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    Nietzscheanism or Nietzschean Philosophy is anti-egalitarian and individualist ideology that is the philosophy developed by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

    Philosophical Beliefs

    Will to Power

    Der Wille zur Macht , according to Nietzscheanism is the main driving force of humans. Nietzscheanism argues that this will to power is present in all life and it is even stronger than the will to survive. It is an innate cosmic drive to strive to perfect and transcend the self through the possession and exercise of creative power.


    Übermensch or the Overman is someone who in Nietzscheanism's view have truly become a free spirit. Creative, courageous and powerful individual that follows only what they believe is right and does not conform to the will of others. Nietzscheanism believes that the Overman is goal that people should set themselves as something that they should strive to become.

    Eternal Recurrence

    According to Nietzscheanism there exists and eternal cycle of repeating similar circumstances in the world. This means humans will be forced to live through that eternally reoccurring circumstances, both the happy and the painful. What Nietzscheanism considers most important about this, is the way humans will approach that fact. In Nietzscheanism's view, one should completely embrace the inevitable fate so that they can give meaning to their lives and embrace the joy of living rather than feel depressed about their own inability to avoid fate.


    Nietzscheanism believes altruism and ethics based on altruist ideas, such as Christian ethics to be empty and false morality, whose followers are merely helping others for selfish desire to see themselves as righteous. Instead Nietzscheanism believes ethics should be based of compassion and seeing good within each-other.

    Political Beliefs

    AristocracyIcon.png Radical Aristocratism

    Nietzscheanism believes that hierarchies in society are completely natural and thinks that egalitarian ideas are detrimental to social order. He believes that an aristocratic upper-class is needed to devote themselves to creative and sophisticated activities that push civilization forward.

    Egoism.png Anti-Liberal Individualism

    Nietzscheanism mainly sees individualism as a set of desirable personality traits, such as egoism, noncomformism and originality. At the same time Nietzscheanism despises traditional liberalism, seeing it as synonymous with mediocrity and cultural decay. He also dislikes the capitalist elites blaming them for the rise of socialism and seeing them as merely people who got lucky with money, clearly inferior to military, artistic, scientific, philosophical and aristocratic elites that should make up the noble-class.

    Anticommunism.png Anti-Socialism

    According to Nietzscheanism, socialism is a "tyranny of the meanest and the dumbest". He believes that socialism, similarly to Christianity is an ideology for the resentful weak to impose their will upon great individuals. In the name of equality restricting them from exercising their potential.


    Nietzscheanism may often seem a malcontent person, criticizing almost everything he approaches. He is a non-conformist that believes modern civilization to be riddled with sickness. He will often go on long ramblings on why something is wrong and how should it be fixed. In spite of his hate for Christianity and socialism, that he believes to deify weakness in its cult of false altruism, he can be a very empathetic ball surprisingly caring for the well-being of his friends. He also enjoys art and music in his free time.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a dark grey (#222222) "Mine Shaft" colored ball
    2. Add overlapping Ü and M letters colored Gray85 (#d9d9d9)
    3. Add eyes and brown (#462918) moustache
    4. Done!




    • Liber.png Liberalism - I like individualism and opposition to authoritarianism but you breed mediocrity and conformism.
    • Kant.png Kantianism - A serious Philosopher, but I disagree with most everything he said.
    • Petersonism.png Petersonism - You carry on most of my teachings quite well, Dr. Peterson! Your hatred for communism and admiration for rugged individualism are commendable, BUT you flirt too much with Christy.png Christianity and Cap.png capitalism....
    • Cap.png Capitalism - I am always enthusiastically enthralled by individualism, but the writer and the artist will always be more important than the businessman. Overmen cannot come from the marketplace!


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