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    New North German Model

    This page is about a near-utopian scenario, for my pragmatic views please see: JonahPrag.png Jonah's German Reform Ideas

    New North German Model
    is the new self-insert of Jonah.png JonahF2014.

    It is a Uninat.png universal and Classnat.png classical nationalist ideology which seeks to establish a new national culture based upon a Community.png communal and Rural.png rural lifestyle.
    Its economics are a combination of traditional and rural regionalism with the unorthodox Dsa.png democratic socialism seen in Hamburger.png Rejuvenative Hamburg thought.

    The NNGM is a strictly regional ideology, it focuses on the area of Northern Germany and the situation which it currently finds itself in.
    It wishes this region to Sep.png secede from the current Cball-Germany.png Federal Republic of Germany in order to build a new state upon these here laid out ideals. The novel secession plan here laid out is a compromise between a city-stately Tinism.png Tinism and the newly adopted Rural.png ruralism which seeks the de-Urbanisation of the nation.

    -Table of Contents-


    The NNGM.png
    New North German Model
    is the ideology of JonahF2014.

    It emerged out of Hamburger.png Rejuvenative Hamburg thought though its combination with some of Aldath.png Aldathy's ideas, primarily pertaining to Rural.png Ruralism.
    In some areas it is more pragmatic, in others more idealistic. In a way, it seeks a compromise between the old ideas, to which I still mostly adhere, and the new ones. It can also be considered slightly more extreme than its predecessor.
    I still adhere to many ideas of Hamburger.png Rejuvenative Hamburg thought, simply because the old page was so detailed, the ideology will thus often be referred to.

    This page is my second self-insert and exists primarily to avoid major revision to my first one. The first self-insert, Hamburger.png Rejuvenative Hamburg thought, had its wiki entry created on the 6th March 2022, since when I have had ever changing positions, but none as major as since around November 2022, which lead me to create this revision of the original.

    Warn.png Please look at the history tab to make sure the last edits were recent before making judgments as a potentially outdated page may no longer represent my views.

    Political Journey

    1. Apolit.png (Socdem.pngMulticult.pngProg.png)
    2. Zimeaox.png (Zimea.pngAuthdem.pngSocdem.pngLibertarian.png)
    3. Kak.png (Marketsoc.pngParti.pngCivlibert.pngProg.png)
    4. Socsep.png (Dsa.pngSep.pngUBI.pngAntiAm.png)
    5. SocialTinism.png (Tinism.pngDsa.pngAntiAm.png)
    6. Hamburger.png (Dsa.pngTinism.pngEthplur.pngMenslib.pngAntiAm.png)
    7. NNGM.png (Classnat.pngSep.pngDsa.pngProgconf.pngAntiAm.png)


    The NNGM.png
    New North German Model
    is a political model which represents the ideas of JonahF2014 for a possible North German state. This proposed state would be a compromise between a semi-realistic secession plan and the idea of Tinismpolcompball.png Tinism, which it sees as a possible end-goal.

    Through a number of effects, this new state would be drastically depopulated and aim to achieve a Rural.png ruralist revival of small connected and Community.png communal villages as well as the re-expansion of nature into now-unused lands. These villages should all be connected to larger cities via public transit, yet still be self-sufficient enough so that one only has to leave their area if they want to or they require special facilities.
    All of the state shall embrace ArcitectReact.png Architectural Reactionarism, constructing all new buildings in a traditional look, rejecting any architectural style invented post-1900, gradually even phasing out already existing buildings when the possibility to replace them comes up.
    The size of cities should be drastically reduced. Cball-Ham.png Hamburg for example should be reduced to its traditional size of population centers as well as a population not greatly exceeding one million.

    The ideology is highly Nation.png Nationalist, in the sense that it believes in a Uninat.png Universal Nationalism, where every nation should be sovereign and free, have the full rights and ability to govern itself, and create a national community based upon solidarity. The ideology is extremely Antiimp.png Anti-Imperialist to an unconditional degree, meaning it beliefs that no state may ever interfere with another nation-state's sovereignty in any way.
    It is extremely against the destruction of nations. It is thusly strongly opposed to Colonial.png colonialism, Immigration, and Multicult.png multiculturalism.
    Equality means the endurance of diversity and the international as well as universal right to national self-determination.

    It advocates for a unorthodox Dsa.png democratic socialism, similar to that seen in Hamburger.png Rejuvenative Hamburg thought, its predecessor. Added to the Statecap.png state and Libsoc.png direct ownership over the means of production, it also takes a few ideas from Aldath.png Aldathy's Community.png communal traditional economics as well as FBSPixel.png Family Based Socialism; relying less on GE.png mutual aid and Col.png Collectivism proper than him however.
    Similarly to its predecessor, this ideology too, seeks for the implementation of a UBI.png UBI to ensure a secure living standard for all people and making traditional work near-voluntary.

    This new state should strive to eventually Confed.png confederalize and evolve into a form of Tinismpolcompball.png Tinism whenever the conditions allow for it.

    The State

    Map of the proposed state

    The territory of this proposed state shall include all of the modern states of: Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and Bremen; as well as the protestant parts of Lower Saxony (+Saterland) and small parts of Saxony-Anhalt as well as Brandenburg. This state should try to Irredentism.png reclaim the whole region of Pomerania from modern-day Poland through a peaceful land acquisition for whatever favors necessarily. Small land exchanges with Denmark should also happen in order to make the border follow a river properly and more accurately reflect the regional demographics.


    The state shall be organized in a tiered-layout, making a clear distinction between the specially-designated modern urban-industrial areas and the Rural.png rural majority of the country.


    The state shall be a Fed.png Federal Parl.png parliamentary Soc.png socialist Semidirect.png semi-direct democratic Republicanismpix.png republic with a Parti.png multi-party framework.

    Citizens of the ages 16 and up shall have the option to vote for a Parl.png parliament as well as the head of state every five years. Additionally, the government may delegate the voting on specific proposals to the population as a whole, similarly to how it is done in Cball-Switzerland.png Switzerland.
    Citizen above the age of 18 can also propose their own laws, and/or dispute a law which is about to pass by getting enough signatures; this will then lead to said law being up for referendum to the whole of the population, this helps prevent corruption and the passing of unpopular laws.

    Parliamentary elections shall use a Cball-Ham.png Hamburg-Style Dem.png MMP voting system with an electoral threshold of 1%.

    Presidential elections are to happen in two rounds, the first of which utilizing a Hamburg-Style percentage rank-choice system. The president is elected directly after the formation of the government and will serve a term equal in length to it.
    The president is to act as the unifying force of the state as well as a representative thereof, he shall have extremely limited powers in government, roughly equivalent to the current German presidential position.


    The state is to be divided into up to 21 federal states,[1] 5 of which being autonomous. All states and other federally recognized administrative divisions retain the right to Sep.png secession at discretion of a locally and/or federally initiated referendum.

    State Governments

    The states would act similarly to current German states, not being granted significantly more or less power.
    As opposed to contemporary Germany however, all states must follow the same electoral and school system.

    Autonomous States

    Autonomous states are to be created for the Cball-North Frisia alt.png North and Cball-Saterland.png Saterland Frisians, as well as, most likely, the regions of Cball-East Frisia.png East Frisia, Cball-Dithmarschen.png Dithmarschen, and Cball-Ham.png Hamburg. These areas shall have more legislative abilities and Independence from the federal Government than other states. The areas may adopt slightly different forms of government and management as long as they are still obedient to the federal one.

    These states are to primarily exist for the purpose of minority Cultural Nationalism.png cultural preservation and revival, granting especially the Frisians a degree of self-determination not too far from the former Peasants Republic.png Free Frisian Lands; The states of Cball-Saterland.png Saterland and Cball-North Frisia alt.png North Frisia are central here, however Cball-East Frisia.png East Frisia may enjoy similar privileges if it commits itself to a cultural revival. Cball-Dithmarschen.png Dithmarschen shall be resurrected as a centre of Low-German Farm.png peasant culture, and Cball-Ham.png Hamburg shall enjoy economic benefits via its autonomy.







    Societal Policy


    Cultural Revisionism and National Rejuvenation

    National solitary and the national community are practically nonexistent in the vast majority of modern-day Germany. This is something which has to be reconciled by the construction of a new social and collaborative culture built upon national, and most importantly local, solitary as well as community. Only once a culture of national solidarity is built, can a socio-economic system of community and the collective work towards the betterment of society, democracy, and the individual.



    What is Nationalism?


    Assessment of Pride


    Foreign Policy

    The state shall be a neutral and non-aligned one in the conflicts and relations of the world. It shall generally stay out of international relations as much as possible and be more concerned with its own people than the outside world. The state should however nonetheless promote and represent the values of Community.png solidarity, Pac.png pacifism, Antiimp.png Anti-Imperialism, and Uninat.png nationalism on the international stage.

    All relations must be peaceful, respectful, and benefit all parties involved.

    Border and Immigration policy

    The border shall be clearly demarcated by a border vista and fence.
    Permanently staffed crossing-points shall exist on every road leading in/out of the state.

    The crossing procedure should be inspired by that of the Cball-Cyprus.pngCypriot border. Visa-free stay will be allowed for citizens of most countries for up to 90 days. Whenever one overstays their welcome, they will be publicly searched for and subsequently be deported as well as given a temporary or permanent ban on entry.

    Zero immigration policy.
    Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. Dual-citizenship is banned in all cases without exception.

    Military and defense

    The military cannot be allowed to leave the sovereign territory of the state under any circumstance in which the state is not in a official state of war and/or is actively being attacked by a foreign state. This shall be enshrined in the constitution if needs be.

    The military shall be a volunteer force. No one may be forced into the military, and no one may be granted any unfair advantages by joining not available to those who didn't. A draft may only be imposed in a state of official war.

    As long as the current world order is held, the state must have the capability to defend itself adequately against foreign powers. It shall thus take on a defense strategy similar to that of Cball-North Korea.png North Korea, and acquire nuclear weapons for deterrence and self-defense. Every major population centre (<50k) must be equipped with a publicly accessible and communal fallout shelter (network).

    How to Draw

    Flag of the New North German Model
    1. Draw a ball with a black outline.
    2. Fill with black (PCB dark gray).
    3. Add a yellow (heraldic gold) stripe on the side.
    4. Add a red star in a red circle in the canton.
    5. Fill the red circle with white
    6. Add a red circle in the middle of the back area.
    7. Add a yellow circle of the same size inside the red circle.
    8. Draw the white nettle leaf of Holstein inside the yellow circle.
    9. Draw the Saxon Steed, in white, upon of the nettle leaf.
    10. Add the Hamburg castle as the crown of the Steed.
    11. Add a dark blue outline to the Steed and its crown.
    12. Add the eyes.
    13. Done!


    The Flag of the New North German Model uses a total of 5 colours, those are: black, yellow (gold), red, white, and dark blue. Most of these colours have a meaning, those meanings are:

    • Black, Red, and Yellow (Gold) represent the Cball-Germany.png German flag and are thus meant to represent the represent the German nation.
    • Red and white also double in representing the Cball-Poland.png Hanseatic League as well as Soc.png Socialism and Pac.png peace respectively.
    • The Dark Blue represents Pomerania.
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Black #000000 0, 0, 0
    Yellow (Gold) #FFCE00 255, 206, 0
    Red #CC0000 204, 0, 0
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Dark Blue #2B58A3 43, 88, 163


    The flag utilizes five distinct symbols. They are:

    • The encircled red star in the canton of the flag represents Soc.png Socialism.
    • The charge of the flag is encircled by a red and yellow (gold) line, these lines from, together with the black background, the German flag. This represents the German nation, the rings are shown to be encircling the other symbols of the charge to highlight their national unity.
    • The nettle leaf of Holstein represents said area.
    • The Saxon Steed represents Lower Saxony, and Saxony more broadly - not the modern state(s), but the historical and geographical regions.
    • The crown which sits atop the Saxon Steed's head is the castle of Hamburg - it is meant to represent two things:
      • The Crown represents sovereignty of the State, it sits atop the most populous area's symbol, thus representing the power to lay in the people's hands.
      • The castle, in the symbol it is, represents the City of Hamburg, the largest and most populous city within the state. It sits upon the Horse to highlight its geographic location.

    These symbols are limited to the states which are of greatest significance to me, this is an ideological flag after all, not a national one.


    Mega Yes.png
    Mega Based

    Note: Components of my ideology are usually not listed here but instead under #Components so as to not list them twice.

    • NatDemSoc.png National Democratic Socialism - Literally me fr!!
    • Community.png Communitarianism - This is the true human nature - unconditioned by liberal capitalism. It is the way to the creation of community, both national and local, and a prerequisite for the solidarity therein.
    • Local.png Localism - The second smallest community within the nation is the local - the street, district, and village. The construction of local solidarity and a local community are just as, if not more, important that that of the national; in fact, it is the prerequisite for the national community in the first place.
    • Rural.png Ruralism - The only way to live a fulfilling and true life - it is the only way to archive a sense of community.
    • Neolud.png Neoluddism - The industrial revolution and its consequences...
    • Classnat.png Classical Nationalism - Only valid definition of the nation and nationalism!
    • Uninat.png Universal Nationalism - Every nation a state!
    • Utsoc.png Utopian Socialism - Anti-Marxistische Aktion.
    • Apolitical Primitivism Icon.png Apolitical Primitivism - Based.


    • Tinismpolcompball.png Tinism - This would be ideal, but it is extremely hard to achieve & requires a transitional period. I still love you however and continue to view you as my end-goal.
    • Irredentism.png Irredentism - The restoration of a unified Pomerania is essential in the creation of a unified north German state. The reclaimed march shall remain as such for the claims of nature to take precedence over those of humanity.

    Kinda Yes.png


    Kinda No.png
    Mostly Cringe


    • GRights.png Gun Rights Advocacy - In general, there is no reason ordinary citizen should be able to own guns.

    Mega No.png

    • European Federalism.png European Federalism - This is pretty much the definition of my archenemy. I have hated this idea and movement since I ever knew it existed. You are a force of destruction and evil, nothing more and nothing less.
    • World Federalism2.png World Federalism - Similarly to the idea above, you are less of my concern however as you do not pose an actually existing threat. There is no way such a federation would ever form, and that is good in every regard.
    • Klep.png Kleptocracy - There are few things that infuriate me more in politics and corruption. Down with the systems that allow exploitation of the people, and death to the traitors.
    • Transh.png Transhumanism - The result of technotranhumanism would be a totalitarian dystopia, in all cases and without possible exception. Not to mention the detrimental effects of combining the technological with the pure biological.
    • AnEn.png Anti-Environmentalism - I don't think I have to elaborate as to why this is a horrible and evil ideology.
    • SecSat.png Atheistic Satanism - I don't hate groups of people based upon their religion - this however is not a religion - it is a immeasurably disrespectful bastardization of the name and symbolism of a religion for the purpose of abuse by a extremely individualist ultraprogressive historical revisionist movement. There are few movements I hate more than you.
    • Cosmo.png Cosmopolitanism - Evil ideology.
    • Multicult.png Multiculturalism - This.

    Remember that this is judging the ideologies, not the people. Although obviously ideology is a manifestation of personality and vice-versa.

    Mega Yes.png
    Mega Based

    • NatFract.png National Fracturism - Fellow north German Tinist, left-winger, & quasi-nationalist!!! You're definitely on more than just the right path, even though you still hold some false biases. The authoritarianism is pretty cringe, though I can overlook that for now and I fully believe it's reconcilable.


    • DoesntExist.png Nonexistism - There isn't really much bad I can say at this state of your page, we certainly agree on a lot of things. My only problems would be your abstinence towards ethnonationalism (with bad reasoning), your views on abortion and guns, as well as you seeming a bit too pro-tech for my liking; other than that however everything seems pretty good. Guilds also aren't ideal, but they aren't horrible either; I'd like a further elaboration on what you mean by socialism from below, because that could make you even more based. As you develop the page further I'm sure there will come up more disagreements, but thus far it's really based.

    Kinda Yes.png

    • Borker thoughtpixels2.png Borker Thought - Honesty, based on what I read on the page your economics I practically 90% agree with. Everything else though I'm unsure, on contact with you you come off as joking most of the time and your page doesn't say much about your social views so it's a bit hard to pin down. Other than that, the only real issue is that you're an anarchist, though it seems like you'd be fine with a more decentralized state as well, which I could compromise with. Too antisemitic tho.
    • Iconfloofel.png Floofel's Thought - Sadly way too individualist, the rest seems based tho.


    • Glencoe.png Glencoeism - Your economics are pretty decent, some other ideas are good too, though too vaguely formulated. Bit too liberal overall. Far from perfect but not terrible either.
    • SouthIntegral.png Southern Integralism - Your economics and culture (especially the hate for individualism) are pretty alright to even based, I do have a problem however with your near-theocracy and non acceptance of LGBT people. Also I think its sad that you made a very shallow (and outdated) judgement of my page instead of actually reading it.

    Kinda No.png
    Mostly Cringe

    • Aldath.png Aldathism - "I think aldathy has great wisdom." ━ You have some really good ideas and takes in places, which in turn have partially influenced me, however I cannot ignore your extreme racism; neither can I negate your some of your more nonsensical believes, your authoritarianism, or your pan-nationalism. Your insane extremism more broadly is also pretty concerning.
      You're a cool guy, and you have some really good takes sometimes, but looking at the bigger picture - your beliefs are still terrible.
    • Rayonian.png Rayonianism - You're a cool person, but your ideology is cringe. The only good parts are biotranshumanism and anti-capitalism.


    • Neokira2.png Neo-Kiraism - I'm going to assume the economics are fine (although they aren't on the page yet). But overall - you're way too progressive and support e-democracy in addition to some pretty authoritarian measures. You also hold, like most leftists, a very hypocritical and nonsensical view of nationalism.
    • Nastyism Icon.png Nastyism - You seem to be a cool person, but your ideology is pretty bad. There's certainly some minor stuff we can agree on, and some stuff that isn't absolutely terrible; but especially when it comes to cultural policy and state structure, there is a lot of stuff we won't be able to agree on.

    Mega No.png

    • Matthism-ball.png Matthism - Basically German Quark, but christian and less insane. Pretty much everything about your ideology is terrible, notable exception being a majority of the "Meritocracy" section - LVT, Equality of Opportunity & Anti-Corruption are always good.
    • 7588.png WMS7588 Thought - Idk why people are afraid of you; you're a harmless LARPer. I've known you for quite a while now, and never have you espoused a consistent and coherent opinion besides genocide (which you would never be able to get close to). You imagine yourself as a dictator - the most childish political view, especially when executed like this. You call yourself a fascist, yet are so far from it; you are a anti-nationalist, for you only care about yourself. Even if you were to assume any semblance of power (literally impossible), you wouldn't be able to hold it for more than a few minutes. You are pathetic and a retard.
      Still a cool person to talk to tho.


    Table is currently hidden due to size it would take up on the page, if you would like to view it, click on the tab you're interested in :)


    Note that some categories obviously blend into eatchother, so since I don't want duplicates, some categorizations may not be fully nuanced.

    The State

    The State
    • Antiedem.png Anti-E-Democracy
    • Antitot.png Anti-Totalitarianism
      • Antifash2.png Anti-Fascism
    • Anti-Anat.png Anti-Anationalism
    • Anti-Patriotism.png Anti-Patriotism (moderate)
    • Antimultcult.png Anti-Multiculturalism
    • Antiimp.png Anti-Imperialism
    • Anti-Colonial.png Anti-Colonialism
      • Antizion.png Anti-Zionism (moderate)
    • Antimultcult.png Anti-Immigration
    • Anticap.png Anti-Capitalism
    • Anti-Marx.png Anti-Marxism
    • Antiurban.png Anti-Urbanism
    • Antiabunify.png Anti-Abrahamism
    • Anti-PostM.png Anti-Postmodernism
    • Antineopronoun.png Anti-Neopronouns
    • Antigendern.png Anti-Gender star
    • Anti-LGBT.png Anti-LGBT Pride
    • Antisjw.png Anti-SJW
    • Anti-Liberalism.png Anti-Liberalism
    • Anticar.png Anti-Car
    • AntiMil.png Anti-Militarism
    • AntiAm.png Anti-Americanism (extreme)
    • Antitransh.png Anti-Technotranshumanism


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    Further Information

    Please see: User:JonahF2014/Reading list & Videos
    Of interest might also be: User:JonahF2014/Quote Collection

    Notes & References

    1. Altmark, Bremen, Dithmarschen, Hamburg, Hannover, Holstein, Hoya, Kehdingen-Wesermünde, Landsberg, Lübeck, Lüneburg, Mecklenburg, Nordfriesland, Oldenburg, Ostfriesland, Pommern, Prignitz, Saterland, Schleswig, Stettin, Uckermark.


    If you want to be mentioned in Relationships or have any comments, critiques, or suggestions; feel free to post them on the linked page.


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