

    Personality and Behaviour

    O'Langism is generally a calm ideology, but can get very riled up and angry in arguments. He is nonviolent, and wants a peaceful revolution through a mass strike, but is wiling to use more violent means if necessary.



    Sometimes Comrades

    • Platformism - I like you, but synthesism is better.
    • Insurrectionary Anarchism - When peace fails, insurrection is necessary. A lot of you guys are no better then those you are fighting against though.
    • Council Communism - Let everyone participate, and drop the hierarchies.
    • Left-Wing Nationalism - Some of you are fine, some of you aren't.
    • Illegalism - You used to be an enemy, but I recently read something on theanarchistlibrary about you that made me agree with nonviolent crime as praxis. However, you're still a frenemy because a lot of your followers are lifesylists, and not trying to do anything productive.
    • Marxism-Leninism-Maoism - I like left unity, and you're tolerable. Also I used to be you so that gives you points.
    • Guevarism - Same as above.
    • Marxism Leninism - Same as above, also your modern adherents are pretty cool, even if the OG ideology is a bit auth.

    Mean People


    Disclaimer: These are just my views on people's ideology, not their personality. Also, feel free to edit your icons.

    • AshleyHere (///) - RIP, comrade.
    • Yoda8soup Thought (///) - Nice, you're basically just a more moderate me. You getting closer to my positions by the day!
    • Rocksism (///) - I agree with all of your ideology pretty much.
    • Neo-Rocksism (///) - We're basically the same ideology. It's based that you're an anarchist now!
    • Torontoism (///) - Based.
    • Ego-Progressivism (///) - We may have a lot of differences, but you're overall cool.
    • INeutralicA (///) - Really based, one of the many people here that's basically me with a government.
    • Atronism (///) - You're anti-revisionist, and that's unhelpful, but other than that you're very cool.
    • Floofel's Thought (/ //) - I could definitely see our systems being compatible.
    • Mr. V Thought (///) - Seems pretty cool
    • HelloThere314 (///) - I respect how well read you are, you seem to be confident with your beliefs. I have trouble reading philosophy lol, but I don't have any problems with your ideology from what I understand. Also we have similar music tastes :)
    • File:NeoLukko.png Neo-Lukkoism (///) - I really like your ideology. I think it's really cool, also our conversations have helped me understand post-leftism better.
    • Tomjazzism (///) - You're cool, we're very similar.
    • National Fracturism (///) - You know, despite the fact that your authoritarian and nationalist, your ideology is pretty cool.
    • Glencoeism (///) - While the economics are a bit too moderate and I dislike technocracy, you're pretty cool.
    • Arthurwp (///) - You're cool
    • Liberty-Loverism (///) - Based
    • (///) - I'm not a huge fan of the democratic centralism, but the rest is pretty chill and you seem like a really nice person.
    • Aperson14 Thought (///) - Yeah, seems about right. I prefer anarchism to minarchism (although I have been called a minarchist), but overall pretty chill.
    • UnoGamerism (///) - pretty cool
    • Market Syndicalism - (///) - This I like, basically a more moderate me!
    • Cyberleninism (///) - A bit auth but overall cool
    • Neo-Kiraism (/) - You're cool again - Still not a fan of how auth you are or (IDK how much anymore but) your support of Stalin, but overall it's tolerable so I'll call you a comrade.
    • Post-Acceleration Thought (///) - You're cool again! Still, don't love post-humanism, but hey if you wanna be a robot that's fine just don't force it on me
    • puri thought (///) - I've noticed that there's 2 kinds of contemporary anarchists: The practical ones, that understand that they have to collaborate with us classicalists, and the dogmatic ones that are no better than Maoists and Leftcoms in the way that they hold their ideology sacred, and are not willing to adapt at all. I'd put you in the first category. Your ideology is great btw
    • Neo-Murba (///) - You're confusing. You're like, generally OK but your ideology is really weird
    • Meridionalism (////) - A bit moderate and south separatism is - interesting (but I can totally respect it as a form of praxis). Overall cool

    Sometimes Comrades

    • BrainRustism (//) - I mean, it's true that the current school system is bad but armed insurrection is a bit much.
    • Pantheonism (/) - Socialism based, monarchism eh.
    • Template:UserMatteel (//) - Nationalist/capitalist, but you're acceptable.
    • Duck-Citizen (//) - You're a capitalist, but I quite like Illegalism as praxis and philosophical anarchism.
    • Stilluserr's Thought (///) - While certainly better than liberal capitalism, still not great.
    • Vexism (/) - Too authoritarian and bureaucratic for my liking, however you're still progressive and you're still a leftist.
    • Wraizer Thought(///) - You don't suck, but you're not great either.
    • Libra Thought (//) - Too auth, anti-anarchism is cringe as you Marxists and us anarchists have the same goals anyway, but you remind me of me about a year ago and your ideology doesn't suck.
    • True egoism (//) - Liberal 💀. but as BERNHE put it, you are the most objectively based ideology so I can't put you that low.
    • Amism (Now In Unlabeled!) (///) - Ew ethnonationalist, but still an anarchist so thats cool
    • (///) - One of the better liberals out there, but still a liberal.
    • Neo-Calculustism (///) - I feel kinda bad putting you down with the enemies because your ideology used to be so cool (apart from the capitalism ofc), so I'll keep you up here even tho you should probably be down there.
    • Erissky (///) - I don't like the idealization of violence, or some of your more anti-human beliefs, but its nice to see another anarchist.
    • Brazilian Liberalism (///) - You don't suck, but you're not great.
    • Neo-Leninism (///) - You're too dogmatic but apart from that you're actually not bad. Still though, frenemy category because you're kinda a Lenin worshipper. Don't hate him or anything but like, you know.
    • Adamtheuseless (/ //) - You don't suck but you're not great
    • WaffeniK (///) - You don't suck but you're only OK. Just drop the ultranationalism and I'll be more accepting also we both hate protestants so that's a plus
    • Yani Nihilism(///) - Average postie, Gnosticism in any context is dumb, basically just average postie stuff. You don't suck but you're not the best.
    • Southern Integralism (///) - I don't hate you as much as I used to but you should stop being homophobic.
    • Kaylo Liberalism (///) - You're certainly one of the better liberals out there, however still a bit to capitalist.
    • Baixian Federalism(///) - I don't love your sympathy for racists like Bourgeois Destroyer, but the rest seems pretty alright
    • Post-Left Autism (///) - Anti-civ and eco-terrorism (Ted Kaczynski style, not the based stuff like blowing up pipelines), are cringe, the rest is alright, but you seem to oppose any sort of change towards your ideology - You can't really call you and your roommate an anarchist commune while opposing actual groups of anarchists like (just reusing your examples) Makhnovia and Freetown Christiana.
    • Jefbol Thought (///) - You were great until you joined the cult of Marx, by far one of my least favorite religions. You still have some good takes, however you are very dogmatic, and seem to be like Lenin in every way except a vanguard party. The problem with Marxists is that they are so wrapped up in their "objectively" correct politics that they fail to see that they are, in many cases, wrong.
    • Aceffism (//) - average right-socdem, tolerable but not great


    • Heinrich-Cheungism (/) - Basically my opposite.
    • Template:Inexistent-Template (/) - I don't like ultranationalism or conservative socialism. Your old ideology was better ngl.
    • Autocrateism (/) - Laissez-Faire markets don't work, also drugs and weapons being sold privately is a recipe for disaster.
    • New Model Of Cheesenism (/) - this guy is an unironic fascist
    • BERNHEism (///) - Oh my god, you are by far the person with the scariest unironic views that I know of here. At least you're not racist, but based off of the rest of your ideology I wouldn't be surprised if you were.
    • National Pol Potism (///) - Perfect example of a SINO. Also, IDK if this is a self-insert or not but whtvr
    • Lanceism (///) - Cringe ideology. Homophobia, Autocracy, and Nationalism are not cool bruv.
    • Nastyism (///) - One of your icons is literally nazi.png. I'm not gonna put you any higher. You're actually worse than BERNHE but don't tell him I said that
    • Neo-Majapahitism (/ //) - S T A T I S T
    • (///) - As far as I can tell, you're just neocon on steroids.
    • Autistic Anti-Civilizationism (///) - You seem to misunderstand classical anarchism and you throw around authoritarian a lot as if you don't know what it means (although I'm sure you do). I also really dislike the anti-civ and eco-terrorism.
    • Matthism - (///) - your ideology is kinda cringe but you seem pretty chill
    • Comrade Phil thought (///) - Everyone goes through an edgy phase but that doesn't give you an excuse to be a literal Nazi. Go outside and talk to some people that aren't heterosexual christian males.
    • File:Esopinochet.png Mr Whooper Manism (///) - Now, I'm not necessarily Christian, but I know that you are doing the opposite of what god would want you to do. Supporting Pinochet? Thou Shall Not Kill. Being Homophobic? Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself. You are not serving out god's will by being a murderous discriminatory dictator.
    • Aryan Monarchism - (///) - my guy your literally racist
    • Neo-Glencoeism (///) - Alas, a fallen angel.
    • Bourgeoisie destroyerism(///) - Racist

    Political Test Placements

    Art Gallery

    What Political Figure Do I Remind You Of?

    - Howard Zinn + Subcommandante Marcos

    Jefbol Thought - Buenaventura Durruti

    • .Add if you want

    Theory Recommendations

    Recommend stuff if you want

    Example: : On Anarchism - Noam Chomsky

    : The Soul of Man Under Socialism - Oscar Wilde

    : A Brief History of Humankind - Yuval Noah Harari

    : On Liberty, Principles of Political Economy and On Socialism by John Stuart Mill

    File:NeoLukko.png: What is Solarpunk? - Saint Andrew

    : The Revolution Of Everyday Life - Raoul Vaneigem

    : Reproduction Of Daily Life - Fredy Perlman

    : State and Revolution - Vladimir Lenin

    : Killing History: The False Left-Right Political Spectrum - L. K. Samuels

    : A Critique of Syndicalist Methods - Alfred M. Bonanno

    : The Anarchist Collectives: Workers' Self-Management in the Spanish Revolution - Sam Dolgoff

    : Individual, Society, and the State - Emma Goldman

    : Democratic Principle - Amadeo Bordiga

    : Origins of the Family, State, and Private Property - Freddy Engels

    : Blessed is the Flame - Serafinski

    Further Information



    O'Langism - Ask me stuff here if you want


    O'Langism - Please don't type anything here, I won't acknowledge it

    * Baixian Federalism - Add me please (///

  • Neo-Murba - add? (///)
  • Jefbol Thought - as a revolutionary syndicalist, whats your opinions on georges sorel?
  • O'Langism - Dont know much about him other than that he's a syndicalist.
    • Jefbol Thought - he was a heterodox marxist and a revolutionary syndicalist who opposed the parliamentarism and pacifism that plagued french socialist circles around this time
      • O'Langism - sounds interesting, any theory suggestions?
        • Jefbol Thought - i recommend his most famous work, reflections on violence, since it gives a pretty good overview into his views. i also recommend his other works like the socialist future of the syndicates and the illusions of progress
  • Brazilian Liberalism - Add me? (////)
  • .dotdotdotsam Thought - add my page ? [this one's new, my old one is Cyberleninism btw]
  • Baixian Federalism - Add me and i add you!
  • Neo-Glencoeism- add me plz

    • O'Langism - Could I pls have 4 icons as indicated in the section above.

    Jefbol Thought - do you have discord?

    - Can you update relations with me?
    • O'Langism - I will once you write more
    • Matthism - Add me back.
    • - I don't hate anarchism and my ideology isn't just edgy-asshole-illegalist-nihilism. I just see democracy as outdated part that should be abandoned because it isn't anarchistic and abolition of politics at all, that includes idpol. Same about unions, they are now corrupted bootlickers of the state that has no real power in fighting the system, or peaceful cooperation with institutions is impossible. I just wanted to point it, that's about it.
      • O'Langism - I made the analysis based off of our conversations on Ashley's page, I still think that judging by the fact that you called classical anarchist communities authoritarian proves that you don't understand (specifically classical) anarchist ideology. I'll re write the blurb to be more accurate.
      • - Look at freetown christiania, they banned drugs, guns, and so on, this is strictly authoritarian policy. Revolutionary catalonia started economic planning and centralization. Rojava revolutionaries don't call themselves anarchists. And so on. I understand classical anarchism and from my perspective it's authoritarian, because of existence of politics, civilization and modernity.
        • O'Langism - look, just the one thing I think you need to understand is that just because other people aren't your specific brand of anarchism doesn't mean that they aren't anarchist. Classical anarchists are still anarchists, but they're slightly more authoritarian than contemporary anarchists. They're still anarchist, however. I don't think that Rojava is anarchist, however I do think that they are extreme libertarian, bordering on anarchist. Just because classical anarchists (like myself) are more authoritarian than contemporary anarchists (like you), doesn't mean that we aren't anarchists. There's just different types.
        • - I know, but my point it's about that direct democracy is just democracy, and rojava and other libertarian socialist territories are just radical democracy/radical left libertarianism not anarchy.
          • O'Langism - Yeah, I agree, however I do think that Makhnovia, Zapatista Autonomous Territories, and Revolutionary Catalonia were a practical way of applying anarchism. Of course, I'd prefer something more libertarian, I just don't find it realistic.
    • - Can u add me?? I'll be adding u today!
      • O'Langism - I'll get around to it, could you give me 4 icons as indicated in the section above? =)
      • - Here they are! (////)
        • O'Langism - OK done!
          • - Small correction. I'm a girl
            • O'Langism - Oh, sorry. I generally just use guy as a gender neutral term but seeing as that's really kind of a weird thing I'll change it.
    • - Just a btw, the term "Anarcho-Socialism" is used by "an"caps to refer to actual anarchists and is not really used by anarchists as anarchism implies socialism.
      • O'Langism - I just kind of feel the need to specify due to the fact that some people think that anarcho-capitalism is real, basically I don't want people thinking I'm willing to ally myself with ancaps.
    • UnoGamerism - added you, add me back?
      • O'Langism - Could I please have some icons as indicated in the section above?
    • JefBol - update relations?
      • O'Langism - Could I please have some icons as indicated in the section above?
    • - Can you add me? (////)

    O'Langism - This is the new comments section. I won't be checking archived comments, just have them there for nostalgia. If you'd like to be added, please use the relations waiting list section.

    1. no I’m against anarchism and against unity with them 2. yes, in order to secure the revolution and the dictatorship of the proletariat’s supremacy over the capitalist class and counter-revolutionaries seeking to destroy it 3. yes I do support democracy, but not liberal bourgeois democracy

    • Autistic Anti-Civilizationism - Could you add me to relations?
      • O'Langism - Sure, could you give me 4 icons as indicated in the relations waiting list section?
      • ( )
    • - Why do you like 'left unity'?
      • O'Langism - AshleyHere Impostor?!? Also to whoever this is, it's because I think that in order to actually make any really change, we have to compromise and work with others for larger goals.
        • - It's me lol, just had a question and this is the only place to contact you.
          • O'Langism - didn't you support left unity last time I checked?
            • - Nope, I don’t see the point in libertarian socialists (decentralists) allying with state socialists (centralists) when our ideas are opposed to each other. An example of it failing would be the anarchists in ukraine being taken advantage of by the bolsheviks then killed once they outlived their usefulness.
              • O'Langism - Fair, I was thinking less with state socialists/stalinists and more with civically moderate marxists, libertarian marxists, and democratic socialists, like Yoda, Atronic, and LibMarxBall. I feel like we could work together for some common goals, and if we take an all or nothing approach, it would be very difficult to get anything real done.
    • Arthurwp - Add me?
    • Baixian Federalism - Add me and i add you!

    Rocksmanylobsters - Add me please?

    Implianium - Add me

    - This is Based. :)
    - Based.

    Glencoe- Add me

    Pantheonism - Add me please?

    - I made an icon based on your art if you want to use it 

    JacksonTheBear - Thanks for the icon! Also, sorry, but I'm not adding people for privacy reasons.

    • Glencoe- I am talking about the ideology relations thing so add me there
    • JacksonTheBear- Sure, also I didn't realize that is what everyone was talking about, I'm not good at this lol.
    • Owfism - add me to relations
    • BrainRustism - Thanks for adding me. Seriously, the school system damaged you too much. The damage cannot be undone. Reform only erases the pain, not the problem. Ask the succdems and Rosa.
    • JacksonTheBear- I actually don't want reform, I just don't want violent insurrection, I'd prefer some kind of peaceful thing possibly involving students unions, or just a complete revamp of the school system after a full anarchist revolution. I generally tend to lean pacifist, but that doesn't necessary mean I'm reformist.
    • New Model Of Cheesenism-add me
    • Atronism - Could you add me?
    • Lancebarnett- gross anarchist does not know the purpose of hierarchy, the state, capitalism, and order
      • O'Langism- Says the literal homophobe
    • Template:Inexistent-Template - Add me.

    Autocrateism - Add me

    • - "is opposed to egoism, because it believes in community cooperation as well." - Give me one quote that suggests this in Stirner's work. Just one.
      • O'Langism- Yeah that was bad wording. I just changed that. Thanks for pointing out!
    • Io - Add me back?
    • Neo-Kiraism - add me
    • - Wouldn’t civil disobedience and not considering yourself a pawn of the state be philosophical anarchism and less post-anarchism?
    • O'Langism - IDK I need to read more
    • - Welcome back my friend
      • O'Langism - Thank You! I was actually in Texas for a week, so I wasn't online, but I'm back now!
        • - That means we were in the same realm, too much concentrated power if you ask me.
          • O'Langism - Honestly, being from the east coast, I was astounded by the amount of shooting ranges in San Antonio. Not like, anti-gun (sorta neutral on the matter) or whatever, but still it's a new experience
    • Template:UserMatteel - Add me please.
    • Vexism - can you add me (/)?
    • Duck-Citizen - add me (//)
    • Floofel (/ //) - Added ya, may you add me :)
    • Yo can you update my icons? :) (///):
    • HelloThere314 - Add me? (//)
      • O'Langism - Yeah, I havent read over your page in a bit so it make take a little while srry.
    • Lanceism add me bruv
    • Mr. V - So I saw your comment on my Vostorovism page, thats not my self insert page, Mr. V Thought is. Just thought to let you know!
    • Baixian Federalism - Add me and i add you!

    1. While I support the basis of feminist ideology, ie gender equality, I generally don't call myself a feminist as I think its not a very gender neutral term. If you want to call me a feminist that's fine though.
    2. His theory is bad and he's rude, even in his writing.
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