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    New Order is the ideology of Sheev Palpatine, also known as Darth Sidious, as well as his followers and allies, from Star Wars. It advocates for a monarcho-fascist galactic military junta run by the Sith.

    History WIP

    Early life and education

    Sheev Palpatine was born in 82 BBY on Naboo in an aristocratic family. From his youth, he wanted to achieve unlimited power and hated his father Cosinga for lacking ambition. He claimed that his beliefs started after he obtained Sith lore on the black market, giving him his future beliefs. In school, he was a petty delinquent who was expelled several times but got away due to his family's influence. The first example of his actual villainy was when he crashed his speeder, accidentally killing two people, without any regret. He got higher education at Theed University, where he in 65 BBY met his mentor, Hego Damask, also known as Darth Plagueis the Wise. Damask formally made Palpatine his Sith apprentice after the latter killed his family, giving him the title Darth Sidious. Sidious later took Darth Maul as his disposable apprentice and trained him behind Plagueis' back.

    Rise to power

    In 52 BBY Sheev Palpatine was elected to represent the planet of Naboo in the Galactic Senate. He joined the Core Party, a big-tent party wanting centralization of the galactic republic. In 32 BBY, the Trade Federation blockaded his own planet, with the Senate himself being behind it. When then Finis Valorum did not do anything useful and was subsequently removed from office by a vote of no confidence, Palpatine himself was elected supreme chancellor. Despite the fighting put by Trade Federation's droid army and Palpatine's own apprentice Darth Maul, the blockade ended. After that, Sidious killed Plagueis in his sleep.

    Clone Wars

    In 22 BBY, a group of Rim worlds, led by Count Dooku who was actually Palpatine's second apprentice Darth Tyranus, left the republic and declared the creation of the Confederacy of Independent System. The CIS had a droid army and was led by several corporations, including the aftermentioned Trade Federation. In response, Palpatine commissioned the Kamino government to create a clone army based on bounty hunter Jango Fett's DNA, who himself later joined the CIS. Palpatine took advantage of the Clone Wars, with the alleged superior useful idiot Jar Jar Binks convincing the Senate to give the Chancellor emergency powers and abolish term limits.

    In 19 BBY, Palpatine faked capture in an attempt to nudge Anakin Skywalker into killing Dooku. After Dooku was killed, Palpatine corrupted Anakin further by telling him the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise. When the fact that Sidious was a Sith was revealed, a team of three Jedi led by Mace Windu attempted to arrest the self-proclaimed Senate. Still, they were defeated with the help of Anakin, who afterward got an official Sith title Darth Vader. Vader slaughtered the remaining CIS leaders while Sidious executed Order 66, brainwashing the clones into killing the Jedi. With the Clone Wars over and the Jedi going underground, Palpatine formally declared the Galactic Empire with thunderous applause, with the only political party remaining by that point being the New Order Party. New Order became the galaxy's dominant ideology for decades. Coruscant was the Empire’s capital, as it was previously the Republic's.

    Empire Era

    After establishing the Empire, Emperor Palpatine organized it along human-ethnocentric lines. Aliens were subject to discriminatory policy, and many species were enslaved. The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) acted as a secret police. The Empire was originally a constitutional monarchy in theory, as the Imperial Senate was kept around, but it essentially only served to bring legitimacy to Palpatine’s autocracy. The Imperial Ruling Council, under Grand Vizier Mas Amedda, ran the day-to-day affairs of the state as Palpatine became more reclusive and decided to devote more time towards studying the Dark Side of the Force. Anti-Jedi sentiment was also high, with most surviving Jedi hunted down by Darth Vader and the Inquisitors. The Empire’s policy was heavily influenced by the Tarkin Doctrine, proposed by Wilhuff Tarkin (who was promoted to Grand Moff), which maintained that the use of fear was important to controlling the population. As a result, Palpatine commissioned the creation of a mighty superweapon called the Death Star, which had the power to destroy planets.

    Insurgencies became common against the Empire, and by 2 BBY the Alliance to Restore the Republic (a.k.a. the Rebel Alliance) was founded by Senators Mon Mothma and Bail Organa to unify the insurgent cells, thus starting the Galactic Civil War. Eventually, in 0 BBY, Emperor Palpatine abolished the Imperial Senate and became officially an absolute monarch.

    In 0 BBY, the Empire finished the Death Star, which was commanded by Grand Moff Tarkin. The Rebels ended up stealing the Death Star’s schematics, but not before the planet Alderaan was destroyed on Tarkin's orders. The Battle of Yavin was summarily fought as Tarkin tried to use the Death Star to destroy the rebel base, but the Rebel pilot, Jedi apprentice and Anakin's son Luke Skywalker destroyed the station by firing proton torpedoes into its weak point, a thermal exhaust port. The Rebel victory caused total war to break out across the galaxy, although the Rebels faced a setback at the Battle of Hoth in 3 ABY.

    Around this time, Emperor Palpatine commissioned a second Death Star to be built. It was constructed around Endor, and in 4 ABY, he planned to destroy the Rebels by luring them into a trap. He intentionally gave the Rebels the location of the under-construction Death Star II, knowing that they couldn’t resist an assault, and planned to have the Imperial military surprise and destroy the Rebels. At the same time, Palpatine oversaw the battle and tried to turn the aftermentioned Luke Skywalker, the last of the Jedi, to the Dark Side, and he got into a duel with Darth Vader, his father, defeating him but not killing him. Skywalker refused to turn to the Dark Side, causing Palpatine to try to kill him, but Darth Vader turned back to the Light Side and killed Palpatine by throwing him into a reactor shaft. Vader succumbed to injuries soon after. Meanwhile, defying all odds, the Rebels destroyed the shield generator protecting the Death Star II, then flew into the unfinished station and blew it up. The Battle of Endor was a major turning point in the Galactic Civil War. However, the New Order ideology did not die with Palpatine

    Post-Endor (Legends) (WIP)

    Post-Endor (Disney canon) (WIP)

    Personality & Behavior

    Publicly shows himself as a reserved and wise individual, but is actually cunning, ruthless and completely Auth. Dig even deeper and he shows a hidden giggling sadistic side, laughing as he electrocutes people. Generally speaks in Palpatine memes such as "I am the senate"

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball and eyes.
    2. Color the ball red.
    3. Add a white circle with a black border in the center.
    4. Inside the circle, draw the logo of the Galactic Empire.
    5. (Optional) Color the eyes orange (Sith eyes).


    Some optional props:

    1. A lightsaber with a gray handle and a red blade
    2. A holocom
    3. Force lightning
    4. A black/red hood




    • Galactic Republicanism - Thank you for electing me and granting me emergency power, couldn't have gained power without you!
    • Jar Jarism - Nothing more than a useful idiot. And, NO, he is not my master.
    • Kleptocracy - I trained Maul, but he stopped being useful after he lost his legs. At least the Hutt Cartel can work with me.
    • First Order - Nothing more than a distraction for the Final Order.
    • Parliamentarianism - I AM the Senate. *19 years later* The Galactic Senate is now abolished.
    • Paradise Island System - We are happy that you sympathize us that we saved the Galactic Republic from corruption of the Galactic Senate, ended the Clone Wars by defeating the Separatist Alliance, though we decided to reform the Republic into the First Galactic Empire. But why do you mean you prefer us as your revisionist counterpart and why you don't like our desire to rule the Star Wars Galaxy through fear and terror?


    Further Information




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