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    New American Catharsis

    The New American Catharsis Movement is a transitory state/ideology to be implemented before Technototball.png Techno-Ultranationalism, formed after realizing that there is, in cold, brutal actuality, nothing to actually be nationalist about in the United States of America, as it was never great in the first place, and there is no culture for it to call its own. He has come to the conclusion that the American culture must be entirely purged, and that a newer, far superior and all-American culture should be brought forth from the ashes. As such, he has abandoned Ultranat.png Ultranationalism (and therefore Fash.png Fascism) until the Late Stage, where he will use it again in order to ensure the continued survival of the new American culture, the push for Imperium and the struggle to go beyond our mortal coils. The main goal of this ideology, above all, is to set up a culture in which BERNHE can feel nationalism towards, therefore making his ultranationalism grounded in something that actually exists. For all intents and purposes, this is the precursor to Technototball.png Techno-Ultranationalism.


    This page is a mere transitory ideology, so it will not have nearly as much text as my actual self-insert.

    Statecap.png Economic Corptism.png

    The transition from a capitalist economy to a Statecap.png statecap/ Corptism.png corporatist one will be a gradual process, taking almost as much time as the cultural birth of my nation. Using this transitory phase, I finally have a way to make automation far more widespread in my economy, the enabling of workplace technocratization (workers, managers and CEOs chosen entirely by merit and experience) and the purging of the fat cats, celebrities and trust-fund babies that leech off of riches that rightfully belong to the American workers who have made such wealth possible.

    Posth.png Technological

    The push for technology would ideally start immediately after the implementation of the ideology, and the American culture will gain a unique quirk, technological progress within our very souls, as a product of accelerated cultural development during a time of technological growth.

    Prog.png Social Troll.png

    Please see here.

    Isolationist.png Diplomacy

    Before the storm wrought by Techno-Ultranationalist Imp.png Imperialism, America will experience a new, extreme form of isolationism, dubbed Ultraisolationism. Essentially, it's the North Korean model (not Juche.png Juche), but with a twist. Whereas it's easy to immigrate to North Korea, it is impossible to immigrate to America, for the great cultural development must NOT be interfered with by foreigners.

    The American Rebirth

    BERNHE wild ride :flushed:

    The Current Drought

    Status Report, 2022

    America is dead.

    More specifically, it's been dead for the past 100 or so years. Ever since entering World War 1, America, a nation already founded on a flawed, obsolete doctrine, was forced into the global scene. Not only that, but afterward, America became even more active in world politics. There's a reason why the Great Depression impacted that outside of our borders, too. However, the real tipping point, at least in my opinion, was after WWII, more specifically, just after we dropped the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima.

    This was America's first real flex. We, quite literally, just built a fucking massive bomb, using resource amounts nearly unfathomable to other countries, and used it on a city of over 100,000, using another one not even a year later for the sole purpose of beating Japan into submission earlier. Mind you, war is hell and I do believe the dropping of the bombs was justified, but really, it's the principle of the thing that irks me. This essentially and basically set the relationship that America has with most nations (even its allies) today; we're the big brother. We're the fucking WORLD POLICE!!!

    And that's where it all went wrong. Like communism, globalism sounds great on paper, but in practice, it's kinda shit. I believe that globalism is actually worse than communism because the damage of communism is really only limited to countries that are communists themselves, while under globalism, nobody is safe.

    But back to America. Anyone with a half-brain cell can look and see the damage America has done, specifically in the Middle East and South Asia. Vietnam is still reeling from the aftermath of Agent Orange, the Middle East has been divvied up between Ba'athists, Jews high on copium, retarded theocracies, and terrorists, and that's not even all; America has left marks on essentially the entire planet. All while forsaking what little national and cultural identity we had for the sake of prosperity.

    In the meantime, America has become fat and bloated with new immigrants and other deviancies, apart from the people who have come here in the 1800s (and the stuff before that). The Native crisis has been botched beyond comprehension. Illegals are everywhere and pump the country full of drugs while raping our women with little consequence. There are huge swathes of neighborhoods that have been taken over by Middle Easterners who don't even have the decency to learn our language (bUt MuH nO oFfIsHaL lAnGuAgE tHo) or even clean up after themselves. Rednecks and sovereign citizens form little colonies in the south, while bands of roving thugs take over the cities. The KKK and ADL are both alive and well. Race-mixing is encouraged. Homosexual and heterosexual deviancy is encouraged. Prisoners live better than workers in some cases, and those ingrates demand ever more while ignoring the filthy school-to-prison pipeline set up by corporate America. 'Nanner republics, economic bullying, the list goes on, and on, and on, and on.

    We Never Had A Culture


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