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    Note: This is a newspeak translation of Nullism

    Null uncompass comma doubleplusauth comma plus doubleplusleft comma plus doubleplusprog comma plus doubleplusworldful ideology stop Ideology wants unbuild exist and unbuild freedom stop They want state control full stop They want full possible auth stop Null supports building googolplex forms stop

    Views in plus Detail

    State and free

    • Cyberrule (rule of info/Artint)(when we reach ownwise(phase 2)
    • Monarcho technorule (phase 1)
    • Unagreeing banned
    • All crimes punished by unpersoning
    • Gov has cameras literalwise full (in full rooms, unindoors and indoors)
    • We track person movement
    • We use mind reading tech (reading brainstuff to crimestop)
    • Drink comma drugs comma smoking ban
    • Weapon ban
    • Persons unallowed drive comma must use public transport
    • Building hivemind and unbuilding free will comma persons state's puppets (phase 2 gov)(when we reach ownwise)
    • Strict ranking comma thinkpol plus power and authority
    • Constant propaganda
    • Religion banned
    • Spiritful banned
    • Persons must follow ruleful schedule issued comma must be in right place at right time or else they are unpersoned
    • Crimers sent to joycamps where they work 24/7 until they unexist (We unfeed them)
    • Seeing anime is forceful
    • Persons must worship anime
    • Sex and sexfeel banned (forceful unsex)
    • Sport banned
    • State controls minitrue
    • State orders what persons wear
    • Censorship
    • Doublethink
    • Swearing banned
    • Some form of newspeak
    • Person forced to use wingdings
    • State full power
    • Persons must worship state
    • State can do anything
    • If person does thing the state unlikes comma they are unpersoned


    • State controls full property
    • Money unbuilded
    • Persons issued property they need (postissued comma property still state owned)
    • Free healthcare, free eat, free education, pub transport, pub housing, etc.
    • Persons forced to work
    • Planned economy


    • Identity unbuilded comma persons unidentified with genders comma races comma etc stop Only persons or state
    • Persons known by number issued by gov
    • Persons fullwise equal comma no bias (no natural ranking comma only one state builds)
    • Culture unbuiled
    • Feelings unbuilded
    • Ownlife unbuilded

    Nation and world:

    • We want united world no nations comma in future we can have united plusverse
    • We want strong military
    • Ruleful border control comma no enter and no unenter comma get personship, whenever our gov takes over area you live in
    • Gov controls movement one area to other


    • We want speedwise tech pluspossible
    • We want upload our minds into computer and become one with AI and full becomes state's puppet
    • Artsem
    • We want unbuilding nature

    End goal:

    • Unbuilding exist and build forever all powerful state


    Null thinks in unpurpose comma unthing matters existence unmeaning stop They use unpurpose justify their ideology comma but unpurpose unbig reason for views comma if ununpurpose still auth stop Null thinks that time unforever and will end comma unway to stop end comma reason for Matmaj's unpupose comma they want to speedwise the time to it's end stop Most persons would either become unpersonful or pleasureful from unpurpose comma Nullism uses it justify full auth comma like Authoritarian Nihilism stop


    Null unfeelful and thinks objectwise stop They uncare for any but state and things state stands for stop They are plusunownlifeful comma prefer to be own in darkness comma but comma willing to interact with unknowful persons online (unlike in real life) stop Whenever they undo political stuff comma they see anime (Re:Zero is their fav) or play Minecraft. They like to write wingdings comma but are wantful using other fonts persons can understand them. They unlike attention from persons stop Their MBTI type is OSTJ: Ownlifeful Sensing Thinking Judging stop

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