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    The New Yorker Way is a culturally-left, economically-right, multicultural and democratic ideology, and the unofficial ideology of the Commonwealth of New York. For the most part it is a mix of Gamerism with Multiculturalism and Social Liberalism.

    It believes that New York was meant as, should be, and remains, a multicultural society, with emphasis on rights for deviant social statuses (such as LGBTQ+, the disabled, and women), admonition of ableism, sexism and traditionalism, and a strict anti-authoritarian stance, as well as a culture celebrating not only culture, the arts and New York's multicultural background, but also video games and general pop culture.



    • Gamerism, Neo-Filmism and Cartoonism - My lifelines. Especially the first one.
    • Neoliberalism - We love immigrants.
    • Multiculturalism - I am your consequence, and you take it surprisingly well. After all, I was founded and enriched by immigrants from all over the world.
    • Furries - Adorable transhumans, you are protected here.
    • DeviantArtism - DeviantArt was founded here!
    • LGBT - Gay rights, trans rights, LGBT rights all in New York!
    • Social Capitalism - Here comes the money! For everyone, though, not just the wealthy dudes.


    • Ethnonationalists - We respect you, just don't force your agenda on everyone.
    • Indigenism - We respect you, and we get that the Lenape were here first, but other cultures are just as important.
    • Reactionaryism - I now renounce your beliefs, but you are still family by default. After all, I served as your base against America in the past, and many in my lifeblood seem to show interest in you, so shall I.
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - We respect you, but I think NFTs are highly sus.
    • Antifa - We respect you, but WOAH! Tone down the anarchism like one bit will you?
    • SJW - We respect you, but stop bullying furries.
    • Pink Capitalism - On one hand, you seem far too capitalist. On the other hand, you support LGBT, which is good.
    • Moralism - Some morals are good, but in a city like me, not a lot of people follow them. Morals are usually for people to my north and east.
    • Conventional Capitalism - I'm more on the social side, sorry.
    • Stratocracy - I'm partially like you, especially with the military service thing. But I think sending kids off to military school as punishment is a horrible idea.


    • Authoritarian Traditionalism - No gaming, no skyscrapers and no street foods for me? Go back to Eastern Long Island where you can rot!
    • Neoconservatism - Piss off, Trumptard!
    • Jihadism - Piss off, 2/27 guy!
    • Trumpism - Piss off, conster! And you stormed Tammany Hall in 2021!
    • Alt-Right and Alt-Lite - Piss off, City Chancellery-destroying American bootlickers!
    • Child abusers - What in Hudson's name is wrong with you?! You will not jeopardize your children's future over undesirable behavior!
    • Vyond - You are the absolute worst. I thought you'd be bad enough for using my likeness and America's to disguise your wrongdoings, but I've found all of them out. You abuse, torture, and deprive children as if they were your slaves! You claim to do it out of discipline or affection, but neither of these are excuses for abuse! Military school is wannabe soldiers camp, not undeserving kids camp! It's your children's choice to eat fast food or not, these ads only serve as encouragement! And one more thing, STOP. EXECUTING. KIDS. They are far too young to deserve the death penalty! And I don't care if letting the "troublemakers" have their way will lead to your downfall, your pitiful nation is already doomed so just let them end your suffering!