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    Nickfuentesfan Thought

    You don’t vandalize my page, I won’t vandalize your page, got it?

    Nickfuentesfan Thought is a far right, third positionist, and reactionary ideology. He strongly supports Ukraine and apposes Cball-Russia.png Russia. He hate Socialism.png Socialists and wants them dead. He also wants all Russian people to die too.

    His Role Models

    Theory he has Read

    • Nazi.png Mein Kampf, by Adolf Hitler
    • Ecofash.png The Inconvenient Truth, by Patrick W. Crusius
    • Altr.png The Great Replacement, by Brenton Tarrant


    The Economy and the Government

    Issues with both Communism and Capitalism

    Nickfuentesfan believes that both communism and capitalism are not good economic systems. Commie.png Communism and Socialism.png Socialism are ideals that do not work in practice. They lead to the suppression and starvation of Cball-Ukraine.png his people, and communist/socialist nations today, such as Cball-Russia.png Russia, tend to be terrible places to live and technology behind. His issues with Capital.png Capitalism are that it is Zio.png Jewish dominated and controlled. He also believes it spreads a Prog-u.png degenerate lifestyle that exploits the whites, and makes them weak in the face of communist nations.

    Nazi.png Nazi Germany Model

    Nickfuentesfan, being critical of both communism and socialism, takes a third positionist viewpoint on economics. He follows the Nazi.png Nazi Germany Model, because believes that it is the best way to run a society, as he notices that Germany went from one of the poorest nations in Europe after WW1, to a resurgence back to a powerful nation. Nickfuentesfan combines aspects of both socialism and capitalism. He supports governmental regulation in the economy, (but not complete, communistic control) to keep the Jews from dominating it, to prevent an exploitative lifestyle, to prevent (white) workers from being abused, and so they can better serve the state. He supports aspects of a free market. He believes that corporations can exist, but they must serve the state (like how several companies did for Nazi Germany). He is also supportive of private property to an extent, but only for specific groups of people.

    Health Care

    He supports universal healthcare… for whites only. He is a WelfChauvin.png Welfare Chauvinist, believing that only those who work for it should receive free healthcare and aid from the government. He also wants to avoid having the system being dragged down by those who don’t work. Nickfuentesfan belives that this system is a much better alternative to current healthcare systems, compared to the expenses of American healthcare or the lower quality of “free” healthcare systems.

    Nationalization of the Bank

    Nickfuentesfan advocates for the nationalization of the banks. He wants the government to be in charge of banks for two reasons. One reason is that he feels that the managing of the people’s money is too important for companies to handle. He also feels that companies owning the banks has caused a lot of corruption and economic turmoil. Take the current inflation situation and the Silicon Valley bank problem, for example. He believes that these economic issues are the result of corruption and incompetence by the banking companies. With the government constantly bailing out banks to avoid disastrous consequences, he feels it is better to just let the government regulate it. The second reason he wants the bank nationalized is to combat the Jewish domination of the banks. He does not want the Jews to be the ones controlling all the wealth as he believes they always have been. Bank Nationalization has also been a part of Nazi Economics, which Nickfuentesfan favors. He feels that the government keeping the money in check is beneficial to a nation.

    Nationalizing of Resources

    Nickfuentesfan advocates for the nationalization of resources. One of the things he believes that this will do is protect the environment better. He wants to preserve the environment, and nationalizing resources will regulate what is taken from the land. He also wants resources to serve the people instead of just Neoliberal-icon.png Judeocorporations. He believes that a country will be the strongest if they use their resources properly.

    Nazi.png The Government itself

    Nuckfuentesfan wants a strong, nationalist, and fascist government to be in charge. Nickfuentesfan believes that this will make a nation strong, especially in the face of Cball-Russia.png communist nations. He wants the said government to track down and kill Socialists, Jews, LGBT members, and Russians. This new, powerful and right wing government will do what Nickfuentesfan always wanted a government to do, which is to unite and work with the people.

    Ecofash.png Protecting the Environment

    Nuckfuentesfan is an Ecofash.png Eco Fascist. He wants the environment to be protected for the sake of the future of the whites. He advocates for reforestation programs, and alternative energy sources. Being an eco fascist, he also wants to remove groups of people that he believes are ruining the planet, such as minorities. He also believes that both Cball-China.png Communist nations and Neoliberal-icon.png Jewish Corporations are ruining the planet, which is one of the reasons why he supports fascism and third positionism.

    Trad.png Societal Views

    Homophobia.png Anti-LGBT sentiment Transphobia.png

    He views LGBT members as “the Russian people of sexualities.” He is not very fond and views most of their practices as degenerate. He also views them as toxic and he does not like the downplaying to said toxicity. He supports them… disappearing, to say the least. He does not want them to have rights. He is also supportive of Antifurry.png hunting down and killing zoophiles/furries for their degenerate sexual attraction to animals. He takes great inspiration of the suppression of LGBT rights from Nazi.png past regimes. Overall, he is very violent and hostile to LGBT members.

    Manosphere.png Anti-feminism

    Nickfuentesfan does not take feminism seriously, as women today face no issues. He believes that they have a persecution complex and that they are the true “incels.” He also believes that a lot of harmful movements, such as Commie.png communism, the Gay.png LGBT “rights” movement, and the Furry.png furry movement, were all caused by a domino affect from feminism. Nickfuentesfan, therefore, wants to make women as oppressed as they claims they are, by taking away their right to vote. He is a proud misogynist and he believes that men are the superior gender. He also does not believe in the gender wage gap, but wants to make it a reality. He views what Fem.png feminists claim is the Pat.png “patriarchy” as an ideal model for society. He still supports abortion though, for eugenic reasons, and he follows ConCruIcon.png Confederate Crusader’s consistent death ethic.

    AntiRussia.png Russophobia

    Ever since Russia invaded his nation, Nickfuentesfan advocates for the public lynching of Cball-Russia.png Russian people. He supports violence and discrimination against Russians due to their crimes in Ukraine. He wants all Russian people to be put in jail and to be killed. Russian people are the group that he hates the most. He commends Nazi.png Nazi Germany for genociding Russians, and he considers Russians to be untermensch too.

    Anti-Semitic.png Anti-semetism

    He believes that while Israel and Jews act like they are anti-communist, it is simply just facade. He has noticed that Commie.png Karl Marx was a Jew, and therefore that proves that the Jewish Bolshevik theory is correct. Because Karl Marx was a Jew, with his book and his ideas inspiring communist movements, and Russia being a communist nation, he believes that Jews are responsible for the invasion of Ukraine, and as such, he has developed extremely anti-Semitic views. He sees Jews, therefore, as just as disgusting as Russians.

    Jingoism.png Foreign Policy

    Nazcollab.png Axis Collaborationism

    Nuckfuentesfan obviously sympathizes with the Axis powers cause during World War 2. He is sympathetic to Nazi Germany reclaiming their land and giving France a much deserved occupation. He views the Nazis as liberators who freed his people and many other people who were oppressed by the USSR. He is also sympathetic to countries such as Hungary, Romania, Finland, and Bulgaria, who he feels were forced to join the Axis due to pressure from the USSR.

    AntiRussia.png Anti East Sinophobia.png

    Nuckfuentesfan absolutely hates the Putin.pngXiJinpingThoughtf.png communist east. He wants to use a strong military to destroy the east and kill all of it’s Cball-Russia.png people. He wants Russia to be destroyed for their crimes in Ukraine. He commends America for bombing the Middle East, the Abu Ghraib prisoner torture, and also for the Mai Lai Massacre. His hatred for the communists and what they did is one of the first things that radicalized him.

    Necon.png West Leaning

    Being against the east, he sides with the west. He believes that NATO, for the most part, are the good guys. He is a Eurosupremacist, too, believing that anyone against NATO, especially Russia and China, are inferior. He also commends America for their support for Ukraine. However, he doesn’t like how anti-fascist the west can be, and also how woke and progressive they can be. He also doesn’t like associating with NeophibunV2.png these types of guys either. He is also anti-Israel too.

    Supportive of the War on Terror

    He is a sympathizer of the Necon.png war on terror. He believes that the invasion of Iraq, the bombing of the Middle East, and the Abu Ghraib torture are amble payments for 9/11. He feels that all middle eastern people are deserving of death. He also supports America invading these nations because it is the closest thing to fascism that he can experience.


    Nuckfuentesfan is fanatically supportive of Cball-Ukraine.png his nation. He believes that Ukraine should get all the support it can get. He wants all captured Russian soldiers to be tortured and killed. Because of the invasion, he has developed a strong hatred for Cball-Russia.png Russians, and he no longer thinks of them as people. He wants them all to be punished and sent to concentration camps.

    Anti-Israel and Anti-Palestine

    Nuckfuentesfan apposes both Zio.png Israel and PalestineBall.png Palestine. He apposes Israel because he hates Jews, and he believes that they plot and instigate a lot of the conflicts. He apposes Palestine too, because it is Russian and Chinese backed, and also because he doesn’t like Muslims either.

    Restricted Trade

    Nuckfuentesfan wants strict regulations on trading. This is because he wants domestic production to be utilized and built up. This is so that his country is not dependent on other countries for product, having an independent economy. This would also make sanctioning rival nations less costly.


    Military Technology Research

    Nickfuentesfan wants a strong and powerful, military with the latest technology. He wants technical advancements to be focused on military strength to further his nations power. He strongly believes that being militarily ahead of the world is beneficial.

    Nuclear Energy

    Nuckfuentesfan, in a want to both protect the environment and to lessen dependence on Russian and Middle Eastern oil, strongly supports nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is a safe energy source, that will not harm the environment. He also supports creating nuclear weapons and pointing them at Russia.

    The Future

    Nuckfuentesfan wants new technology to be met with a combination of eagerness and skepticism. He wants the newest technology to be researched and developed, but he doesn’t want it to be radically enforced, unlike what the Democrats and many other people tend to do.


    Flag of Nickfuentesfan Thought
    1. Copy the flag of the Wehrmacht.
    2. However, color the top of the flag in blue
    3. Color the bottom part in yellow, creating the colors of the flag of Ukraine.
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Yellow #fbcb0c 251, 203, 12
    Blue #0d6cfa 13, 108, 250
    Black #202020 32, 32, 32
    White #ffffff 255, 255, 255


    If you want to be added to self inserts, leave a comment and also make sure to add me back. I will also add ideologies here that catch my attention.

    Based and Redpilled

    • Nazi.png National Socialism - Liberated my nation from the USSR! You did a a good job at genociding Russian “people” too! SEIG HEIL!
    • Altr.png Alt-Right - You guys are very based!
    • Bandera.png Banderaism - BASED! The Russians deserved the 1943 massacre.
    • A3OB.png Azovism - Yes, we are Nazis. Those Russofags gotta keep on coping.
    • Reactcross.png Reactionarism - Lets go back to when communism and Russians weren’t a thing!
    • Ecofash.png Eco-Fascism - Gotta protect our planet and the environment from Jews and Commies!
    • Moonman.png Moon Man Thought - Based music!
    • Whitesup.png White Nationalism - Putin and the other Judeobolsheviks started the war in Ukraine to kill us based white Ukrainians!
    • AntiRussia.png Russophobia - Russians are not people!
    • Homophobia.png Homophobia - The only good gay person is a dead gay person!
    • Transphobia.png Transphobia - I’m gunna change their pronouns to was/were!


    • Necon.png Neoconservatism - On one hand, you guys do a good job toppling sand n*****r governments and killing commies, and you’ve provided some good support to us. On the other hand, you suck off the Jews and a lot of you guys can be cuckservatives.
    • Plcn2.png Paleoconservatism - Has some of the most based social views and hates communists, but ironically, a lot of you guys support Putin.
    • Nazcapf.png National Capitalism - Capitalism needs some reform, but otherwise you are very based.
    • Trump.png Trumpism - ZOG, but you killed that Iranian general and you kept Putin scared of invading Ukraine.
    • Pinochet.png Pinochetism - Dropping commies from helicopters is very based! But you can be a neo-libtard sometimes.
    • MesoConF.png Mesoconservatism - The more based child of Paleocon and Neocon. Still too moderate and a Jewish bootlicker though.

    Cringe and Bluepilled

    • Prog-u.png Progressivism - FAAAAAAAAAAAAAG!!! Wait, you guys support Ukraine? Spend like five minutes there and you’ll find out we’re anti-socialist and we don’t like progressives.
    • Dsa.png Democratic Socialism - Oxymoron and a fag. Dem Suc DEEZ NU-
    • Putin.png Putinism - Fuck off and stop invading my country you communist faggot.
    • Marx-L.png Marxist Leninism - Are you not just Putinism all over again?
    • Rashism.png Wagner Group - True Nazis wouldn’t serve a communist nation! Nazis in name only! Azov Battalion is better!
    • Tito.png Titoism - Haha axis occupation and collapse of Yugoslavia go brrr.
    • Jihad.png Jihadism - Get drone striked you towel head! Nice views on Jews, gays, and feminists.
    • Baath.png Ba'athism - 2003 was justified, fag. Nice social views like above
    • Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism - Cancer.
    • Pinkcap.png Pink Capitalism - See, this is why Third Positionism rules!


    Based and Redpilled


    • BERNHEflash.gif BERNHEism - You have good economics, and though I disagree, I respect your impartiality on idpol.
    • MonPatconSun.png Patrick thought - Your ideology looks promising but I will need to wait for more info on it.
    • Tsumugikotobuki8814ism.png MugiKotobuki8814ism - Your economics and societal views are pretty based, but I hate the Russophilia, and anime and waifus are also leftist degeneracy. Being anti-communist is mutually exclusive to Russophilia.

    Cringe and Bluepilled

    • Omega1065.png Omega1065ism - Your anti communism still won’t save you from some of your leftist social and economic viewpoints!
    • NeophibunV2.png Neo-Phibunsongkhram Thought - With your conservative values and anti-communist ideas, we could be crusading against leftists and woketards together, but instead you choose to suck Jewish penis. How pitiful.
    • Amm1.gif Amism - How tf are you libleft and anarchist and culturally right?
    • NewMatthism3.1.png Matthism - Lolbertarian and transhumanist who likes NeophibunV2.png this ZOG.
    • Liblovsprite.png Liberty-Loverism - I think I’m going to be sick…
    • 2x2Master.png 2x2Masterism - Lolbertarian cuckservative ZOG.


    • Iberian commie.png Iberian Communism - “Disgusting. This is awful in every way. If I could kill it, I would. But I legally can’t. But I’ve considered it.”
    • Atronic.png Atronism - Another filthy Progressive Communist. I don’t need to say anything more.
    • PosadasComrade.png PosadasComrade thought - There’s not much info on you ideology, but it already seems to suck.

    Political and Other Tests

    Comments (if you want to be added, ask here)

    и их помощники легионеры и фашисты О Кармела, о Кармела

    У нас есть только одно желание что фашистов больше нет у нас нет самолетов танки и грузовики Эй, Кармела!

    У нас заканчиваются боеприпасы холодный ветер гуляет по полю О Кармель

    Бомбы ничего не могут сделать с нами ни буря, ни дождь где можно услышать эту песню Привет, Кармела, привет, Кармела там сердце побеждает О Кармела, о Кармела!

    • YTrojan.png YTrojan: Add me, please?
    • GanzismIcon2.png Ganzism Hi fed, add me? I've already added you


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