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    The New Ones is an occult belief practiced by a international cult by the same name, they believe that Humanity has been cursed as a punishment for a "ancestral crime" by god-like entities in far in the cosmos. The New Ones main objective is to reach the center of earth, called the Land of Hadean, Where supposedly ancient "Primordial" texts are located supposedly if all Primordial texts were to be combined and read out loud in a ritual of belief will cause Humankind to be reborn into their "Original and True form" thus letting Humanity free from their "curse and released from their Flesh coil.".

    The New Ones claim that all religions of Humankind have legitimacy as all of them come from "A Eternal Memory implanted to each human, showing them their true form", They claim that in the Abrahamic beliefs that The One True God is one of the remnants of humanity who escaped the curse and is trying to help humanity to return to their true for to the Kingdom of God.

    They also claim that when the Mayans wrote about the end of the world on 2012/12/12 12:12:12 they were referring to a passage that opened to the center of earth, Allowing humanity to "restore their true form". They claim that the Mayans knew this because our primordial ancestors left a message in the stars which only the Mayans were capable to decipher and write scripts about allowing them to cause the passage to open that day, The Cult claims that til this day no human civilization has been able to achieve that feat of deciphering the stars.

    The term "True form of Humanity" by members of the cult claim that Humankind were purely an manifestations of the Mind and Consciousness with godly powers, but "They from the cosmos", who were referred to as by H.P Lovecraft as "The Old Ones" cursed humanity into a form of flesh and endless agony, but they also claim that the Old Ones have been exiled from our galaxy by their own will or some sort of conflict internally. Though they claim that one day the Old Ones will return and destroy Humanity if they find out about the cult or the "primordial messages".

    The New Ones claim that Transhumanism, Nationalism, Primitivism, Totalitarianism and any governing state will destroy humanity, believing that all of these mentioned ideas have been created by the Old Ones as part of the curse to never let humanity to restore their true form.

    The New Ones have been classified as part of the File:ExistentialistCompassIcon.pngExistentialist Compass due to the fact that most member from there have actually been part of this cult. They are to be classified as Absurdist.

    How to draw

    1. There is no correct way to draw our symbolism, all symbols are valid except for those whose symbol represents pure evil. This is just the true way.
    2. Done!


    Truth Seekers

    • Anrel.png Religious Anarchism - A Brother who understand that no unjust hierarchy shall exist while believing in our true form!
    • Postconan.png Post-Colonial Anarchism - Their peoples faced the most unjust suffering, for almost opening the gates to our freedom!

    Visionary Allies

    • File:GiftEcon.png Gift Economy, Ancom.png Ancom - Though only exists as a reaction to one of the curses, capitalism and statism. their effort to try to remove the curse is still remarkable!
    • Ismism Icon.png Ismism- They perhaps might not realize it, but their belief stands against all ideas that were created by our eternal curse.

    The Damned

    • Nation.png Nationalists, Imp.png Empires and Authunity.png Auth-Unity - They Believe in nations and states, a byproduct of our curse. These concepts will tear humanity apart in endless wars of conquest. They still can be redeemed if they seek the truth.
    • Transh.png Transhumanists and Anprim.png Primitivists - Massive Technological jumps will not help our cause of returning to our true form, and will cause irreversible damage to our biosphere.
    • Azathothf.png Azathoth - Brother, we may be similar in many ways, but your nature of destruction will only lead to eternal damnation.
    • Nigermanism - alt.png The Cat - There is nothing wrong in thou, but their energy is... destructive.
    • Nullball.png Nullists - Their ways, are almost the same as ours but wrong in all ways.

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