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    Non-Binary National Bolshevism

    Non-Binary National Bolshevism, or NB-NB for short, is an economically far-left, authoritarian, socially traditionalist and culturally ultra-nationalistic communist ideology that advocates for a Bolshevik-inspired system of governance, a state-planned socialist economy, a strong centralised state, extreme cultural nationalism, occasional use of fascist aesthetics and a return to traditional values, much like regular National Bolshevism, differing from its parent ideology by promoting the recognition of trans and non-binary individuals, as it believes that the pervasiveness of the gender binary is a product of Western imperialism, often citing gender roles within pre-colonial societies as an example of this. As well as being a syncretic ideology that combines elements of far-left and far-right thought, Non-Binary National Bolshevism is also unusual in its combination of promotion of traditional values and an unusually progressive view on gender.




    • Stransserism - My dear best friend. Our favourite hobby is killing cisgender capitalists together. Stop being so racist though, culture is more important!
    • Pink Pol Potism - My Cambodian cousin who is a bit too obsessed with anti-intellectualism and destroying industrial society. Still, they're one of my closest allies.



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