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    Noteism is a self insert ideology of Note. Noteism merges the ideas of Absolute Monarchism, Neoreactionaryism, and Nuclear Power Advocacy while trying to strengthen the military and police numbers.

    In terms of economics, Noteism is a regulationist, and advocates for anti-monopolies and economy strengthening. Noteism is hypocritical, because it uses monopolies as well.

    Noteism believes that the state should be divided into 5 classes:
    The Superior
    The Adequate
    The Average
    The Below Average
    The Horrible


    What is a "Free Market"?

    I believe that by introducing regulationism into the economy, you can stop monopolies from forming and corporate power from taking over the market economy. I support anti-monopolism because I think it's important to protect consumers' safety, along with everyone else's. If one person controls the economy, that person would manipulate the economy using it as a puppet. You see, this would hurt the economy and perhaps even bring it to an end. This would occur if the government did not step in to protect the safety of the customers. Numerous economies have collapsed for a variety of causes, including excessive economic freedom and a lack of government action. Because of that one reason, My point is, regulationism is highly crucial within the economy, because economic struggle or collapses will occur, and we do NOT want that to happen. Regulationism should be cast on every economy, in my opinion.

    Too much regulation is not okay

    I would react negatively to over-regulation, as it interferes with the free market and impedes individual liberty. I view over-regulation as a form of government control and interference in the economy, which leads to inefficiency and stagnation. I believe that the market should be allowed to function without too much government intervention, and that regulations should be minimal and only introduced when absolutely necessary to protect public safety or health. Over-regulation can also lead to unnecessary paperwork and bureaucracy, which can be costly for businesses and consumers alike. Neoreactionaryists argue that excessive regulations create unnecessary barriers to entry for small businesses and startups, thereby stifling innovation and competition.

    Technology and the Citizens

    I am a big fan of technology and its advancement, I really support it a lot. Infact, I may be a techaboo. I mainly support its use for military strengthening, because attacks and defenses are really important. This could expand your domination and rule, which is what I want, but not in a dystopian way. Spendings are spent a lot in the military and police to keep the military strong, and the citizens as safe as possible. This is another reason, the citizens must be protected all costs. No citizens means no rule. (That was blatantly obvious but I decided to include it in there.) Citizens are a major part in contribution to the state. I would embrace technological advancements and the benefits of capitalism while seeking to mitigate their potential negative consequences. It would promote innovation and economic growth while emphasizing the importance of social cohesion and the well-being of the community.

    Stay Resilient

    The importance of economic self-sustainability and resiliency is at the core of my political and economic ideology. The ability for a nation to maintain its own economic interests is a critical component of its long-term survival and prosperity. A nation that relies on imports or foreign aid for its basic survival is a vulnerable one, susceptible to the whims of outside forces that could endanger its sovereignty and independence. In order to maintain its sovereignty and independence, a nation must have a self-sustaining and resilient economy, capable of producing its own goods and services on a local level. This requires investments in domestic industries, promotion of local production and entrepreneurship, and fostering an environment where new businesses can thrive. By developing a self-sustaining and resilient economy, a nation can ensure that it has the financial resources and technological capacity to maintain its military strength, protect its borders, And maintain its independence. Therefore, I believe that the pursuit of economic self-sustainability and resiliency is essential for any nation That seeks to maintain its sovereignty and prosperity. By pursuing self-sustainability and resiliency, a nation can ensure that it has a strong and independent economic base, capable of withstanding external shocks and protecting its sovereignty and independence.

    i dont know what to put for the title

    As an extreme neoreactionaryist, the domination of the world economy is a key principle in my worldview. I believe that economic and military power is of the utmost importance, and the domination of both could give me a much-coveted edge over others. Through my total control of the economy, I would be able to expand my empire, increase my revenue, and establish myself as one of the most economically dominant forces in the world. This, in turn, would give me even more military power, helping me establish myself as one of the strongest and most feared militaries in the world. With my economic and military domination, I would be able to thrive across the globe, leaving others in my wake as I continue to expand my power.

    The Military and the Police Surveillance

    The Military and Police are funded highly, and are also supplied with high tech weapons. This is part of my statement "keeping the citizens safe as possible," along with surveillance being used to highly to eliminate all sources of crime. Surveillance may be used on military soldiers to prevent any wrongdoings committed by them. If they are caught doing so, consequences or punishment may be cast upon, possibly even a class demotion. Surveillance is major within the state, because it keeps everyone safe, despite it scaring the citizens. I care about them, but I don't support too much surveillance. Too much may make them insane. Major-surveillance may be used in one of the most important cases however.


    • Abilities n’ Shyett
      • In my ideology, the concept of a free economy holds a central place. I advocate for minimal regulation of the economy, and they typically advocate for a free-market system where prices are determined by supply and demand. In this sense, they support the idea of minimal government intervention in the economy, preferring that the market determine the allocation of resources. However, in order to protect the safety and well-being of individuals and the broader society, I support some restrictions on certain commodities that are widely recognized as dangerous or potentially harmful. This may include radioactive and other hazardous materials, which can pose significant health and environmental risks if not handled correctly. For example, I support restrictions on the production, transport, and sale of radioactive materials, and they may advocate for stricter regulations on the disposal of hazardous waste. They may also support the use of safety measures and protocols in industries that use or produce radioactive materials, such as in the medical field, nuclear power plants, or mining operations.
    • Let them free
      • As a Neoreactionaryist, I strongly believe in the importance of a free economy with minimum restriction. Unlike state-directed economies, which are prone to inefficiencies and corruption, a free market system allows for dynamic and innovative solutions to emerge. This system incentivizes individuals and businesses to take risks, develop new products and services, and drive economic growth. Moreover, a free economy enables individuals to pursue their own interests and make their own choices, without the interference of government agencies. This leads to increased individual liberty and personal responsibility, as individuals must bear the consequences of their actions, both positive and negative. One of the key benefits of a free economy is that it allows for increased competition, which ultimately benefits consumers. With more firms vying for customers' attention, prices tend to be lower and quality higher. Additionally, a competitive environment drives innovation and growth, which in turn creates more jobs and economic opportunities for individuals.
    • Technologicals
      • Technologicals are a type of special industry (Special Industries are industries specialized by the government usually owned by them.), usually owned by the smart people nerds and scientists of the government, but can also be owned by the public industry. Technologicals are specialized due to their goals hoping to be achieved . Their goals are to create as many advanced technologies as possible, to help with the military defense forces and to dominate. The technology may be also used on space-related gadgets. Technologicals are usually constructed by nationalists, and highly support the nation that use this ideology.
        • Advanced Surveillance
          • This ideology is a complex and multi-faceted concept that advocates for a society based on merit, competition, and traditional values. One of the main aspects of this ideology is the use of advanced technology and surveillance to monitor and control the population. This surveillance system would be the most advanced in the universe, combining cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, facial recognition, biometrics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to collect vast amounts of data on individuals and society as a whole. However, I believe the ideology should go beyond just using technology to collect data. Instead, it seeks to use this data to create a system of control and oppression. The surveillance methods, similar to the methods by Ingsoc as described in the dystopian novel "1984" by George Orwell, would be combined with the use of advanced technology to monitor and predict the behavior of individuals and society as a whole. This way, the government would be able to anticipate and neutralize any potential challenges or threats to its power before they can even materialize. I don't believe all in this, but I would still use it, but with moderate characteristics. The use of surveillance and control would be all-encompassing. Cameras and sensors would be installed everywhere, from public spaces to private homes, providing the government with a constant stream of data on every move, conversation, and action of every individual in society. Big data and artificial intelligence would be used to analyze this data and create detailed profiles of every individual that would allow the government to predict their behavior and respond accordingly. Through the use of psychological manipulation and control, the government would seek to have semi-complete control over the population. The government would use propaganda and other manipulative techniques to influence the way people think and behave, making them more pliable and willing to comply with the government's orders. This would be a constant process of monitoring, analyzing, and influencing the behavior of society as a whole, using the most advanced technology in the universe to achieve total control and submission of the population.

    • Banking
      • In the Noteist banking system, there would be a focus on the use of decentralized financial technologies such as cryptocurrency, smart contracts, and blockchain. This would allow for a more decentralized, transparent, and secure financial system that is less reliant on traditional financial institutions such as banks. Transactions would be conducted through the use of physical money, such as Dollars or Coins, and would involve the use of smart contracts that are stored on a blockchain. These smart contracts would be programmed with specific rules and regulations, such as restrictions on who can make transactions, how much can be transferred, and when the transaction needs to be completed.
    • Law and Order!
      • This ismism like ideology encompasses a vision for society that is based on merit, competition, and traditional values. In such a society, the law and order system would be managed through a decentralized and market-based approach. One of the kraterocratic-like aspect of the ideology would emphasize the importance of merit and competition in all aspects of society, including law enforcement and criminal justice. Private law enforcement agencies would compete with each other for contracts from communities and individuals who seek their services. This would ensure that law enforcement agencies are motivated to provide the highest-quality services at the lowest cost, as they would need to attract and maintain clients in order to remain profitable. Private courts would also be part of the legal system, with individuals and communities choosing which court system they prefer to use based on their track record, reputation, and reliability. These courts could be specialized in different areas of law, such as business law or criminal law, and would be responsible for resolving disputes between individuals and organizations. In terms of law enforcement, private police forces would be hired to patrol neighborhoods and communities, respond to emergency calls, and investigate crimes. These officers would be selected and trained based on their skills and experience, and would be held accountable to their clients and the communities they serve. Additionally, transhumanism would play an important role in enhancing the abilities of individuals and organizations to enforce the law and maintain public safety. For example, transhumanist technologies such as brain-computer interfaces and nanotechnology could be used to enhance the capabilities of law enforcement agencies and private courts, allowing them to be more effective in their duties. For instance, brain-computer interfaces could be used to allow police officers to access and analyze vast amounts of data in real-time, making them quicker and more efficient in their response to emergency calls. Nanotechnology, on the other hand, could be used to enhance the physical abilities of police officers, allowing them to be stronger, faster, and more resilient in their work. Furthermore, the Christian Neoreaction aspects of the law and order system would emphasize the importance of traditional values such as honesty, integrity, and responsibility in all aspects of society. The belief would be that the combination of Kraterocracy, transhumanism, and Christian values would create a more humane and effective legal system that prioritizes individual and community well-being.

    Great Enviorment

    Media - with a refresher of Neoreactionaryism

    A Neoreactionary ideology has the potential to offer its citizens freedom of choice when it comes to watching media. However, the presence of propaganda could lead to serious concerns about manipulation and control.

    The Neoreactionary ideology is centered around the idea that a small group of powerful individuals should have unrestricted power over the rest of society, with no democratic input. Proponents of this ideology argue that such a system would lead to more efficient and effective government, and would eliminate the inefficient bureaucracy and corruption that often accompanies democratic systems.

    One potential benefit of this ideology is that it could provide citizens with the freedom to watch whatever media they choose, without interference from the government. However, this freedom comes at a price - the media landscape would be flooded with propaganda, designed to promote the interests and ideas of the Neoreactionary ruling class. This would mean that citizens would be exposed to a constant barrage of somewhat misleading and biased information, making it difficult for them to have a clear understanding of the topic it is directed at. Additionally, the lack of free and open political discourse could lead to a lack of accountability and a lack of progress, as ideas that challenge the ruling class's power would be suppressed.

    Taxes and Tarrifs

    This ideology likely levies various types of taxes on its citizens and businesses to fund public services and government operations. These taxes may include income taxes, where individuals and corporations contribute a portion of their earnings based on a progressive tax system that takes into account income levels. Additionally, it may impose value-added taxes (VAT) or sales taxes on goods and services purchased within the nation. These taxes are typically a percentage of the transaction value and are collected by businesses on behalf of the government.

    Regarding tariffs, the ideology may impose import duties on goods and services entering the country. Tariffs are often used to protect domestic industries, regulate trade, and generate revenue. The specific tariff rates and the goods subject to tariffs would depend on its economic policies and trade agreements with other nations.

    It is important to note that the details of this tax and tariff system would depend on the nation's specific economic goals, political considerations, and the needs of its citizens.

    Free Healthcare, not Welfare

    This ideology has established a system that prioritizes the well-being of its citizens through the provision of free healthcare. The government invests heavily in advanced medical technologies, ensuring that every individual has access to high-quality healthcare services without financial burden. This commitment to healthcare aims to promote a healthier and more productive population. However, in this speculative scenario, the ideology does not provide traditional welfare programs. Instead, the nation focuses on fostering a society where individuals are encouraged to be self-reliant and contribute actively to the nation's progress. The absence of welfare programs may be justified by a belief in personal responsibility and the idea that citizens should strive for self-sufficiency. The government may emphasize the importance of education and skill development, providing ample opportunities for individuals to acquire the necessary tools to succeed in various fields. Noteism's emphasis on free healthcare and self-reliance could create a society where individuals are motivated to take charge of their own well-being and contribute to the nation's growth. The absence of traditional welfare programs may be seen as a way to encourage personal accountability and foster a strong work ethic among citizens.

    The State

    I believe the state should be divided into 5 roles:
    The Superior
    The Adequate
    The Average
    The Below Average
    The Horrible

    The Superiorest out of the Superiors

    This is not an actual role, but these are given to God and Jesus Christ because of their superior power to the rest of the world.

    The Superior

    Majority of The Superior are affiliated with the government, and also contributes to a huge part of the State. The people given this role are highly responsible and trustable. They have lots of power, but if they make a major mistake at least 3 times, they will be demoted. This is the same for the other classes.

    The Adequate

    The Adequate have power that is above the averages, and it contributes to a normal amount if the state. The people given this role have been either promoted from the average and doing great, or being born with luck and being great. To get this, you must be somewhat rich or try to contribute more to Noteism.

    The Average

    The Average is what you expect it to be. They have no power but to comment positive messages about the monarch. Everyone starts with this role.

    The Below Average

    Anyone that has this role has had a horrible crime history, or a sad life. Some Below Averages are ruthless, but some are depressed. The Below Average is split into two variations. The Cruel, and The Tradegy.

    The Horrible

    The people that is titled with this class has committed one of the worst possible occurrences in humanity, and are usually on death row.

    Monarchy is the Superior form of government!

    Democratic Asses

    As a Neoreactionaryist, I believe that a system of monarchy is preferable to a democratic form of government. While it is true that a democratic system can provide a high degree of representation and accountability, it also has significant drawbacks. Firstly, democracy often leads to decision-making that is overly influenced by the short-term interests of the voters. This can lead to poor long-term decision-making and a lack of focus on the challenges that society will face in the future. Secondly, democracy can be prone to the tyranny of the majority, where minority interests are often marginalized or ignored. This can be particularly problematic in a society where there are significant divisions between different groups, such as ethnic or cultural groups. In contrast, a system of monarchy can provide a more stable and consistent form of government. A monarch can make long-term decisions that are not influenced by short-term political considerations, and they can provide a symbol of national unity that can help to bridge divisions in society. Furthermore, a monarch can also serve as a check on the power of the government, providing a counterbalance to the forces of partisan politics. This can help to ensure that the government serves the interests of society as a whole, rather than just the interests of a particular political party.


    Elections do not really exist, but monarchs are picked by whoever is in the main family, the House of the Haxells. Some monarchs use its advanced tech to expand their life span, which is totally legal. Some maybe picked because of their strength and smartness, but this is highly unlikely. Some may attempt to improve their strength and IQ but they may not succeed. The Superiors have a higher chance than the rest, but still unlikely.

    What do I conserve?

    One key principle of my philosophy is the belief in the conservation of Christianity and other important values, food, and some tactics, cultural traditions, institutions, and hierarchies. (keep that in mind) I view Western civilization as a cultural and religious tradition that has shaped the Western world and its institutions, and they see it as their duty to preserve and defend these traditions against what they see as the destructive forces of modernity. For me, the preservation of Christianity, and more broadly, of Western traditions and values, is not just a matter of preserving a religious identity, but of preserving a way of life. For them, Western civilization is a unique and valuable cultural and intellectual tradition, with a history and legacy that should be preserved for future generations. I argue that preserving this tradition is essential to maintaining the dignity and prosperity of Western civilization as a whole, and they advocate for a political and social system that prioritizes the conservation and protection of Western civilization and its values. I also recognize the importance of preserving important technologies and industries that have contributed to the success of Western civilization, such as science, industry, and commerce. They believe that technological and economic progress is essential for the continued success of Western civilization, and they argue that the preservation of these industries, technologies, and institutions is essential for maintaining the competitiveness and prosperity of Western civilization as a whole.


    The strength of the military lies in its advanced weaponry and sophisticated defense systems. The nation invests heavily in research and development, constantly pushing the boundaries of technological capabilities. This commitment to innovation has resulted in the creation of state-of-the-art weapons, including advanced drones, autonomous vehicles, and highly accurate long-range missiles. These advancements provide military with a significant tactical advantage on the battlefield. In addition to its technological prowess, The government places great importance on the training and readiness of its military personnel. Rigorous selection processes and comprehensive training programs ensure that soldiers are highly skilled, disciplined, and adaptable. The military's emphasis on physical fitness, mental resilience, and strategic thinking enables its personnel to excel in a variety of combat scenarios. The nation that use this ideology (specifically Chocolatemilkia)'s military also boasts a robust intelligence network and effective command and control systems. These capabilities enable real-time situational awareness, efficient decision-making, and seamless coordination between different branches of the armed forces. The integration of artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics further enhances the military's ability to gather, process, and utilize information for strategic advantage. Furthermore, the government recognizes the importance of international cooperation and maintains strong alliances with other nations. This allows for the exchange of military expertise, joint training exercises, and collaborative defense initiatives. By fostering partnerships, The military expands its knowledge base and strengthens its capabilities through shared resources and collective security efforts.

    The Great Authority

    The government, often referred to as The Great Authority, is a centralized system that exercises significant control over various aspects of society. The Great Authority is characterized by a strong hierarchical structure, where power is concentrated in the hands of a select few individuals who govern the nation. This government aims to maintain stability, order, and control through a combination of strict regulations, surveillance mechanisms, and propaganda. The Great Authority of Noteism operates on the principle of maintaining a harmonious society by enforcing a set of laws and regulations that govern every aspect of citizens' lives. These laws are designed to ensure conformity and discourage any form of dissent or rebellion. The government employs a comprehensive surveillance system, utilizing advanced technologies to monitor the activities and behaviors of its citizens, further solidifying its control over the nation. The Great Authority also utilizes propaganda as a means to shape public opinion and maintain its legitimacy. State-controlled media outlets disseminate information that aligns with the government's narrative, promoting the achievements and policies of the ruling elite while downplaying any negative aspects. The government actively suppresses alternative viewpoints and dissenting voices, ensuring that its version of reality remains dominant. Within the framework of The Great Authority, decision-making power is concentrated in the hands of a small group of individuals who hold key positions within the government. These individuals, often referred to as the Inner Circle, wield significant influence and make crucial decisions that impact the nation. The Great Authority maintains a strong grip on the economy, with state-controlled industries and strict regulations on private enterprise. While The Great Authority of Noteism may project an image of stability and order, critics argue that it comes at the expense of individual freedoms and human rights. Dissent and opposition are met with swift and severe consequences, including imprisonment or exile. However, supporters of the government argue that its centralized control ensures social cohesion, economic development, and protection against external threats.

    Anarchy and Rebellions

    The Great Authority have been known to employ various tactics to erase anyone related with anarchy and rebellions (commonly referred to as enemies, if enemies is mentioned here, it is referring to anyone related with anarchy and rebellions against The Great Authority.) against the government from history. These tactics often involve controlling information, manipulating narratives, and implementing strict censorship measures. One common method used by such governments is the alteration or destruction of historical records and archives. This can include removing or modifying documents, photographs, and other forms of evidence that depict individuals or events deemed as enemies. By manipulating historical records, the government can shape the narrative and erase the presence of these individuals from public memory. Propaganda and state-controlled media play a significant role in this process. The Great Authority often use these tools to disseminate a specific version of history that aligns with their ideology. They may rewrite textbooks, produce state-sponsored films, and promote a distorted narrative that portrays the government as the sole legitimate authority while discrediting and demonizing their enemies. By controlling the information available to the public, the government can effectively erase the memory of these individuals and their actions. Fear and intimidation tactics are also commonly employed. The Great Authority may resort to arbitrary arrests, forced disappearances, imprisonment, and even executions to suppress dissent and discourage any form of opposition. By instilling fear and silencing their enemies, the government aims to create an environment where their existence and actions are erased from public consciousness. It is important to note that discussing these tactics requires a balanced and objective approach, considering the complexity and sensitivity of the topic. The provided information is a general overview and does not delve into specific historical contexts or events.

    Political Journey

    This is my Political Journey since when I was a child to present day.

    Child Era (20??-2016)

    In this era, I was a child who knew not much about politics though I was getting interested into geography and countries. Not much to say here besides my apoliticalism.

    Beginning Era (2016-2017)

    This was the beginning of my political journey (hence the name) and to sum it all up I was an advocate for Social Democracy.


    IRL Ideologies n' SIs


    Volcelism - Pretty based stuff right there!
    Neo-Optimateism - Only based anarchist and a literally nihilist version of me, but domination through capitalism may have a better chance with regulation.
     Nesanel Thought and Neo-Phibunsongkhram Thought - Also based but regulationism is major within your economy. If you do not implement regulationism then it will... (10 HORUS LATER), and that is why you must put regulation into your economy! Anyways, basically me without regulation and Thai.
    Artistic Absolutism - When it comes to art, I am practically you.
    Rigby Thought - A bit more democratic version of me. God why are there so much similarities between me and other self-insert ideologies?? Still based AF 100%!!!
    - WTF??!? Literally me but more moderate, not a monarchist, and more liberal?!?!
    ∞ism - infinentially based
    Karbyshevism - based, cares for the people and also loves advancing in military.


    - Economics are based but State Liberalism?? 

    Tanoshism - Same as above but feminist.
    Dingusbingusism - Also believes in neoreactionarism and austrian school, but


    Double Cheeseburger - M
    Spongy - Bread is based
    Post-Right Anarchism - There’s some things we have in common, and some things that I dislike about you. I honestly don’t know what to think about you.


    Deo-Autonomism - We barely have anything in common, ESPECIALLY the disliking of religion. Your praxis is one of the things I despise, You also oppose authority, but since we have the religion in common, I put you higher.
    Brazilian Liberalism - I don't mind the liberalism but you have too much freedom.
    HelloThere314 - Matematix? A fellow post-structuralist and environmentalist but anarchy sucks.


    Hysteria thought - Anarchy and feminism is cringe but there’s some decency within you.
    Practically Anti-Noteism - Anti-Monarchism?? ANTI-REACTIONARISM?? Though not bad because I support some of your children , still to some degree bad. Not the worst, however.
    Derogatory - All your beliefs are horrible, but your conlang is pretty cool. Though the use of circumflex diacritics is pretty weird in my opinion.


    How to Draw

    Flag of Noteism
    Alternate Ball, literally just the 1ball. Enzo Jin style!!
    1. Draw a ball outline with black (#000000)
    2. Fill ball in with a lighter shade of black (#101010).
    3. Draw an inverted sort of V shape 2 times. (1 thicker 1 thinner) (#ffc608)
    4. Draw two yellow (#ffc608) crosses under them.
    5. Draw two eyes (one post-humanist) and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Black #101010 16, 16, 16
    Yellow #ffc608 255, 198, 8

    Test Results


    Deo-Autonomism - Dude you are not a futurist, take that down, futurism is in inherently anti-conservatism definitely against monarchy and a lot of other stuff you support. Add me?

    •  Noteism - i don't know what else would've fit, but i removed it. also i added you.
    • Brazilian Liberalism - Add me, Everyone knows it's you !!a!!m!!o!!
      •  Noteism - these are my actual political views, i thought it was blatantly obvious. anyways i added you.
    • Western Preservationism - Hey, I'm not done with my entry, but I think you can already get a pretty good idea. Could you add me? You'll be the first to do so (if you beat it to Gooberism).
    • Neo-Optimateism - Add me?
      • Neo-Optimateism - Thanks for adding me, but I am not against currency.
        •  Noteism - from what i remember, there was a section in your page named "What is Currency?". i think i've misinterpreted it.
          • Neo-Optimateism - In that chapter, I just wanted to sort out currency issues and prove that power is also a currency, and moreover a metastable one.
    • Rigby Thought - Add me, Fellow Far-Rightist!
    • Craniocommunization - add me?
    • Neo-Levithianism -You use capitalism because you think it is the best economic system,I use it because it enslaves people and distracts them.WE ARE THE SAME.Add me?
    • Temujin Leeism - I seem like I'm perfect in the shart tier.
    • User:Safetisovic Based and redpilled my good friend, just be more traditional.
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