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    Not to be confused with Bull Moose Progressivism.

    New Deal Liberalism is the ideology of 33rd US president Franklin Delano Roosevelt. he is very similar to his grandfather social democracy, with the only dividing difference being having a militarist foreign policy and belief in the use of internment camps.


    He is very aggressive when it comes to his desire to destroy all anti-democratic ideologies these being fascism and Marxist Leninism. Ironically in order to be able to fight against these totalitarian ideologies New Deal Liberalism imitates their attitudes & actions.

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    1. Draw a circle.
    2. On it draw the tricolor of dark blue (top), white (middle) and red (Bottom)
    3. Draw 4 white five-pointed stars on the dark blue bar.
    4. Draw eyes.

    You're done!






    1. The FDR administration was characterized by numerous majoritarian authoritarian tendencies. He attempted to hijack the Supreme Court (making it more subservient to his agenda); used Machiavellian power politics to undermine the Republican Party in state, local, and federal elections; suspended the haebus corpus during the war to mass incarcerate Japanese-Americans; and heavily centralized the federal government to impose his New Deal objectives. He did, however, allow for limited pluralism within the Democratic Party, even making concessions to the racist-conservative wing of his party (despite the private belief in racial equality he and his wife held). Republicans to him were an existential threat to the United States, blaming them for the economic turmoil.
    2. The National Recovery Administration drew heavy inspiration from Italian Fascism. As Michael Lind wrote, however, it was also a continuation of corporatist policies like the Railway Labor Act under President Coolidge.
    3. https://history.state.gov/milestones/1937-1945/atlantic-conf
    4. The evidence FDR was influenced by Keynes directly is small; his Cabinet merely reached similar conclusions.
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