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    Nordic Resistance Movement

    Nordic Resistance Movement is a Totalitarian, Economically Third-Positionist, Culturally Far-Right, Pan-Nordic Ultranationalist and Fascist group which is active in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Finland.

    It is a Neonazi ball.png Neo-Nazi group which wants to create a Pan-Nordic state based on the principles of Nazism. It wants a Ethno.png Ethnocratic system where the nordic people get a say in the government while minorities are left out.

    It is active as a political party in Sweden. The group tries to use the Dem.png Democratic system to gain influence as well as marches to spread its message. There is also a branch focused on a more RightTerrorist.png Insurrectionary approach as opposed to the more "peaceful" methods used by the main group.

    After its official ban in Finland the finnish factions has gone in a more radical direction. Instead of using the parlamentary tactics of the Swedish group it wants to use Accel.png Accelerationism and Esofash.png Neo-Nazi Cultism to reach its goal. The finnish group is also heavily tied to other Neo-Nazi groups such as Sm.png Order of Nine Angles and Atomwaf.png Atomwaffen Division.

    The leader of the Norwegian group has had strong ties to the occult group called Satan.png Mesanthropic Luciferian Order.




    • Accel.png Accelerationism and Dem.png Democracy - We can't really agree on what tactic to use to get into power.
    • LARP.png LARPism - I am a real viking! I don't know why I am being compared to you.


    Further Information

    Nordic Resistance Movement

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