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    Network Monarchy is an ideology that refers to the politics and ideals of deceased King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Rama IX, the ninth monarch of Thailand from the Chakri dynasty as well as his successor, Vajiralongkorn and supporters of the Chakri Dynasty within broader Thai politics.


    Bhumibol Adulyadej or Rama IX was the 9th monarch of Thailand from the Chakri dynasty, reigning from 9 June 1946 until his death in 2016, having amassed a fortune of US$30 billion throughout his 70-year-long reign. Bhumibol was born in the US and was educated in Switzerland and ascended the throne following the death by gunshot of his brother, King Ananda Mahidol, whose death has been the cause of much speculation and conspiracy theories.

    In 1957, a military coup led by General Sarit Thanarat overthrew the government of dictator Plaek "Phibun" Phibunsongkhram who had ruled Thailand since 1932. This began a new and lasting relationship between the military and the monarchy with King Bhumibol Adulyadej coming to be seen as an almost God-like figure in Thai society.



    Lèse-majesté which in French means "to do wrong to majesty", is a serious crime in Thailand crime according to Section 112 of the Thai Criminal Code making it illegal to defame, insult, or threaten the monarch (king, queen, heir-apparent, heir-presumptive, or regent) of Thailand. Penalties for Lèse-majesté range from three to fifteen years imprisonment. Lèse-majesté has frequently been used throughout modern Thai history by coup makers to justify military coups against elected governments and prime ministers. Lèse-majesté was cited as one of the major reasons for the 2006 coup against Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and that of 2014 against his sister Yingluck Shinawatra, by the current Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-Cha.

    Sufficiency Economics






    • National Conservatism - Nationalism and conservatism, count me in.
    • Authoritarian Conservatism - We must protect our values and traditions by force.
    • Authoritarian Capitalism - Based, but I dislike your neoliberal variants.
    • Stratocracy - A strong military is needed to keep Thailand safe from foreign invaders.
    • Showa Statism - Phibun was right allying with you during WWII and I admire your staunch anti-communism and opposition to European colonialism.
    • Dengism - Getting rid of Maoist nonsense was very based and now China is one of Thailand's most important trade partners. I also help you crack down on and extradite dissidents such as Gui Minhai.
    • Putinism - Similar to above


    • Thai Fascism - Me in my most extreme form.
    • Neoconservatism - We were allies during the Cold War due to our shared opposition to the spread of communism but our relations have deteriorated significantly since Thaksin's premiership and I strongly suspect you're trying to topple me to turn Thailand into a vassal state against China.
    • Imperialism - I take grade pride in Thailand being the only nation in South East Asia that has never been colonized but collaboration with the Empire of Japan during WWII was necessary.
    • Ho Chi Minh Thought - I won't forgive you for supporting the Communist Insurgency in Thailand during the Cold War but you've gotten way better since you initiated the Doi Moi reforms during the 1990s.
    • Neo-Phibunsongkhram Thought - Good for prefering me over those dirty Sam Kib republicans as well as being proud supporter of Thai Nationalism, but I suspect you just want to replace me with your laissez-faire nonsense if you have the chance.


    • Socialism - You must never take over Thailand.
    • Maoism - You tried to take over Thailand during the Cold War and failed.
    • Thaksinism - You're backed by the US and globalist elite with the purpose of selling out our natural resources, westernizing Thailand, and turning it into a republic. You deserved to be couped in 2006. Now stop using your sister and the Red Shirts to hold onto power.
    • Yingluckism - Thaksin's sister and proxy. Prayuth was right to oust you from power in 2014.
    • Anti-Authoritarianism - Stupid Three-Finger Salute Mobs funded by NED and the Shinawatra family trying to topple me.
    • Republicanism - You'll never defeat me. Long live the Chakri Dynasty!
    • Hun Sen Thought - You allowed Thaksin to use Cambodia as a base for the Red Shirts.

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