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    Nihilcracy is a political system where a small group of nihilists are the collective rulers of a country. This group is formed by the most nihilist and most depressed people inside the country, that must have at least average physical health (not be a fat and/or a disabled person) and intelligence, and with a mental health that's not too much messed up (because otherwise they wouldn't be able to rule the country).



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    • Nihilism - I can understand how you feel about everything...
    • Oligarchy - I'm you but instead of having wealth, I have nihilism and depression.
    • Totalitarianism - I want to be able to shape society like I want, make people believe what I want and to be able to have more or less everything under control, putting in practice your ideas is a good way to do that things.
    • Authoritarian Nihilism - You are based... But you have to go a long way to be completely based. You still have things to learn.
    • Laicism - I don't care much about religion in general, and therefore for this I say that you are based, but Anglo-American secularism is better than you.


    • Eugenicism - Why do you concentrate to positive eugenics too? That one doesn't matter. Negative eugenics is much more important than the positive one.
    • Death Worship - Dude, that's a bit too far, and I would never use suicide attacks as a weapon. And you are too obsessed about death and suicide.
    • Mediocracy - You shouldn't be content to be ruled by average people.
    • Misanthropy - I understand you but you are exaggerating.
    • Deathism - I think about death too, but you are too obsessed about it for my tastes.
    • Religions - If you don't go against me, I won't go against you.
    • State Atheism - Why do you want to go to the trouble of killing religious people? It's not worth it. I suggest you to stop being a cringe anti-theist atheist and become a based secular atheist like me.


    • Combatocracy - If you think that you could rule a country better than me only because you are stronger than me and have a better mental health, you are wrong.
    • Technocracy - No, I wouldn't ruin my country if I rule it, and my mental health is good enough to be able to rule it. I would be able to handle it.
    • Scientocracy - No, I don't need to take any medicine and/or professional help.
    • Democracy - Democracy is a god that have failed.
    • Egoism - Be more humble and cooperative if you don't want to get hurt.
    • Lipostocracy - Lose weight, fatass. Fat people like you should get sterilized and the right to have children removed.
    • Kakistocracy - I hate very much stupid people, they too should be sterilized and the right to have children removed...
    • Alcoholism - Alcohol ruins your mind and will kill you one day, and I hope that day comes soon.
    • Highism - Drugs ruins your mind and will kill you.
    • Hedonism - Fetishes are not good things for mental health, especially the fragile ones. Fetishes are bad in general.
    • Just War Theory - Wars would be boring if always done in the way you want, "just" wars wouldn't be able to make me feel anything. All the rules that you want in wars doesn't matter anyway.
    • Pacifism - You and your ideals are very boring and doesn't matter.



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