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    Nusrullism is authoritarian right and culturally right-wing ideology, represents political ideology of fictional politician Husbollu Nusrulluh.

    He was protectionist and socialistic politician and leader of Sisenland. But it was during his first presidency (1964-1970)



    Historically Nusrullism was socialist, conservative (although moderate) and kinda pro- Democratic. During his first presidency Nusrullism had totalitarian tendencies, so his vision of democracy was very skeptical. Nusrullism got accusing in Social Imperialism and Ultranationalism, although Nusrulluh was denying those two accusations.

    After 1971 Nusrullism became state capitalist and more traidionalist, and during Cold War he supported capitalist bloc and joined that later. He hates Tridinamism and other commies and despice socialist non-communist movements. Nusrullism supports Colonialism and Anti-Communism.

    During his both presidencies, Nusrullism was corrupt, machiavellian and someway xenophobic (wasn't so radical, tho).


    Nusrullism is very hot-tempered and ambitious ball. He believe his ideology is the most righteous thing ever and try to prove it. He deeply hates Liberal Feminism but don't show it publicly, because he don't want to disappoint his daughter.



    • Authoritarian Capitalism — Laissez-faire capitalism is gay, but still is good ally.
    • Authoritarian Conservatism — Long live the tradition and the state!
    • Islamic Capitalism — Combination of islamic values and capitalism is really based.
    • Islamic Theocracy — Islam is religion of truth, and we should keep that commandment.
    • Khomeinism — Islamic Revolution is true way to represent whole islamic world and help islam to become dominant religion. You deserves my respect, except your hard opposition to the West.
    • National Conservatism — Absolute chad, you were actually awesome friend and inspiration.
    • Police Statism — Police helps me to save the regime.
    • Social Authoritarianism and Social Capitalism — Keeping capitalist economics, we shouldn't forget about our people and its welfare.
    • Totalitarianism — He told me about the state but I think you are too radical. I should embrace "democracy" to get the aid from side of USC.


    • Capitalist Communism — You're nothing more but oxymoron!
    • Conservative Socialism — I was you in the past but capitalism works better. Still is good because of conservatism.
    • Imperialism — Debatable issue, cause sessilian and western imperialism is definitely based but chunguian social imperialism is total cringe.
    • Left-Wing Nationalism — Same as ConSoc. It's a pity you are generally progressive and sometime alter-globalist.
    • Liberal Feminism — I'd kill you but Zuhra is literally you!
    • Neocornelianism — I strongly support you against red scare, we should cooperate more, comrade! But why didn't you help me? Also Saddegh hates you for that! But you were good ally, despite everything and everyone.
    • Populism — It's complicated... I like people's support, not people's will!
    • Protectionism — He said he don't know me, abominable...
    • Reactionaryism — Common love on Traditionalism, but extremely radical. Saddegh likes you, though.
    • Stratocracy — We used to be friends, but you betrayed me, so...
    • Ultranationalism — Ethnonationalism sounds good, but you are extremal even for me!
    • Zionism — Oh no, islamophobic zionist pig, die!Ignore the fact Nusrulluh kinda supported you during War on Far South.


    • Blushchism — Butcher who killed many people and became a hero someway. I don't forget about your aggression on us!
    • Civic Nationalism — Globalist under a nationalist mask!
    • Fourth Theory — Piece of shit who calls me "fake muslim" and "slaver of the West". It was not my fault that I was supporting TAMTA!Saddegh is your fan, to be honest!
    • Integralism — You should disown your radicalism,because you should embrace islamic one instead. Embrace true religion, christcuck!
    • Jacobinism — French revolution was catastrophe! We should preserve our nation from such psychopatic idiots like you!
    • LGBT+ — You will get executed, degenerative freaks!
    • Liberal Conservatism — You are not conservative even!
    • Liberal Feminism — Give my daughter back and wear hijab, you wore!
    • Maoism — Psychopatic marxist, remove these stupid cultural revolution!
    • Marxism–Leninism — Cringish commie, get out my country!
    • Multiculturalism — I said no.
    • Progressivism — Progressive values are cringe, embrace islamic traditionalism! Did you hear me?
    • Reformist Marxism — Democratic communist? What the fantasy!
    • Revolutionary Progressivism — Hands off Sessilia!
    • Social Democracy — Fucking retard, your progressivism, democracy and welfarism are cringish!
    • Social Liberalism — SocDem but even worse.
    • Theory of Modern Socialist Principle — Idiot who thinks that that stupid invasion was justified. You should die anytime!
    • Tridinamism — Communist scum, I'll never forget you for betraying me and murdering! Civil war in Sessilia was your fault!

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