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    This ideology differs from old variant, aka Post Ego Anarcha-Nihilism (page deleted) that is politically hopeless (doesn't wait for any insurrection, revolution and so on) and doesn't care about philosophy or real politics. In this sees pleasing ego as only way in life, that is the same in old ideology. And I don't theorize about political action, organization because it's meaningless if there is modern society around us. We will not create utopia, we will not change this society, we may just combat it. This ideology isn't orthodox philosophy, but bunch of my thoughts, in most cases invented after weed. This ideology rejects theory, political action, politics, economics, culture, revolution as meaningless. Society sucks.

    I think that world is just bunch of quantum particles and humans are just machines run by nanobots (cells) and (we can't prove it, only thing in this physical world that can be proven is that your mind is real) doesn't have free will and only follows primitive animalistic instincts. Humans are apes without fur and that invented technology, random accident of evolution process. So life is fundamentally meaningless and has no value or goal. Only individual can find value in his life, but it isn't objective/innate. (is it existentialism? maybe). Physical world also could be dream of our minds and we are gonna die so individual (me) could just live with pleasure and at the end die. There is no objective values like truth, beauty or good, because we as humans created them and everyone understand them differently. Good and bad are only human mind's invention, not something that come from higher power or is natural for everyone. There is nothing natural in humans except greed, violence, competition, expansion and selfishness. Are human beings malevolent? Probably. Morality is subjective or doesn't exist. There may be some kind of ethics but also everyone understands it differently. For me drugs, sex, theft and so on aren't immoral but for some devout catholic that is. I am nihilist but also hedonist because i think that in meaningless existence you can make it better by pleasing yourself in many ways. TBA

    Why apathy towards politics? Because in democracy nothing will be changed, all parties are the same, authoritarian shit. Revolution is only changing one tyranny by second tyranny, like french or any communist revolution. Insurrection even if happens it will be immediately crushed by the state, because governments are too strong. What instead of government? I dont know. Society will never be perfect, fuck utopias. Just left me alone. There is powerful world govermnent that controls all world countries, corporations and so on. Any political action is meaningless, globalists actually predicted your future. Maybe living alone will be possible, like proles in 1984 or savages in brave new world. It's only conspiracy theory but conspiracies are as trustable as mass media if not more.

    Society in my opinion is main enslavement structure and other things like state, morality, religion, patriarchy are product of society. What instead of organized society? Voluntary association sounds not bad or union of egoists. But we should avoid changing it into organized system. Informal horizontal organization is only acceptable according to me.

    Economics? Any economics, capitalist, socialist, feudalist, mercantilist, corporatist, distributist, georgist... will be oppressive less or more. What instead of? I don't care. If I am not exploited by work and community and I have food it's tolerable. I will not work for boss or union but for myself. I would rather prefer mutual aid, black and grey markets and illegalist economy. But only in local community, i honestly don't care about macroeconomy. Global economy is dominated by big corporations.

    Culture is most unimportant stuff, i dont fucking care that you are gay or black or idk. I will leave it because it's meaningless. For example i don't give a shit about gender or other idpol crap because it doesn't matter. It's better to destroy social structures.

    I would say that anarchy is lifestyle not political system so i don't care about your utopias and other bullshit, "anarchist society" isn't valid statement because anarchy isn't type of organization of society.

    I am not against technological progress but in modern days technology combined with globalization, capitalism and industrialism will lead to dystopian brave new world like society/new world order. Some examples of technology like video games makes my life better so that's ok but most of technologies could be used to surveillance, control, environmental destruction and so on.


    • Ego.png Egoism
    • Annil.png Nihilism
    • Hedonism-cloud.png Hedonism
    • MoralNihil.png Moral Nihilism
    • Anti-Humanism.png Anti-Humanism
    • Radape.png Anti-Politics
    • Indiv.png Individualism
    • AntiUtopian.png Anti-Utopianism
    • Anticiv.png Anti-civ
    • AntiEconomy.png Anti-Economics
    • Antwork.png Anti-Work
    • AntiIndust.png Anti-Industrialism
    • NarcAn.png Drugs

    And industrial revolution has been a disaster for the human race.

    Relations or something (short)




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