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    Sup, this is Nyoarchism, A Monarchist, Syncretist, Decentralised and Reactionary ideology Based on Nyomi's political views.

    My Icons:



    Competition of Cities, And Self-Management

    Private Cities and Their Advantages

    • Private cities are communities that function through the use of social contracts to ensure peaceful coexistence among inhabitants, this type of community is based on the idea that citizens agree to follow certain rules in order to have access to the city infrastructure, those cities could have greater autonomy from the government, they could have their own system of laws, police, welfare etc.
    • It is possible to see its positive points easily, such as the self-determination of native peoples, indigenous peoples would have greater control over their lands, culture, laws, rules and etc, they wouldn't have to rely so much on national government laws (laws that can easily be changed) It's not hard to imagine international NGOs and philanthropists investing in private indigenous cities, and if the federal government stays away from transactions, things will remain efficient.
    • But why stop at indigenous peoples? We could have private cities for all tastes, if you really believe that your ideology is perfect, why wouldn't you be willing to use some of your capital to build your little utopia? Don't think this is a new idea, there are already some organizations that try to negotiate with the government to buy small unused land to form their own cities, the plan is to take this to a new level~
    • "so you want to separate a whole country into small Liechtensteins?" answer No, these cities would still be part of the national government, But the power of the national government over the Free Cities would be limited, what I want is decentralization at the level of HRE (But a privileged autonomy for indigenous peoples would be much fairer)

    Instability, Uncertainty And Democracy

    That Bearded Guy With The Weird accent Was Right

    Because democracy basically means government, by the people, of the people, for the people.. but people are retarded

    • i will add more soon lmao

    Counter-Revolution And Violence

    Opposites Attract!

    • Soon

    LGBTs, Degeneracy and Perversion

    Chapter about the cancel culture and lgbts

    Hopes for the future while embracing traditional values

    Chapter on reactionary progressivism




    • Monarchism - I.. I don't need to explain it
    • Libertarian Monarchism - Monarchism doesn't have to be authoritarian
    • Hoppeanism - One of my biggest inspirations
    • HRE System - I think that the Holy Roman Empire Patchwork system represents an excellent example of a viable and stable system of governance, a great balance between decentralization and authority
    • Christolibertarianism - Reactionary Progressivism and its positive consequences:





  • Gumballism - Based, your page is like a mirror, I liked it
  • Neo-Optimateism - Oh you know this one, As I said, one of my favorite pages on Polcompball
  •  Counterrevolutionary5708 thought - you are interesting, i like the idea of decentralization and patchwork (so much that I was inspired by the HRE model) I think we differ a bit on economics and religion, but in general, you're BASED
  •  Levathon - interesting, I've always been a fan of social syncretism, but the idea of posthumanism with christianity is very.. quirky (in a good way) probably one of the most interesting self-inserts I've ever seen
  • Altemism - While I'm not such a big fan of socialist economics and altruism, I still appreciate their values + agrarian and monarchical economics is redpill and based
    • peasants of the real, conjoin!
  • Good

    • Schumacherianism - Minarchism is cool, and I kind of liked the idea of the use of syndicates for environmentalism + genetic transhumanism is.. interesting hehe
    • Great British New Left - (if u expected constructive criticism, know that it's better to lower your expectations ) yes, it's already clear that I have some things against socialist economics, but unlike many Marxist-Leninists, you are not scared of revision, after all, science needs revision, including that of the proletariat


    • Meowxism - Damn bro, we've been able to be opposites in literally EVERYTHING

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