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    Noelism is the main Self-Insert by Noel21231/Yuukaishek, being economically center-right, culturally right (varies from center-right to far-right depending on region) and civically center (statist leaning). The previous version that you see is the ideology if applied in Malaysia.

    Ideological Summary

    Governmental Views

    • Liberal Democracy but not West-oriented
    • Federalism
    • Semi-Direct Democracy
    • Reformism
    • Semi-Constitutional Monarchism or Semi-Presidential Republicanism
    • Secularism

    Economic Views

    • Economic Regulationism
    • Welfare Statism
    • Mixed Market Economy
    • Economic Liberalism

    Foreign Views

    • Anti-Colonialism
    • Fair-trade Protectionism (with low tariffs)
    • Diplomacy
    • Mixed, but PRC leaning (as a lesser evil in terms of culture)
    • Mixed, but Russia leaning
    • Hard Euroskepticism
    • Interculturalism

    Sociocultural Views

    Main Influences


    Government Structure

    He supported the concept of the Separation of the Five Powers (Legislative, Executive, Judiciary, Examination and Auditory) instead of the Three Powers, which is based on Sun Yat-sen's five branches of government.


    Semi-direct Democracy with power of referendum to the people if the people petitioned for referendum exceeds the threshold of at least 5~10% of the population (depending of the case). To be elected in office, you need to pass a language proficency test. However, political movements which promote communism and/or revolutionary progressivism (SJW types) will be outlawed.

    Student Activism and Youth Politics

    As this ideology flourished during his late-teens, the answer is YES. In terms of student activism, the Universities and College Universities Act (AUKU) to be amended to the original 1970 version (as the 1975 version amended by Mahathir curbed students' rights in response towards 1974 Baling protests). Abolishing AUKU to grant student autonomy in university administration will be the last resort if students' rights were not improved after the reform. However, student movements which promote communism and/or revolutionary progressivism (SJW types) will be outlawed.

    Monarchism or Republicanism?

    Both Semi-Constitutional Monarchism or Semi-Presidential Republicanism will be supported, depends on the country. For countries which the monarchy plays a role on a country's tradition, monarchy shall be retained, in which the Privy Assembly (Consisting of state rulers or provincial governors) shall elect the monarch among the members of the Privy Assembly for 5 years only (in the case of where state rulers were also monarchs, such as Malaysia) or on lifetime, otherwise, Semi presidential republican system where the President shall be elected by the Federal Assembly for 6 years, with the maximum of 2 terms.


    Welfare should be provided for those who really required (poor, disabled), not for those who are lazy. And universal, affordable healthcare system will be implemented, similar to the current RM1 medical treatment and prices vary depending of facilities in Malaysia and "30 Baht cure all diseases" healthcare in Thailand.

    Economical structure

    Despite having positive attitudes towards Najib's economic liberalization, he views capitalism as a praxis that breeds degeneracy via hypergamy and materialism. After researching communism and socialism, he decided to hold Third Position economics (but capitalist-leaning) which combines what's good in Capitalism, and Socialism. Private small and medium business will be encouraged in this system.


    The privatization of utilities and its consequences have been a disaster for the humankind, therefore major utilities especially water, telephones and electricity must be nationalized


    Most of the industries will be privatized, however there are some core sectors that needs to be nationalized such as utilities, roads and several parts of healthcare apart form breaking down of monopolies.


    In terms of education, he advocate for secularization of the public education system in exchange of abolishment of public vernacular schools while promoting traditional values in schools.

    Gun rights

    Gun rights will be protected, however background checks will be conducted.

    SOGI Ideologies (Alphabet squad)

    He believes in terms of "sex vs gender" argument, it's not an argument as the term "Gender" was supposed to be a linguistic term before being coined by a John Money as a "Social Construct", and suggested that only TWO sexes are recognized.
    In terms of "conversion therapy", he disagree on such advocacy as these were in fact inefficient, as even those who shilled for conversion therapy revealed that they're still gay. As an alternative, he suggested "rooftop therapy" (a.k.a. being thrown from rooftops) instead or psychological approach. While unnatural sexual intercourse will remain criminalized and banned throughout the Internet, he believes that constitutional heterosexual marriage should be enacted if one's government doesn't want anal agenda like what they did in Hungary, Belarus and Russia.

    Drug use

    He was in favour of decriminalization of kratom and marijuana for medical purposes only, but in terms of hard drugs, penalties will be imposed, such as imprisonment or capital punishment.


    He believes that abortion should be illegal from conception for every situation except those which involve a clear and present danger to the life of the mother. He supported the Texas abortion ban law which caused an expected outcome, which increased abstinence (as protesters give up sex to protest that law).

    Death Penalty

    Supportive of death penalty but limited to several cases as follows:

    • Possession and distribution of hard drugs
    • Traitors
    • First-degree murder
    • Rape and adultery (regardless of gender)


    He was tolerant towards disability individuals and hoped that disabled people will be accepted to the society, including the right to accessibility and right to be married. He was against any forms of discrimination towards the disabled, especially advocating for imprisonment or in extreme cases, revocation of citizenship rights for those who discriminate disabilities.

    Women's Rights

    First and second waves (the latter is conditional) will be retained, apart from critical sectors such as education and medication, women will be allowed to work other than aforementioned sectors but not encouraged, except military, law enforcement and judiciary. Government incentives will be provided to mothers especially i-suri (Employee provident funds earned will be partially contributed to wife if she is a housewife/unemployed for instance). Also traditional roles will be optional but strongly encouraged.




    Here are my solutions on solving the Malaysian crisis:

    1. Implement an interculturalist policy (similar to 1Malaysia and #KeluargaMalaysia)
    2. Strong emphasis on infrastructure and food security
    3. Increase military spending and capacity, considering the strategic location of the Straits of Malacca not until Segenting Kra canal was constructed and anti-Atlanticism stance.


    Thanks for Yeltsin for f*cking up the country by solding off the country to Westoids (yea even the monarchists and communists, who were enemies decided to have a "fuck it one struggle" moment), While not a fan of Putin either (due to him being corrupt+oligarchy), he was still better than the rest of politicians. Imo I think that LDPR would be done a better option, which include representation of oppositions in the Cabinet and seat allocation limit of political parties in elections



    Ukraine would not have their sorry state (i.e. worsening of corruption, symphatizing with Nazis (Azov, Aidar, Kraken, Pravy Sektor) if not for the Western-backed Maidan revolution except for the decommunization of course. While I think the SMO is a dick move, I believe diplomacy would be better and I think that in terms of territory which the SMO was planned to stop the ongoing war from 2014-present), Crimea shall be returned to Russia, while Donbass and Taurida etc shall decide via referendum whether to remain part of Ukraine, Russia or independent, considering how badly treated the Russian-speaking population of the said regions, and the rest shall be Ukrainian. In terms of the establishment of the UPR, he preferred the Hetmanate led by Pavlo Skoropadskyi.


    • Enjoys learning about new cultures and perhaps adopt what's best in the elements of other cultures into himself, while still maintaining his core identity and culture.
    • Though he may act calm and postured on the outside, he would feel disturbed deep down upon seeing injustices or degeneracy which will eventually lead him to angry mode if uncontrolled
    • While can be alright with others regardless of ideology, he tries not to engage in political discussions (Especially ideologies that were opposed to him) but will do if he has no choice, due to his concern that it will eventually lead him to angry mode if the discussion becomes heatened.

    Stylistic Notes

    • WIP



    {{B|When a self-insert relation request has been issued, the scaling is objectivised and isn't up for subjective thought. I ranked each gradation of each axes to allign with my DozenValue's results. From now on every ideology will be ranked with this system. The maximum score will objectively be 70.

    +0 +4 +5 +10 +10 +8 +5~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+1 +4 +7 +10 +8 +8 +6

    +4 +7 +10 +8 +6 +4 +0~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+0 +2 +5 +7 +10 +7 +5

    +2 +4 +6 +8 +10 +4 +2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+8 +10 +8 +6 +4 +2 +0

    ~~~~~~~~~~+0 +2 +4 +6 +8 +10 +8~~~~~~~~~~
    +x +x +x +x +x +x +x~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+x +x +x +x +x +x +x

    +x +x +x +x +x +x +x~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+x +x +x +x +x +x +x

    +x +x +x +x +x +x +x~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+x +x +x +x +x +x +x

    ~~~~~~~~~~+x +x +x +x +x +x +x~~~~~~~~~~

    Based and Chad


    Kinda Based


    Kinda Cringe


    Mega Cringe

    Burn and rot in hell, retards

    Based and Chad (61-70)

  • New Model Of Cheesenism - Very based with the exception of the extreme sinophobia. How about forming a Union State of Nusantara instead?
  • Based (51-60)

    Kinda Based (41-50)

    Meh (30-40)

    Kinda Cringe (20-29)


    Bruh (0-5)

    • Cantonese Montagnardism - "Yes, I get my beliefs from Twitterjaya, how could you tell?" Anyways your redeemable point(s) are Interculturalism and civic nationalism (partially). And I bet Nekoqing will die from cringe upon reading your page

    You get your own tier, retard


    • Anti-Neoliberalism -
    • Anti-SJW -
    • Anti-Feudalism - Worst system, especially what unregulated decentralization leads to. Thanks to neoliberals, liberal feminists and progressives shifting the Overton window, the terms "fascists", "extremists", and "feudalists" have been used as a strawman term to describe anything libtards don't like.
    • Anti-LGBT -


    • Anti-Americanism - The only good Americans were the Paleoconservatives, the rest were cringe Atlanticists.
    • Anti-Capitalism - While economic liberalism with regulations will be a positive output, I still despise consumerism and materialism, both products of capitalism.
    • Anti-Socialism -
    • Anti-Authoritarianism -
    • Anti-Feminism - I have nothing against them especially Conservative and Maternalist factions, but the rest of their community are absolutely abhorrent, and I despise woke culture.


    • Anti-Conservatism - "Um Akschually, yuo cant hinder muh progress"
    • Anti-Democracy - Liberal democracy is the way, Cope and seethe and mald and ratio

    You get your own tier




    • Celfloskyism: Add me?
      • Added
    • Uzarashvilism - Yo, add me?
      • Added
    • Applethesky2021 - Add me, also why the cringe anti-semitism?
    • Applethesky2021 - https://polcompballanarchy.miraheze.org/wiki/Template:Tridemists. You can add yourself to the template of Tridemists btw.
    • Applethesky2021 - I mean Israel is kinda cringe, but I still hate anti-semitism and I don't think all Israelis are bad (Even though many of their young people are fanatics). Still, I support severely restricting or banning Isreali lobby groups
    • Applethesky2021 - Also, what do you think about Chinese Blueshirtism?
      • Not a fan of Chinese Blueshirtism (way too extreme for me), but I didn't know about the Blueshirts of China
    • Applethesky2021 - Btw, are you basically a liberal Chiangist?
      • Basically yes, Similar to Reactionary Liberalism, fiscally liberal with mixed economy, civically statist-liberal but culturally centre-right (Bcos liberalism in Malaysia is often associated with left-wing politics) to far right (If applied to first-world countries). Also his weakness is that he failed to suppress communism in Mainland China, forcing him to exile. If the nationalists won the civil war Chiang would hold general elections in China similar to that in 1947-48. I am more to a Chiang nostalgist myself, similar to how Eric Zemmour was a Charles de Gaulle nostalgist.
    • Yoda8soup - Add me?
      • Added.
    • Neo Alphadonialism - Add me
    • Applethesky2021 - Add me now that I have my own page.
    • Owfism - Add me
    • Reactionary-Cheesenism- a malaysian? A suprise to be sure but a welcome one. Btw pls add me

    Glencoe- add me?

    Nesanel Thought - add me?

    Pantheonism - Add.

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