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    New Englander Separatism, sometimes New Englander Nationalism, refers to movements with the goal of having the region of New England secede from the United States.


    The earliest sentiment for New English succession come from back when New England was a colonial territory of the British, particularly when King James II replaced the Confederation of New England with the Dominion of New England which angered most settlers due to it's establishment of mercantilism, restrictions of free trade and loss of rights.

    During the War of 1812, New England was reliant on trade so many New Englanders upset by Thomas Jefferson's embargos against Britain. This enraged more New Englanders when James Madison furthered these embargos. In 1814 the Hartford Convention was formed by Frederalists, whose delegates argued for the end of the governments involvement in the war. There were rumors that they would even call for New England's secession to achieve their aims, however most Federalists had more moderate ideas and feared even talking of secession could lead to a civil war.

    In 2014, Alex Gilbert, from Maine, founded the New England Independence Campaign which targets itself as a single-issue movement for New Englanders across the political compass to promote the independence of a New England nation through peaceful and democratic means. In 2016 the movement picked up more support due to "unforseen events".

    How to Draw

    File:New England Flag.svg
    Flag of New Englander Separatism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it red.
    3. Draw a white square in the top right corner.
    4. Draw a green pine tree in the white square.
    5. Add the eyes.
    6. (Optional) Give it a pilgrim hat.

    You're done.




    • Indigenism - We agree on things, but we never really get along.
    • Cosmicism - The way you led New England in that Kaiserreich mod was epic, but you're still pretty weird.


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