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    Nullism is an off-compass, hyper-authoritarian, hyper-left, culturally hyper-progressive and hyper-globalist ideology. This ideology advocates abolishment of the existence and abolishment of freedom. They want the state to control everything. They would like to achieve maximum possible authoritarianism.

    Phase 1

    In the first phase, Matmaj becomes a totalitarian technocratic monarch who has ultimate power over all society. Despite being a dictator, they do not wish to use the power for their personal benefit, only to advance the power of the State. The State seizes all forms of communication and media, and all media (books, art, music, etc.) created before Matmaj coming into power are erased from existence, with the exception of anime and a select few video games. Additionally, all Minecraft servers and Roblox games are deleted and replaced with State-run servers/games. The State controls every aspect of the economy and society possible to control at this phase. Everyone is provided free housing, food, healthcare, etc. but in return, they must work for the State whenever they can, or they are executed. Sexuality is banned and all reproduction is done via artificial insemination. Alcohol, drugs, personal weapons, private transportation, and sports are all banned. Any criminal or opposition to the state is executed (unpersoned) immediately. Any cultural, religious, or otherwise construct is eliminated from society.

    Phase 2

    Matmaj is replaced by an AI algorithm that is programmed to make decisions to maximize the power of the State. Cameras are installed in every place possible, and every camera is monitored 24/7 by AI algorithms. If they detect anyone doing something wrong (thoughtcrime) drones are sent in to execute them immediately. Additionally, everyone has a chip implanted into their brain that can track their whereabouts, chemical signals in the brain, and even brain waves (mind-reading). They are also monitored through the same process. There are mandates on everyone's dress code, schedule (even when not working), etc. and anyone who steps out of line is executed. Everyone undergoes brain surgery to remove all emotional capacity. Artsem is replaced with cloning in order to create identical humans. All possible identity (gender, race, etc.) is abolished. Everyone has no identifiers, save for a number tattooed on their arm. The number is the only thing that allows the possibility of telling individuals apart. Language is replaced with a form of newspeak that uses the Wingdings alphabet. There are telescreens everywhere that broadcast propaganda most of the time which everyone is forced to watch and take in, but also occasionally broadcasts episodes of anime (usually Re:Zero) created by the State that everyone is also forced to watch. Everyone believes that Matmaj is Satan and is destined to destroy existence, but everyone is also atheist, which is a form of doublethink.

    Phase 3

    In this phase, all minds are integrated into a hive-mind that is controlled solely by the State. The hive-mind exists only in a single central computer system. All biological life is obliterated at this point. The State expands throughout the universe, and eventually the multiverse. Everything is brought under the control of the State. The only thing anything is doing is expanding the control of the State across the cosmos. Eventually, when the entire multiverse is conquered, the computer hive-mind begins researching how to incorporate the State into nothingness as a pattern screamer.

    Phase 4 (end goal)

    When the computer has discovered how to incorporate the State into nothingness, the incorporation process immediately begins. When it is done, the multiverse is obliterated through either changing the vacuum state to a true vacuum, causing every universe to rip apart by changing Dark Energy levels to maximum throughout the entire multiverse, or causing a realization of the Banach-Tarski or von Neumann paradox (the preferred option as it 100% ensures the complete destruction of all existence). After that, existence is erased.


    Nullism believes in nihilism, that nothing matters and existence has no meaning. They use nihilism to justify their political ideology, however nihilism isn't main reason for their political views, even if thy wouldn't be nihilist they would still be just as authoritarian. Nullism believes that time is finite and will end, there is no way to prevent the end, this is the reason for Matmaj's nihilism, they want to accelerate the time to it's end. Most people would either become suicidal or hedonic because of nihilism, but Nullism uses it to justify pure authoritarianism, similar to Authoritarian Nihilism.


    Nullism is emotionless and thinks objectively. They don't care for anything but for the state and things that the state stands for. They are very introverted and unsocial, they prefer to be alone in darkness, however, they willing to interact with strangers online (unlike in real life). Whenever they don't do political stuff, they watch anime (Re:Zero is their favorite) or play Minecraft. They like to write in wingdings font, but are willing to use other fonts so others can understand them.

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