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    ATTENTION!: This page is highly outdated. This ideology is no longer Nesanel’s actual ideology anymore, as the ideology itself is too dogmatic at this point.

    is a self-insert ideology of Thai user

    . It is fiscally Right-Wing to Far-Right, socially Right-Wing, Monarchist, Libertarian, Non-Interventionist, Democratic, Cultural Nationalist, Environmentalist and Federalist.


    Civic Views

    • I support decreasing the funding of the police, as too much unnecessary law enforcements erode an individual’s sovereignity. However, the police should still exist. Local police will have more say in each provinces through.
    • I oppose the concept of Oligarchy. We shouldn’t let few people decide our lives in an authoritarian way. Instead, I support populism to let the common people be more free to determine themselves. The government should exist to serve the people, not some crony capitalists or bankocrats.
    • I support the concept of Federalism, turning Thailand from 77 provinces into 77 federal states, increasing the states’ autonomy. The central government shouldn’t dictate too much on different provinces. Unitary governmental system is, for me, way too authoritarian and bureaucratic for a multi-ethnical country.
    • I support the concept of Free Speech because it is necessary for an individual to express his or her opinions. Instead of the government enforcing complete censorship, individuals should be able to freely debate as long as one respects other.
    • I view the Lese-Majeste Law as unnecessary because it only makes the government stronger and keep corrupt officials (for example, Suthep Thaugsuban) go unpunished.
    • I support retaining our current monarchy. The monarch is not just a tourist attraction, but also the symbol of our national identity. However, as what I said above, I don’t support the concept of the Lese-Majeste Law.
    • I support Semi-Direct Democracy as this type of democracy lets the populace vote to choose a representative to enforce laws within each state and to propose some policies. Politicians and deputies should exist to administer the laws. This type of democracy makes it harder for party switchers and corrupt politicians to lobby.
    • I support Reform, opposed to revolution, as a market economy like my country is unnecessary for a bloody revolution, which hurts the populace and the economy in a long term.

    Fiscal Views

    • I oppose excessive economical regulations, seeing them as stagnative to a thriving market economy ( Keynesian Economics have already proven that). Economical regulations by a long term only benefits the big businesses more as they lobby with the government for more regulations to crush smaller competitors.
    • I support minimal governmental interference in economics. People should have the Equality of Opportunity to start up businesses. The owners and workers should have the rights to freely negotiate in the international and national framework based on the Law of Supply and Demand.
    • I support free banking. The Central Banks shouldn’t have a large say in the economics (The Central Bank only defends monopolies). We should, instead, support the competitive crypto-currencies based on the Gold Standard.
    • Taxes aren’t always a theft, but we shouldn’t also pay too high taxes, which can hurt the economy in long term (For example, Japanese Economics) and gives the big government too much of a say. In short, I support Flat Taxes aka low taxes. The percentage of taxes should be between 10%-15%.
    • Private Property is a bulwark to our society. Anyone should have the rights to profit from the land they own, as it’s natural for human beings. In summary, Free Market Economy is necessary for a country to economically thrive. The more freedom to start up businesses, the better the economy is.
    • However, I am an environmentalist in a Right-Libertarian way. Pollution is, for me, a violation of the other private properties by one. A polluter will be economically punished in one way or another.
    • I support the idea of gun rights. We shouldn’t rely too much on the police to defend ourselves from criminals, as sometimes, the police can collude with the crime syndicates which bribe them to erode the freedom of the common people. Gun control only makes criminals easier to kill someone, as they don’t follow the law. However, the minimum age of a gun owner should be 18.
    • While I don’t fully oppose Free Trade, I also support some small amounts of tariffs (based on King Bhumibol’s concept of “Sufficiency Economy”) to protect our people from trans-national corporations and to keep our fiscal independence from other countries.
    • Speaking of free healthcare, I believe it should be the local government’s decision to implement one, not the central government. The poor and ill should be helped in this way, or by private charities.

    Cultural Views

    • I support Secularism, but it should also be up to the 77 states (including the Southern Muslim provinces) if they want to implement religious laws or not. Religions are what keep the society moral. Without religions, society will degenerate into nihilistic dictatorships like the Third Reich or most Communist states.
    • I view culture and tradition as what keep our nation unique and what reflects ourselves. I support the concept of Social Conservatism as a way to preserve our culture and transmit all those values to the country, including national holidays. Social Conservatives should be able to freely express their opinions.
    • I oppose the concept of Progressivism, not only because it erodes our national identity, but it also turns us into someone we aren’t. Progressivism in most forms, especially the Left Quadrant variants, will descend into Authoritarianism, this is proven true in the USSR or Napoleonic France. I view this as a souless form of ideology that breeds degeneracy and popularizes abnormal things that ruined countless lives. However, I can tolerate some Libertarian Right variants of Progressivism, such as Bleeding-Heart Libertarians, as these types of progressives still respect free speech, unlike the Marxists or the SJWs who belong to the Authoritarian Left quadrant.
    • Abortion is not a woman’s rights. It is a murder that cuts unborn fetus’ chance to view the world. Abortion should be mostly illegal unless a woman’s life is threatened or a woman is a rape victim.
    • I oppose the LGBTQIA+ community, not only because of their degenerate culture, but also the community erodes a sovereignty of religious, straight, or even the LGBT people who oppose the community. I don’t advocate for arresting LGBT people just because they were born that way. Instead, they should mind their own businesses, as they’ll be treated slightly different from straight people (because they are NOT the same as heterosexuals, and homosexuals cannot reproduce a life), but they’ll still be treated as citizens of the country.
    • Racism as a whole is a very stupid idea. Not every races are born that way, and this stupid ideology of racism is only used to justify imperialism, tyranny, and genocides. I also oppose intersectionality aka Reverse Racism, which only promote national betrayal and divides the country as a tool of the elites. Individuals must combat racism ASAP.
    • I support Civic and Cultural forms of Nationalism. Skilled and talented immigrants are welcome to the country, but they should also assimilate into our culture (depends on which provinces). I oppose the concept of Multiculturalism because we cannot accept some detrimental external cultures which can divide the country.
    • Unlike other conservatives, I support legalization of drugs, as keeping them illegal only make people more unsure about the drugs. This legalization of drugs is the best method to combat drug uses, as drugs’ prices will drop and the drug dealers will actually go bankrupt. However, the minimum age of a citizen who can legally buy drugs is 18.
    • Speaking of Feminism, I support the concept of the first and second waves of feminism. Women should have the rights to determine themselves, as they can choose to be tradwives, nuns, businesswomen, or even the Prime Minister. However, I oppose the concept of the third and fourth waves of feminism, as it only makes gender equality pointless as these type of feminists are as misogynistic as them.


    • I support Swiss-style non-interventionist foreign policy and I support Pacifism in any cases. There’s no true good or bad side in a war. There’s no good reason to get ourselves in wars, as they only make the elites and the military-industrial complex profit while the common people and soldiers die for nothing.
    • I support neither the West or the East, as aligning with these blocs doesn’t give any benefits for Thailand for a long way. The West tends to be more progressive and globalist, while the East tends to be more authoritarian and in favor of planned economy. It’s the best for us not to involve ourselves with this stupid Cold War game.
    • I am a proud Thai National Conservative. I am proud of my country, nation, religion, and culture to the blood. I will do the best in anything to improve my country, not serving other countries’ special interests. Nation, Culture, and Identity are what my ancestors lost their blood in their struggle against any odds, and I will fight to the last breath for my country. I have ZERO tolerance to any types of national traitors .
    • ASEAN, for me, is a useless regional alliance like the the European Union. We shouldn’t interfere in an alliance that doesn’t care about the Thai people. This regional alliance also makes my country being more dependent to other Southeast Asian countries rather than Thailand itself.
    • I support digging the Kra Canal (strange that I support some of Thaksin Shinawatra’s policies), as this canal will make the country profit more in international naval transportation, as the ships don’t have to stop at Singapore anymore and pass the Kra canal in Thailand instead, which can boost the Thai economy.

    Political Journey


    Apolitical Epoch (20??-2018) ()

    • This was the era before I get involved in politics, when I was a child. I used to only care about studying hard and pursue my own future. Back then, I didn’t know about politics, so there’s nothing much in this era.

    Thaksinist Epoch (2018-2019) (///)

    • This was the era when I was getting into the first stage of politics. I was told by my parents how great Thaksin Shinawatra was when he was the Prime Minister. I was fascinated how he made Thailand an economical power. I used to oppose Free-Market Capitalism and neoliberal economics. So, I turned my eyes on Keynesian economics, and became a social democrat.

    Dengist Epoch (2019-2020) (///)

    • This was the era when I discovered wider politics and became more critical to the West. At that time, I met a friend who simped for the CCP, making me believe that China is an actual functioning market socialist country. He turned me into a tankie and a Xi Jinping simp. I also supported unbridled free trade as this makes China the new world superpower. Thus, mixing Market Socialism with Third Way economics.

    Sam Kib (Three-Fingers Mob) Epoch (2020-2021) (///)

    • This was the era when I realized that authoritarianism is a no-go for me, and that my friend’s ideology was simply stupid as I’d realized that China is actually an Authoritarian Capitalist state. I quit being a tankie because of this. This era was the time when Sam Kibs (aka Three-Fingers mob) were very popular as Pr*yuth won the elections “fairly”. (Fr it’s not even a real election. The 250 senates who helped him were already selected by him.) So, I decided to tone down my authoritarian socialism and embrace democratic socialism instead.

    Neoconservative Epoch (2021-2022) (///)

    • After I tried to understand more about socialism, I’ve realized that equality that the economical system preaches is just equality of outcome, not equality of opportunity, and its end results will always be Authoritarianism that pretends to “care” about the poor. I was recommended by my university professor, who was a liberal conservative, into Milton Friedman’s economics. He told me that the West is obviously better than China. He also told me why Capitalism is so successful, as other economical systems had failed. The more I listened to him, the more I became a Neoliberal. Plus, I have had enough of many leftists simping for authoritarian quasi-fascist states like Russia and Iran. So, I, at one point, supported the principle of Neoconservatism.

    National Libertarian Epoch (2022-present) (///)

    • This is the era my current political views are. I’ve realized that true libertarians will not risk other people’s lives in pointless foreign wars. I have become quite skeptical of Milton Friedman’s advocacy of Free Trade. I also realized that I should put my nation, tradition, and liberty first, as they reflect what I am in my nation. Globalism has actually done more negative things than positive things in my current POV, as it is just colonialism with a smiley face. I’ve also extended myself into other libertarian schools of economics, such as the Austrian economics. Now, I also support right-wing populism and national libertarianism. To preserve my freedom, I must put my nation first. I also embrace some parts of the original form of Paleoconservatism. I have realized that mindless progressivism will always end up into a tyranny, like the USSR, or Revolutionary France. This is where I choose to study more about Paleolibertarianism.

    Geopolitical Views


    • The North Atlantic Treaty Organization used to be a defensive military alliance to counterbalance the threat of the red terror back in the days of the Cold War. Since the fall of the USSR, NATO became obsolete in this modern era. NATO nowadays is just a plain offensive military alliance that lost its real purpose. This military alliance has murdered millions of people of the Third World, as it is just imperialism with a smiley face. The solution is, NATO should be decentralized, but it should still exist as its original purpose, a defensive alliance against Russian and Chinese imperialism. After these two are pacified, NATO shall be peacefully dissolved.

    The European Union

    • The European Union is the economical alliance that has ruined countless lives of the European working class in favor of the cosmopolitan elites by slowly removing EU member states’ national sovereignty alongside with the unelected bureaucracy and open borders policy. The EU doesn’t care about the European lives and just make countries more fiscally dependent on them. Greece is one of the examples of that. This is the reason why Brexit happened at the first place. Down with the Eurofederalists. I strongly oppose the European Union.

    China and Taiwan

    • The CCP is an illegitimate government that is ruling China thanks to Mao doing nothing to help Chiang against the Imperial Japanese forces during WWII. As someone who has some Chinese inheritance, I view Chinese people as my brothers, but I view anyone who fully supports the CCP as traitors to China. Despite opposing the CCP, I will never view the Pan-Green cucks in Taiwan as good guys, as the DPP is destroying the legacy of the ROC aka True China. In this situation, I’ll support some good Pan-Blue parties in Taiwan to get rid of the Pan-Green cucks, and defend the country from the threat of the CCP.

    The Korean Peninsula

    • North Korea is a failed zombie government that only survive through financial aid of its nearest neighbors . The Kim Dynasty has been oppressing the North Korean people ever since its foundation with mass surveillances, rabid militarism, brainwashing via propaganda 24/7, mass starvation, cultism, excessive collectivism, and threatening its neighbors with nukes. In this situation, I will always support South Korea in its reunification with the North, without any presences of the Worker’s Party of Korea and any foreign interventions .

    Israel and Palestine

    • The Jews have owned the Holy Land for thousands of years before the Romans came. The Jews after being expelled by Emperor Hadrian from the Holy Land faced a lot of persecution under the guise of anti-Semitism for centuries, specially in Europe. This was the reason why the Jews cannot be stateless anymore. The Holy Land has to be returned to its rightful owners, the Jews. The Jews accepted the 1948 UN Partition of the Holy Land, the Arabs refused. Look, I know what Israel is doing against the Arabs in West Bank and Gaza is bad, but I also have to remind you that Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and other Arab terrorist groups want to, I mean for real, exterminate every single Jewish citizens of the Holy Land. In this case, Israel must annex the West Bank and Gaza, while also treating the Arabs as their equal citizens. However, I also oppose foreign powers dictating the fate of the Holy Land too.

    Russia and Ukraine

    • Russia is a failed oligarchy full of corruption. Russia has absolutely ZERO rights to dictate the fate of Ukraine. Implying that Ukraine has a long history of abusive history with Russia. It’s not Ukraine’s fault that the people had taken down the national traitor president Yanukovych. The Russian minorities have more basic human rights in Ukraine than in Russia. (Wonder why alot of the Russian-speaking Ukrainians side with Zelenskyy?) In this case, I will support Ukraine’s complete national independence from both Russia and the EU. Crimea, Luhansk, and Donetsk should remain parts of Ukraine. I will also support the Anti-War movement in Russia, too.


    • The Tatmadaw Regime is an illegitimate government that robbed the liberty of the Burmese people. Min Aung Hlaing has been butchering his own people, including the Burmese and also minorities, worsen the minority tensions in the country. The NLD didn’t handle the situation in the country well either, considering the influx of the Rohingya refugees around the region. In this case, I strongly oppose opening borders with Myanmar, and will support the People’s Defense Force aka the Anti-Tatmadaw Force against the Tatmadaw Regime. Death to Min Aung Hlaing, free the Burmese people.

    Kosovo and Serbia

    • The Kosovar people faced the brutality of the Milošević Regime back in the days of the Yugoslav Wars. There’s no point for the Kosovar Albanians to go back to Serbia. In this case, Northern Kosovo (the Serb majority part) should be given back to Serbia, while the rest of Kosovo joins Albania.


    • The Islamic Republic is a threat not only to the Middle East but also to the world. It is an oppressive Islamic theocracy that does nothing but to keep the Iranian people under the feet of the Ayatollah. Before 1979, the Iranian people enjoyed living standards in the same level that of the West. After the Revolution, Iran is stuck in a Dark Age-style Islamic Theocracy that has ruined Iran’s relations with the world, specially its former best friend, Israel. In this case, I fully support the Iranian diaspora movement against the Islamic Republic.

    Saudi Arabia

    • The House of Saud, alongside with the Neocons, has been exporting and financing Islamic terrorism, while destabilizing the Middle East since 9/11. The House of Saud had also colluded with the Bush ‘43 Administration to cover up the links to the 9/11 hijackers. The Neocons are also arming the Saudis to bomb Yemeni women and children, and also sponsoring Islamic terrorism worldwide. In this case, there’s nothing much to do with the Saudis. We just need to stop arming the Saudis who are murdering Yemeni women and children.

    The United States

    • The US, right now, is a duopoly that only serves the mega corporations. The country has lost its true purposes of democracy. The GOP is full of RINOs, Neocon warmongers, elites, corporatocrats, and statists. Even though the GOP today is just bunch of corrupt politicians, they have good people and factions in the party, such as the Tea Partiers, House Freedom Caucus, Paleocons, and Nationalists. The Democrats, however, are just the same corrupt politicians but with forced globalism, progressivism, high taxes, infinite wars in the Middle East, and incompetent K*ynesians. In this case, third parties in the US such as the Libertarian Party or the Constitutional Party should rise. If there’s no other options, rather side with the GOP than the Democrats.

    Countries I have been to


    • France
    • Italy
    • The Vatican City
    • Russia


    • Taiwan
    • Hong Kong (if it counts)
    • Japan

    Southeast Asia

    • Myanmar

    Middle East

    • United Arab Emirates
    • Qatar

    Questions and Answers

    How is Progressivism tyrannical?

    • It depends on which types of progressivism. Bleeding-Heart Libertarians are not tyrannical because of their fiscal views and individualism. However, most forms of progressivism are usually collectivist, and the negative effects progressivism have done are almost irreversible. Most progressives I met also overlap with collectivist ideologies like Social Democracy, Socialism, “Anarcho”-Communism, Marxism, etc. Revolutionary Progressives are the progressives who advocate not for freedom or liberty but tyranny in another forms. Godless and moralless society will always descend into chaos and madness, or nihilistic dictatorships like the USSR or Revolutionary France. These types of progressives claim that religious people are “violent”, yet they also want to advocate and justify violence against any people who disagree with them. You can look what happened to the Catholics in the Second Spanish Republic or Revolutionary France, the Buddhists and Muslims under the Maoist rule in China, or the Bolshevik influence in Russia which still haunts most of the ex-Soviet republics today. Also the forms of progressivism I can tolerate are the Bleeding-Heart Libertarians, Liberaltarians, Social Libertarians, or Classical Progressivism like Tridemism or Kemalism.

    Thoughts on Radical Liberalism?

    • The Radlibs of the past did contribute in improving lives as they were a part of the Classical Liberal movement. However, they were too fiscally and socially progressive. Also the Radlibs of today are filled with many people who think that anyone right of Bernie Sanders are “far-right” and often overlap with Neoliberals, creating the bandwagon of “Third Way”. Although radlibs of today are starting to be more authoritarian and interventionist, they are obviously better than Marxists and tankies. (Radlibs are NOT the same as communists, they are just social liberals on steroids.)

    Libertarian Unity or Right Unity?

    • This is a sketchy topic, but I’ll give you a quick answer. The answer is easily Right Unity. Why? Most of the Authoritarian Rightists are more tolerant towards the Libertarian Right than the Libertarian Left. You can notice that many Right-Wing populists, sure they are mostly AuthRight and there are some AuthUnity variants of them, are more open towards Right-Libertarians and culturally right Liberals than the LibLeft. As choppy the AuthRight is, atleast the AuthRight has a functioning economical system, unlike the LibLeft which economics would easily fall into the AuthLeft or Left Unity category. Sure, Neoconservatives do exist in the AuthRight quadrant, but atleast most AuthRight’s economic views are meant to function for the LibRight quadrant better than the LibLeft’s. If you ask me who do I prefer between Nazcaps or Ancoms, the answer is easily Nazcaps. Also Bleeding-Heart Libertarians are much more preferable than unironic Nazbols.

    Is Putin a Communist or not?

    • The short answer is no. He is a typical plutocrat who “denounced” communism. However, there are more complicated things about Putin than that. Why do I view him as a Bolshevik apologist while he’s not fiscally left? First of all, this is the same man who compared communism with the Bible, and Lenin as the Saint, which insulted many Christians who were murdered by the Bolsheviks. Secondly, this is the same man who allowed national holidays for Bolshevik murderers who almost eradicated and tarnished the legacy of Russia, these are the same murderers behind the Red Terror around the world for a century, and caused several humanitarian crisis around the East. Thirdly, this is the same man who openly defended the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, the “non aggression pact” that gave the Nazis biggest food and material supplies for ravaging Europe until 1941. Lastly, this is the man who still backs left-wing dictators especially Maduro, Assad, or Castro. This man is not an open communist. He is a Soviet nostalgist and a Bolshevik apologist only because the USSR was what made Russia a superpower once.

    Thoughts on Market Socialism

    • Speaking of this variant of Socialism, I’d say it’s one of the least bad variants of Socialism. It’s not the same as Keynesian Economics. I can give you an example of a country with that system, Yugoslavia. Market Socialism is that type of socialism which relies on co-ops which is obviously better than State Socialism. But, this economic system is not a good economic system in my eyes. Josip Broz Tito, one of the adherents of this economic system, did save his country from the Stalinoids and Fashoids, but he wasn’t good in economics. His economic model was almost close to State Capitalism even if it’s not. Overall if I remained a Leftist I would be this or a Distributist, but then again, not a good economic system for my eyes.

    bUt mUH mArX wAs nOt aUthOriTarIaN

    • Of course I know that Socialism is NOT when government, as it existed way before Marx existed. However, why do I view Marxism as authoritarian to the core? Marx advocated for the “complete abolishment of private property” and the establishment of the “dictatorship of the proletariat”. Marx opposed reforms, as he viewed that as “compromising to the bourgeoisie”, and supported using violent revolutions as a counter to the so-called “bourgeoisie”. Even a Libertarian Socialist like Bakunin opposed Marx. One of the most prominent Marxists, Vladimir Lenin, advocated for the empowerment of the Vanguard Party to get rid of the “bourgeoisie”.


    Team Based

    • National Libertarianism - Don’t tread on me and my nation! This is my main ideology.
    • Libertarian Conservatism - Proof that not all Conservatives are filthy statists. This is also my ideology.
    • Capitalism - The most successful economical system on the planet. This is the true form of Meritocracy, as everyone has the Equality of Opportunity.
    • Austrolibertarianism - Menger and Mises were based asf. Free market economy and Laissez-Faire capitalism are gigabased.
    • Hayekism - A true student of the Austrian School of Economics. I like your views on healthcare through.
    • Libertarian Monarchism - Monarchies with free-market capitalism and liberty are what I really love. Proof that not all monarchies are statists. Also Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein is 💪💪💪.
    • National Conservatism - NATION AND TRADITION!
    • Right-Wing Populism - The true heir to conservatism unlike these pretenders.
    • Semi-Direct Democracy - The best form of democracy.
    • Paleolibertarianism - Nation, Tradition, and Liberty first, not special interests first!
    • Cultural Nationalism - A Nation should share atleast a single common culture, and the immigrants who come here should assimilate into our culture.
    • Neo-Nationalism - Make Nationalism Great Again. We shall not be slaves of the transnational corporations! Get rekt Huawei and Tiktok!
    • Anti-Communism - Communism has been a plague to the world since 1917. Edgy teens who simps for this won’t last a second in countries like Cuba.


    • Classical Conservatism - Too culturally right but you make alot of valid points about degeneracy. Also Edmund Burke was indeed a gem.
    • Conservative Liberalism - A based liberal.
    • National Liberalism - Same as above. Taiwan DPP and Navalny are kinda cringe.
    • Classical Liberalism - Party like it’s 1776! Also don’t listen to these idiots who think that liberalism and progressivism are the same.
    • Green Libertarianism - Privately owned forests are still private properties. Pollution hurts other private properties. Get rekt environment-hating commies!
    • Distributist Libertarianism - Why have few capitalists when you can have many? Keep our small and medium businesses safe from transnational corporations!
    • Liberal Tridemism - Best Tridemist. The ROC is the real China. Hu Shih was indeed a certified Chad.
    • Reactionary Liberalism - Me but more radical.
    • Korwinism - Same as the above with the crown. I love how you make leftoids and PiSs voters cope and seethe.
    • Paleoconservatism - Me but more statist, good lad for a true American conservative. Supporters aren’t exactly like Fuentes, Buchanan, or the AIP.
    • Pacifism - Read my lips, no more pointless wars.
    • Constitutional Monarchy - All Hail the King!
    • Federalism - Why let the central government dictate the whole country when we can let local governments to sort out problems which is an easier thing to do.
    • Fiscal Conservatism - Tax cuts go brrrrr. Not sure about free trade through.
    • Interculturalism - We shouldn’t dictate too much on the native minorities’ cultures, as they are still internal cultures.
    • Post-Libertarianism - Good lad for a statist. If there are too much of them , I’d reconsider becoming a full blown Laissez-Faire Statist .


    • Alt-Lite - Young conservatives and libertarians unite against the elites and progressives! Some of you need to touch some grass and go outside through.
    • Zionism - Israel is, indeed, miles better than the Arab World, as it is the only real democracy in the Middle East alongside with Turkey. Now stop sucking some Neocon money and getting us involved in your wars.
    • Civic Nationalism - Better than multiculturalism but you’re way too tolerant to immigrants.
    • Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism - Neoclassical Liberalism is weird, but this is more preferable to these “conservative” commies.
    • Liberaltarianism - The only good Democrats.
    • Hoppeanism - Fringe AnCap who is even more extreme form of myself. That “physical removal” thing you advocate is based.
    • Paternalistic Conservatism - You’d have been fine if you’re not exactly like that thing. Khama is based but Pr*yuth and PiSs are cringe and bluepilled.
    • Social Libertarianism - Same as above but with civil issues. Andrew Yang is weird.
    • Japanese Liberal Democracy - Get rekt Pooh bear and filthy 50 cent army. Based traditional values and nationalism. I like how you protect Japan from them. However, alot of you are too interventionist, K*ynesian, and too compromising with the genocide denialists.
    • Pinochetism - I really like free helicopter rides for those filthy commies. Too authoritarian for my taste but you’re miles better than any dictators tankies unironically simp for . Thanks for making Chile the richest country in Latin America, through.
    • Kemalism - Thanks for saving Turkey from colonialism and made the country the first truly democratic country in the Muslim World. However, you remind me of him.
    • Pahlavism - The Iranian version of the above but with a monarch. I feel sorry that he betrayed you in favor of him.
    • Neo-Ottomanism - Keep Turkey safe from them . Don’t listen to what the MSM said about Tayyip Erdogan. He may be religious but he isn’t fully against Kemalism. You’re not really that repressive against the Kurds and other minorities in Turkey. Two things I dislike about you are your cronyism and the plan to flood Europe with refugees and migrants.
    • Welfare Chauvinism - Me if I had remained a K*ynesian and become this.
    • McCarthyism - Good idea to arrest these filthy commies. Shame that your corruption ruined your reputation.
    • Chiang Kai-Shek Thought - You were the true hero of China in WWII not him. Way too anti-capitalist through.
    • Authoritarian Capitalism - LKY and Paul Kagame are gigabased. However alot of you tend to be puppets of him and corrupt. Still, there are some amounts of you who are redeemable. You’re miles better than typical kakistocratic state socialists.
    • Libertarian Market Socialism - Rare based Libleft.


    • Neoliberalism - Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher were indeed heroes of the last century. Today, it’s just crony capitalism, forced globalism, forced diversity, and pandering to progressivism.
    • Liberal Conservatism - Can’t take these goofs seriously. A lot of modern mainstream “Conservative” parties in the West are just full of them.
    • Neo-Libertarianism - Claims to be a Libertarian, yet supports the War on Terror, War on Drugs, and the military-industrial complex. You are the above but less statist. LINOs raus!
    • Revisionary Tridemism - A Liberal “Conservative” in Taiwan. You give the reputation of the modern KMT as being “puppet of the CCP”. The Three Noes by Ma Ying-Jeou were based through.
    • Georgism - Capitalism is good but you should stop being a land commie. Also not sure about your advocacy for free trade.
    • Conservative Socialism - MLK Jr. and George Orwell were heroes. However, this ideology is just manifestation of culturally right tankies and 50 cent CCP apologists.
    • Kaczysm - LDP of Japan but more corrupt, K*ynesian and authoritarian. I hope JKM beat you, closet socialist. Also you remind me of Pr*yuth.
    • Dengism - 动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Winnie the Pooh 劉曉波动态网自由门 Atleast you embrace Capitalism and made China an another economical superpower. You’re a mile better than Mao through.
    • National Capitalism - Finally, a fashie with actually functioning economics. You are a typical fashoid and n*zi rapist who became “good” only because he liked you. Schindler and Rabe were the only redeeming qualities of your batshit ideology.
    • Kahanism - The Jewish variant of the above.
    • Reactionarism - You are way too anti-liberal. Returning us to the Dark Ages won’t get us anywhere. Still better than him, doesn’t say that much.
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - You are just a Combatocracy. Better than Tw*tter mentality but still, Anarchism in general will never work.
    • Authoritarian Conservatism - You are just a conservative for the sake of your statism, not the nation. L*kashenko is cringe but Orbán is based.
    • Market Socialism - What’s the fun of mixing market economy with socialism? Markets are only compatible with capitalism. Better than Corporatism but still not a good economical system.
    • State Capitalism - Kinda okay for helping out the Third World but this is way too similar to Corporatism.


    • Stratocracy - Screw the Military-Industrial Complex. Military leaders don’t make good economists.
    • Police Statism - You too. Corrupt cops only serve the Status Quo, not the populace. #BlueLivesDon’tMatter
    • Neoconservatism - You are not a real rightist. What you conserve are endless wars in the Middle East and you almost ended the world at one point. Military interventions only cause the international refugee crisis, profits for the military-industrial complex, mass surveillance, and even worse relations with small developing countries. Liberal “Conservative” but more authoritarian. The only good thing you did, tbh, was ending the Evil Empire.
    • Third Way - The above without any redeeming qualities. Blair, Obama, and Thaksin belong in the jail.
    • Keynesianism - You are the reason why Capitalism is descending into this. The New Deal was a mistake and FDR was easily the most overrated POTUS in history. Also this school of economics breed an unhealthy culture of reliance via welfare, which only feed the lazy while good business owners flee from countries with higher taxes to countries with lower taxes. Moderate wing of Socialism.
    • Social Democracy - Do I need an another explanation of him?
    • Social Liberalism - The above but even more hedonistic. Not surprised why do many modern liberals praise him so much.
    • Bankocracy - The Central Bank shouldn’t have a say in economics.
    • Ethnic Nationalism - You’ve ruined countless countries in the name of “ethnic purity”. Yeah, you and him should go fuck yourself.
    • Multiculturalism - You are the above but intersectional. We shouldn’t bring external detrimental cultures into our society.
    • Taiwanese Separatism - “Thanks” for ruining Taiwan, Lee Teng-Hui. You are not a real nationalist. You are just a puppet of them . Taiwan is the rightful territory of the Republic of China.
    • Progressivism - You are brainwashing children to hate their own country and tradition. I know that a society without morals will always end up being this. Your advocation for hedonism has ruined countless lives.
    • Alt-Right “Libertarianism” - You will never be a real Libertarian. Seriously, fuck off, “Liberty” Hangout. JUST STOP INFILTRATING THE LIBERTARIAN CAUSE, WILL YOU, ALT-“RIGHT” FASHOID SCUMS?
    • “Libertarian” Socialism - You are a Socialist, not a real Libertarian. [Comment removed by a moderator, muted for 24 hours]
    • Putinism - First, you have brought back the authoritarian days of the USSR, but with different economical system. Second, you have invaded Georgia and Ukraine without any good reasons. Third, your elitism only make your cronies richer, while the common Russian people starve. I don’t know why some of them like you, while leftoids also simp for you. Not even the good qualities of the past I used to like you, redeem you. Getting rid of Yeltsin’s cronies, preventing the 2008-2009 economical crisis in Russia, pacifying terrorism in the Northern Caucasus, or turning Russia into a bastion of Christianity and Europe. You’re just a scum like him after Ukraine.
    • Islamic Capitalism - You and him colluded to hide the 9/11 evidences. You, alongside with him, are the reason why the Middle East is destabilized, and why he existed at the first place. Proof that reactionaries like you are the same degenerate as him.
    • “Democratic” Confederalism - More like terrorist confederalism. You don’t represent the majority of the Kurds. I hope he beats you.

    Severely Ill

    • Fascism - The ideology of terminally online 14 years olds who discovered the concept of politics. Never forget the atrocities you did to the Balkans, North Africa, and East Africa. Had Mussolini not invented you, tens of millions of unnecessary deaths would have been easily prevented.
    • National Socialism and Stalinism - I don’t have to explain.
    • National Bolshevism - The synthesis of the two ideologies above. I want to vomit when I heard about this dogshit ideology.
    • Marxism-Leninism - You are the bane of my existence. Rather support him than you. I don’t know why alot of these edgy teens who hate capitalism simp for you, when you murdered even more people than him.
    • Trotskyism - Just because you opposed Sralin, doesn’t make you better than him. In fact, you are literally just a red precursor of him.
    • Marxism-Leninism-Maoism - Jihadis painted in red. [Comment removed by moderator, muted for 24 hours]
    • Jihadism - Fake Muslims. [Comment removed by moderator, muted for 24 hours]
    • Maoism - Probably Asia’s biggest criminal in the last century alongside with him. RIP BOZO, L. Your “Cultural Revolution” also inspired them. Shame that CKS didn’t kill enough commies.
    • Showa Statism - Never forget what you did to the rest of Asia during the last century, including the Rape of Nanking. Japanese war criminals deserve to burn in deepest pits of hell.
    • Futurism - F*shoids without a redeeming quality. DIE. NOW. You are one of the reasons why he existed in the first place.
    • Corporatocracy - You are not Free-Market Capitalism, but rather an artificial monopoly that regulates and crush smaller businesses. I’m not going to drink your corn syrup!
    • Corporatism - I know that you are not the same as the above. Still, the state should have almost no say in economics. A lot of you also tend to be fashies or quasi-fashies. Even Market Socialism is better than this thing.
    • State Liberalism - The Status Quo.
    • Fordism - What modern progressives are advocating for.
    • Oligarchy - A nation shouldn’t be decided by just a few people. You are a plague that should be physically removed.
    • Technocracy - An oligarchy with only intellectuals is still an oligarchy.
    • ”Anti-Fascism” - “The fascists of the future will call themselves antifascists.” This is more than true now.
    • World Federalism - The above on steroids. Independent nations shouldn’t be collectively ruled by a few people.
    • Separatism - Zero tolerance to any types of national betrayals.
    • Racial Nationalism - Individuals must combat this type of collectivism seriously. Racism is just a justification of imperialism against other nations. Glad that the Allies buried you to the ground in WWII. Also Wignats are just internet losers who coom for Asian wife materials. Blacknats are just terrorists who want to cause more segregationism in the US. Ethnocacerism is just indigenous Nazism.
    • Kleptocracy - “Thanks” for ruining the country, Pr*yuth.
    • Social Authoritarianism - K*ynesian Economics without a redeeming quality.
    • Alt-Right - Didn’t know there is a right-wing version of him. Stop cooming to trap p*rn and go outside.
    • Pinkieism - You are the above but Chinese and feminine. No need to explain more.
    • Anarchism and Totalitarianism - Two sides of a same coin.
    • Neo-Marxism-Leninism - My complete opposite.
    • Left Communism - rEAd tHeOrY liBtArD!1!!111!1!!1 How about you read basic economics?
    • QAnonism - QAnon stands for Queers Anonymous.
    • Esoteric Fascism and Pol Potism - Die.
    Note: This self-insert ranking is only based on ideology wise. I am tired of dramas so I’ll only judge you guys by ideology, not personality.

    Small-Government Conservative Gang

    • Sr Deyvid Thought - We are very similar to each other, almost my ideological twin. I hope Santiago Abascal becomes the Prime Minister of your country.
    • Neo-Afunhumaninterism - Aside from your imperialist and anti-monarchist stances, we do get along well in terms of ideology.

    Honorary Libertarians

    • Noelism - Fellow Southeast Asian Right-Wing Populist. We stand strong together against the Regressive Left . Although I am not a fan of your Keynesian economics, you get the pass. You’re pretty much if you take the Keynesian pill. Tone down your support for them though.
    • Pirate Tails - Culturally Left Right-Libertarianism is weird, but I know how you feel about succauths like PiSs being at your throat. ( Jaroslaw Kaczynski is like Pr*yuth’s Polish cousin.) We both love our countries too. Not sure about the femboy thing but ok.
    • Beryism - You are the moderate version of the above. Your ideology seems interesting but there are some negatives such as progressivism (even though, your type of progressivism is more tolerable than the Left quadrants) and opposition to populism. Non-Interventionism, Semi-Direct Democracy, Economic liberalism, and interculturalism are what make me admire you, an inclusive rightist, more than consocs.
    • Patrick thought - Classical Conservatism, Pacifism, and Monarchism are gigabased, I’m neutral on Distributism. However, I dislike your elitism and liking Otto Strasser is kinda meh to me even if he had better intentions than Hitler. Overall good but not the best, way too fiscally centrist. Also embrace H, H is the greatest letter of all time.
    • Neo-Arctoism - You are pretty much me but Keynesian and applied in the First World. One struggle against the woke plague. Tone down your sympathy to colonialism, will you? Even though we both hate cultural relativism but still.
    • Davilandism - Deyvid on steroids, anarchism and reactionarism are wacky but I can give you a pass.


    • Novoscarletism - Thank you for giving me knowledges about non-authoritarian economic leftism such as Distributism and Guild Socialism. R.I.P. brother.
    • Applethesky2021 - Not a fan of your Keynesian economics and Center-Right cultural views, but hey, fellow Pan-Blue enjoyer and CCP hater.
    • Celfloskyism - A bringe left-wing Tridemist who has tolerable cultural views and pro-ROC stances. Are you sure that you’re not Apple’s brother?
    • National Capitalism with Thai Characteristics - Me on steroids. Statism, Social Darwinism, and Ultranationalism are cringe, but other than that, tolerable. Both of us love to gun down commies to secure the freedom of the markets


    • Pantheonism - World Federalism and socialism are a no go for me. However, what redeem you from being put below this tier are your support for monarchism, decent cultural views, and your opposition to tankies.
    • Glencoe - Radicalism, technocracy, georgism, and mutualism are not a cup of my taste. However, your decent civic views and your opposition to them are respectable. Not sure about temporary State Liberalism though, kinda sussy.
    • Owfism - Glencoe’s weirder brother ideology-wise. We both love free speech but world federalism is just imperialism in another way round. (Why? Our ancestors lost their blood fighting to preserve our national sovereignty that represents who we are. Also not every cultures are compatible with every societies. One-World Government will create more political turmoil especially on the Third World countries that suffered colonialism. Also complete globalization only props up more protectionists since it only benefits the transnational corporations.)
    • - Apart from your left-liberalism, you are tolerable.
    • Neo-Banomyongism - You sound like a typical consoc, but atleast you view the ROC as Real China. Also fellow anti-Sam Kibber.
    • Darknight Yuusha Model - Scarlet but more dogmatic on foreign policy and fiscal views.


    • Atronism - You’re my complete opposite but atleast you’re not into totalitarianism.
    • Marvsner - You’re similar to the above but less statist and thinks that Mao was a great socialist. Atleast you’re good in personality unlike the PCBMH ultroids or woke tankies that will totally last for a second in a society they advocate for. Your opposition to the neocons, tankies, 50 cent Dengoids, and Rashists is also admirable too.
    • Nekoqingist Bolshevism - You’re ideology is literally what I will always oppose. State Socialism, simping for Sralin, supporting the CCP, overly excessive authoritarianism, mass surveillances, excessive government interventions in the economy, like what the actual fuck have you become. Your old self-insert, PATS, was way better than this trainwreck of an ideology you have now. Claim that Marshal Phibunsongkhram, Pinochet, and CKS are “pure evil”, while you literally praise Sralin, who was much worse than the three I mentioned before. You are an average internet tankie who won’t last for a second in a society you advocate for. Atleast you’re not a baizuo. 反共抗俄、消滅朱毛、收回大陸!Also your self-insert background color really hurt my eyes.
    • - Anarchism will just end up being a Combatocracy, as a stateless territory without law will just be easily taken by the strongest anyways. Atleast you’re not a tankie.
    • New Model Of Cheesenism - Damn, an unironic Islamo-fascist. Market Socialism and Corporatism are the OPPOSITE of each other. No need to explain more.
    • - No, just no. I may hate big government interfering our lives but I’ll not abandon morality. Egoism in general is just a codename for “Let’s be a dick to other people and watch the world burn like the Joker in The Dark Knight”.
    • Mr. V Thought - Totally not a typical PCBMH Discord server leftist. *Plays a Ukrainian Insurgent Army song.*
    • Anti-Fairyism - Fairies ain’t a real thing. You also vandalized several Chinese-related pages by denying the CCP’s crimes against the Chinese people since the days of Mao Tse-Tung. You also have the BALLS to call CKS “totalitarian”, meanwhile you literally defend the CCP, which is way even more totalitarian than CKS. Denies the genocides made by Mao, the Tiananmen Square Massacre, the ongoing cultural genocides in Xinjiang, etc. Typical 50 cent CCP apologist. You’re just like Nekoqing but way worse in dogmatism.
    • Neo-Airisuism - Your typical PKK-supporting anarkitty who only ask people to read Bookchin. A combination of MCS and Lukko but less annoying than the former. *Plays loads of Turkish nationalist songs*
    • Ananonboi123 - More chill than before. Still dislike your ideology but atleast you’re better than Marxists.

    New Leftoids Tier

    (Note: This tier is exclusive to people who are absolute nutcases. I’ll not put anyone with cringish ideologies here unless you’re a serious threat to me, my friends, and the PCB community as a whole.)

    • Right now I don’t want to put anyone here because I’m tired of dramas.



    • Ludwig von Mises () - You were the greatest economist the world ever had. The fact that people nowadays refuse to acknowledge you is unacceptable.
    • Carl Menger () - W.I.P.
    • Friedrich A. Hayek () - W.I.P.
    • Nigel Farage () - W.I.P.
    • Enoch Powell () - W.I.P.
    • Adam Smith () - W.I.P.
    • Edmund Burke () - W.I.P.
    • Ludwig Erhardt () - W.I.P.
    • Matteo Salvini () - W.I.P.
    • Mikhail Svetov () - W.I.P.
    • Boris Nemtsov () - W.I.P.
    • Roman Rybarski () - W.I.P.
    • Taras Shevchenko () - W.I.P.
    • Alexander II of Russia () - W.I.P.
    • Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein () - W.I.P.


    • Sun Yat-Sen, the Founding Father of Modern China () - W.I.P.
    • Tarō Asō () - W.I.P.
    • Yoon Suk-Yeol () - W.I.P.
    • Hu Shih () - W.I.P.
    • Hu Hanmin () - W.I.P.
    • Soong Mei-Ling () - W.I.P.

    Southeast Asia

    • Lee Kuan-Yew () - W.I.P.
    • Mongkut () - W.I.P.
    • Chatichai Choonhavan () - W.I.P.

    Middle East

    • Cyrus the Great () - W.I.P.
    • Harun al-Rashid () - W.I.P.


    • Seretse Khama () - W.I.P.
    • Paul Kagame () - W.I.P.

    North America

    • George Washington () - W.I.P.
    • Thomas Jefferson () - W.I.P.
    • Abraham Lincoln () - W.I.P.
    • Calvin Coolidge () - W.I.P.
    • Thomas Sowell () - W.I.P.
    • Ron Paul () - W.I.P.
    • Rand Paul () - W.I.P.
    • Jordan Peterson () - W.I.P.
    • Maxime Bernier () - W.I.P.

    South America

    • Javier Milei () - W.I.P.



    • John Rabe () - W.I.P.
    • Oskar Schindler () - W.I.P.
    • Alice Weidel () - W.I.P.
    • Viktor Orbán () - W.I.P.
    • Margaret Thatcher () - W.I.P.
    • Elizabeth II of Great Britain () - W.I.P.
    • Carl Emil Gustaf Mannerheim () - W.I.P.
    • Janusz Korwin-Mikke () - W.I.P.
    • Peter I of Russia () - W.I.P.
    • Catherine II of Russia () - W.I.P.
    • Éric Zemmour () - W.I.P.
    • Santiago Abascal () - W.I.P.
    • Giorgia Meloni () - W.I.P.
    • Václav Klaus () - W.I.P.
    • Garry Kasparov () - W.I.P.
    • Yuri Bezmenov () - W.I.P.
    • Vladimir Bukovsky () - W.I.P.


    • Emperor Meiji () - W.I.P.
    • Fumio Kishida () - W.I.P.
    • Subhas Chandra Bose “Netaji” () - W.I.P.
    • Narendra Modi () - W.I.P.
    • Tony Abott () - W.I.P.

    Southeast Asia

    • Plaek Phibunsongkhram () - W.I.P.
    • Bhumibol Adulyadej () - W.I.P.
    • Chuan Leekpai () - W.I.P.
    • Sirindhorn () - W.I.P.
    • Ferdinand Marcos Sr. () - W.I.P.
    • Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. () - W.I.P.
    • Soekarno () - W.I.P.

    Middle East

    • Mustafa Kemal Atatürk () - W.I.P.
    • Reza Shah Pahlavi () - W.I.P.
    • Mohammad Mossadegh () - W.I.P.
    • Theodore Herzl () - W.I.P.
    • Moshe Feiglin () - W.I.P.


    • Habib Bourguiba () - W.I.P.

    North America

    • Milton Friedman () - W.I.P.
    • Ronald Reagan () - W.I.P.
    • Joseph McCarthy () - W.I.P.
    • Martin Luther King Jr. () - W.I.P.

    South America

    • Jair Bolsonaro () - W.I.P.
    • Alberto Fujimori () - W.I.P.
    • Augusto Pinochet () - W.I.P.
    • José Antonio Kast () - W.I.P.



    • Alexei Navalny () - Good for exposing corruption of the current Russian governmental system and support for Civic Nationalism, but too progressive, and too pro-EU for my taste. Why did you support the annexation of Crimea in 2014 through.
    • Volodymyr Zelensky () - You still are a comedian. Sure, Putin is a corrupt neo-Bolshevik imperialist who’s spreading his quasi-fascist bs about Ukraine. That doesn’t excuse what you truly are, a puppet of the Eurofederalists and the Military-Industrial Complex. Good that you didn’t flee from your country unlike what Ashraf Ghani did in Afghanistan. That’s still quite a low bar. You are also attempting to turn Ukraine into a one-party state too.
    • Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya () - Belarusian Navalny. I have no other words to explain about her besides being anti-Lukashenko and being pro-EU.
    • Mikhail Gorbachev () - Thank you for ditching out authoritarianism in the USSR. Your reforms made the country more open to the West, as well as turning the country into a functioning liberal democracy were indeed very great plans. You also pulled out your troops from Afghanistan and GDR. Tankies and Soviet Nostalgists should cope and seethe about Gorby turning the country into a liberal democracy. However, you still have negatives such as letting Yeltsin to become the president, crushing the protesters in ex-Soviet states, and covering up the atrocities in Chornobyl which harmed Ukraine and Belarus.
    • Charles De Gaulle () - W.I.P.
    • Winston Churchill () - W.I.P.
    • George Orwell () - W.I.P.
    • Sebastian Kurz () - W.I.P.
    • Francisco Franco () - W.I.P.
    • Marine Le Pen () - W.I.P.
    • Jimmie Åkesson () - Sweden Democrats is the party I support in Sweden. National Conservatism and Right-Wing Populism are needed especially in developed countries that are ruined by progressives like Sweden. Two things I dislike about you are your support for NATO and Keynesian Economics.
    • Aleksandar Vučić () - Good social policies, keep Serbia safe from both NATO and Russia. You’re too corrupt through, and I don’t like your past relations with Milosevic either.
    • Imre Nagy () - Not a fan of your socialism but you wanted to liberalize your country and distance it from the USSR which were indeed great.
    • Alexander Dubček () - The Czechoslovak version of the above in 1960s.
    • Roman Dmowski () - You contributed on helping Rybarski for pursuing the Polish Independence in 1919, and some of your ideals were very neat for Poland. However, I dislike your anti-Semitism and irredentism.
    • Josip Broz Tito () - I will never forget how you collaborated with the Stalinists before 1948, as well as persecuting the cultures and religions of the people in your country. You were a typical authoritarian socialist to my eyes. However, what redeems you are your neutrality in the Cold War, creating the Non-Aligned Movement, and also opening up your country to the West. However, your imperialistic claims in Greece, Bulgaria, and Albania were absolutely unforgivable.


    • Syngman Rhee () - Way too authoritarian and cronyist. You turned South Korea into a banana republic cucked by the US. However, you weren’t fully a puppet of the West, and you indeed tried to save the Korean Peninsula from the red menace from the North. You should have fully taken over the Korean Peninsula.
    • Park Chung-Hee () - Ah, the man who turned South Korea into an Asian economic tiger. This man had invested alot in infrastructures and education. South Korea became a First World country thanks to you. However, totalitarianism and social darwinism are what I dislike about you. (How was Park a Social Darwinist? He put homeless people in camps.) You also implemented a dictatorial constitution which was cringe.
    • Shinzo Abe () - I love your economic and social policies. Thanks for improving the Thai-Japanese relations, and also backing Taiwan against the PRC. However, stop cozying up with the extremists known as Nippon Kaigi. Anyways, Rest in Peace, you will always be a true friend of all Thais.
    • Ma Ying-Jeou () - The Three Noes and your economic policy were indeed beneficial for Taiwan. However, you also sold the KMT to the PRC, by selling lands to the PRC shareholders. Still, rather support KMT and Pan-Blue coalition than Pan-Green woketards.
    • Chiang Kai-Shek () - W.I.P.
    • Hu Yaobang () - W.I.P.
    • Zhao Ziyang () - W.I.P.
    • Hu Jintao () - W.I.P.

    Southeast Asia

    • Thaksin Shinawatra () - W.I.P.
    • Abhisit Vejjajiva () - W.I.P.
    • Soeharto () - W.I.P.
    • Chulalongkorn () - W.I.P.
    • Rodrigo Duterte () - W.I.P.

    Middle East

    • Benjamin Netanyahu () - W.I.P.
    • Recep Tayyip Erdoğan () - W.I.P.


    • Thomas Sankara () - W.I.P.

    North America

    • Andrew Scheer () - W.I.P.
    • Donald Trump () - W.I.P.
    • Ron DeSantis () - W.I.P.
    • Ben Shapiro () - Ah, the LINO himself who cucks to the military-industrial complex. Atleast we agree on economic and cultural rightism. You are obviously better than woke leftoids like AOC or V*ush, or alt-“right” nutjobs like Richard Spencer or Nick Fuentes.
    • Dennis Prager () - Good for owning leftoids but you know, socialism is NOT when the government does stuff. Also quit with your simpery for imperialism and the MIC too.

    South America

    • Sebastian Piñera () - Not a fan of how you turned Chile into a Corporatocracy as well as your corruption. However, you are a non-interventionist and made Chile more independent from the US. You are definitely better than Boric rn.



    • Jarosław Kaczynski () - You claim to be a national conservative, yet you cuck yourself to the Neocon establishment. This man sold Poland to the US and the military-industrial complex. Claims that Poland is still a liberal democracy despite doing more authoritarian reforms. Didn’t do anything to cleanse the corruption Tusk administration did. Also appeased the Ukrainian government, which allows ultranationalists to praise the pest who murdered the Polish people. This is the man who keep Poland being stuck between the Russians and NATO. Also your social programs didn’t help the poor Poles, it only helped the lazy. Polish Prayuth.
    • Donald Tusk () - This cockroach was the reason why Poland is locked between the Eurofederalists and the Russian imperialists. Endorsed progressive policies, sold Poland to the EU, made Poland looked like a joke to the eyes of Westerners, and was very kleptocratic. Many Poles fled their countries to other countries thanks to this cockroach. Polish Thaksin.
    • Jozef Piłsudski () - Did nothing to help Ukraine and Belarus from the Red Menace, stole credits of Polish independence from Dmowski, Rybarski, and Paderewski, built the Sanation rule which terrorized, imprisoned, and butchered many Polish dissidents. Yet, this man is still praised as a “hero” of the Poles. Lviv is Ukrainian.
    • Andrzej Duda () - Kaczynski’s lapdog. Fuck your draconian Covid laws, corruption, and negligence. Polish Prawit.
    • Emmanuel Macron () - A Neoliberal jerk who ruined millions of Frenchmen and Frenchwomen by selling out his own country to the Eurofederalists. You also failed to stop the radical Islamist epidemic in your country. The only way to save France from this man is to vote for Zemmour.
    • François Hollande () - One of the early politicians who started the woke epidemic in France.
    • John Maynard Keynes () - Cope and seethe when the Austrian economists destroyed your arguments with facts.
    • Boris Johnson () - A kleptocrat who did nothing to improve the British economy, draconian Covid lockdowns, did nothing to stop the woke plague in the UK, also don’t forget about the party gate scandal you did. Also got the UK locked with the economic crisis today with your sabotage of the Russian-Ukrainian peace plan back in April. Yeah, fuck you and your cronies. The reason why we shouldn’t trust the modern “conservatives” anymore.
    • Tony Blair () - Started the war in the Middle East alongside with his bestie Bush 43, endorsed open borders policies, was a globalist, progressive, oil-thirsty, also had an affair with Gaddafi. You and Bush 43 weren’t that different from what Putin is doing in Ukraine rn.
    • Jeremy Corbyn () - A woketard who claims to “hate” imperialism, while supporting the Russian and Chinese imperialists just to “own the West”. Endorsed woke policies, open borders, defunding the police, etc. Your attempt to nationalize every industries will just fuck up the UK’s economy. You also sympathize with overseas terrorist organizations such as the IRA, Hamas, or FARC. You also think that Venezuela is a good country for your country to take example of. A national traitor and the epitome of a “woke tankie”.
    • Pedro Sánchez () - Responsible for forcing the Spanish to “go green” which fucked up the Spanish economy. Viva Vox! Say no to the upcoming Third Spanish Republic! Spanish version of Alexis Tsipras.
    • Angela Merkel () - Responsible for making Germany economically dependent on the Russian gas and the refugee crisis in Europe. Stop calling yourself a conservative when you conserve nothing but LGBTQ+ propaganda, national betrayal, globalism, etc.
    • Guy Verhofstadt () - This clown dares to call anyone right of Blair as “far-right” (like come on, BoJo isn’t even a real conservative). You and the EU elites are responsible for the misery of the millions of the European lives. I’m glad Brexit happened.
    • Jean-Claude Juncker () - Endorsed the statue of Karl Marx, the “philosopher” who indirectly caused the misery around the last century.
    • Petro Poroshenko () - This man sold Ukraine to the West, turned the country into an oligarchy cucked on the EU, let the neo-nazis praise Stepan Bandera, had affairs with the Russians despite claiming to be a “Ukrainian nationalist”, etc. You failed to improve the lives or the Ukrainian people, didn’t stop the war with the Russians, made alot of scandals, and empowered the Ukrainian oligarchs. Although Crimea and Donbass belong to Ukraine, you just almost destroyed your own country by being a puppet of the military-industrial complex. Ukrainian Yeltsin.
    • Viktor Yanukovych () - Just because I dislike Porkoshenko, doesn’t make me automatically like you. Sold Ukraine to the Russians, colluded with Putin, empowered the oligarchs Kuchma propped up, police statism, made the country the most corrupt country in Europe, etc. If anything, the Ukrainian people did the right thing and that is putting you out of power. Poshel nahui, national traitor of Ukraine.
    • Vladimir Lenin () - Started the unnecessary revolution that caused the Red Terror around Russia which had destroyed the Russian economy, culture, literature, architecture, etc. You also paved the way for the rise of even worse communist tyrants like Stalin and Mao. Sure, Nikolai II was bad, but then again, you weren’t better than him. Russia could have won the Great War had you not started that revolution. The only two good things you did were helping the KMT in China and Ataturk in Turkey.
    • Nikita Khrushchev () - Just because you did de-Stalinization doesn’t mean that you were a good leader. Horrendous agricultural policies, State Atheism, interventions in Cuba and Indochina which almost ended the world, continued Stalin’s imperialistic ambitions in Eastern Europe, and crushed the Hungarian revolutionaries in 1956. Also fuck off for supporting the red terrorists in Thailand too.
    • Leonid Brezhnev () - This is the man who brought back the Stalinist terror in the USSR. Installed cronies in the government, crushing the Czechoslovak revolutionaries in 1968, intervention in Afghanistan which caused the misery in the country that still exists today, backed countless kleptocratic left-wing tyrannies, and almost started WWIII by threatening to invade the PRC (Even if I hate Mao more, that doesn’t excuse what you attempted to do). Atleast you tried to improve relations with the ROC.
    • Vladimir Putin () - Getting rid of Yeltsin’s cronies, preventing Russia from facing the 2008-09 Economical Crisis, turning Russia into the bastion of European and Christian identity, and opposing globalism were based. However, I cannot put you above this tier as you also are an imperialistic cuck who had razed Chechnya and Georgia and are invading Ukraine without a good reason. You also support numerous tyrants like Assad, Lukashenko, or the Taliban just because they oppose the West. You are also threatening to flood the EU if not the entire continent of Europe with refugees and illegal immigrants too. You claim to hate the Bolsheviks, yet defend the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, accuse Poland of the Holocaust, and also allow holidays for the red murderers. You are not restoring the Russian Empire. You are restoring the USSR with a different economic system. I would rather have Russia ruled by the Romanov Dynasty than any of Soviet nostalgists or Yeltsin’s cronies.
    • Dmitry Medvedev () - You are just a puppet of the above. Fuck off for threatening for a nuclear war.
    • Ramzan Kadyrov () - Putin’s lapdog who’s oppressing the Chechen people and is also responsible for the death of Boris Nemtsov. Not to mention that your father was a jihadist too.
    • Alexander Lukashenko () - This man is making Belarus more and more dependent on Russia and slowly Russifying the country. Got rid of the oligarchs but you become a corrupt tyrant yourself. Never forget how you tried to sabotage the EU with refugees and illegal immigrants back in 2021 too. You even unironically praised Hitler, who razed and murdered 1/3 of your country’s population too.


    • Deng Xiaoping () - Good for pulling the PRC out of Maoist madness. Your economic reforms also lifted millions of Chinese people out of poverty. However, you stole those credits from real liberals like Hu Yaobang and Zhao Ziyang, and enriched your cronies, which created the “State Capitalist” system in China. I still don’t forget about what you did to the students and protestors in Tiananmen Square, as well as backing the Taliban even though the communist regime in Afghanistan was also a Soviet puppet. Still, rather you than Winnie or Mao.
    • Jiang Zemin () - This old toad created one of if not the most brutal oligarchies ever. Robbed the money of millions of Chinese people, enriched the cronies you and Deng propped up, propped up organ harvesting black markets, and also totalitarian. I’m glad Winnie the Pooh is atleast cracking down on your cronies.
    • Xi Jinping () - Ah, who else I can speak of. The man himself, the so-called Winnie the Pooh. Let’s start with the positives, economic improvements, bringing back Confucian traditions which the Maoids almost destroyed, cracking down on terrorists, as well as cracking down on Jiang Zemin’s cronies. Those are the only positive things I can say about Winnie. Okay, I’ll start with your negatives. Abolishing term limits, totalitarian reforms, state sponsored propaganda, your imperialist and neo-colonialist ambitions in the Third World countries, as well as the ongoing cultural genocide in Xinjiang and Tibet. You also are trying to sabotage the Thai Economy by backing Pr*yuth and his cronies. But then again, you are obviously not the worst tyrant of Fake China. You are just like a mixture of CKS, Deng Xiaoping, and Brezhnev. Then again, rather you than Vladolf Putler, Neo-Maoids, or any of Jiang Zemin’s cronies.
    • Lee Teng-Hui () - Good Economic reforms for Taiwan, but that doesn’t make you good in my eyes. Ruined the reputation of the KMT, started the separatist bs, as well as reducing the influence of the ROC over overseas Chinese. RIP BOZO, L. You’ll never be missed.
    • Tsai Ing-Wen () - A Baizuo who does nothing but to create an artificial state in Taiwan as well as cucking the country to the Atlanticists. Yet this bitch gets all the attention as a “heroine” anyways.
    • Emperor Hirohito () - Never forget what you did to the rest of Asia alongside with your goons during WWII. However, good for helping out the Japanese people to rebuild the country after WWII. Then again, this madman later also became a puppet of the West.
    • Kim Il-Sung () - Founder of a fake state of North Korea. Sold the country to the PRC and the USSR, implemented the ideology of “Juche”, which puts the North Korean civilians in mass surveillance, as well as creating the cult that portrays you as the “Living God”. Thanks to you, North Korea has become a failed zombie government and a quasi-Absolute Monarchy. Syngman Rhee should have executed you, and the South should have won the Korean War.
    • Kim Jong-Un () - Better than your father but you are also batshit crazy that wants to end the world with your nukes. Did nothing to end the Juche reign of terror in North Korea. North Korea is still a puppet of Russia and China thanks to you. How can you sleep at night, when you lived like a filthy aristocrat, while the rest of North Koreans had to starve to death.
    • Mahatma Gandhi () - A racist prick who did nothing for India. Puppet of the British, did nothing to prevent the creation of an artificial state of “Pakistan” which only exists because Pakistanis are just Muslim Indians, also manipulated little girls into having a bath with him and sleeping naked in his bed as “an ultimate test of his purity and chasity”. If anything, I have to remind you that Subhas Chandra Bose was a REAL father of Indian Independence. You were the man who just stole his credits.

    Southeast Asia

    • Ne Win () - Burmese Pol Pot, but less insane. You were the man who kickstarted the political crisis in Myanmar for decades which is still ongoing today. Burn in hell with your Khmer friend Pol Pot.
    • Min Aung Hlaing () - The real enemy of the Burmese people. Couped a legitimate government only because the NLD failed to control the political crisis in Myanmar. Corrupt and totalitarian scum like you are not that different from Lukashenko. Burmese version of Saddam Hussein.
    • Aung San Suu Kyi () - You and the NLD are just bunch of corrupt politicians who did nothing to improve the country as well as stopping the ethnic conflicts in Myanmar and failed to stop the political crisis in the country which is still ongoing for decades. You are one of the reasons why we have to deal with the Rohingyas now. Your father would have been rolling on his graves had he seen what you’re doing to your country rn.
    • Hun Sen () - Good for pulling the country out of Vietnam’s claws. Never forget how you took Phra Wihan temple from us, as well as enslaving your own people which led them to flee to Thailand and Vietnam. Also a puppet of the PRC to surround Thailand alongside with Min Aung Hlaing.
    • Sondhi Limthongkul () - You started the 2006 political crisis in Thailand, which forever divided the country. Even if Thaksin is corrupt, he is still better than you in any ways. Accused Thaksin for being a “republican” which he is not. If Thaksin is a kleptocrat, you are a bigger one than him. The reason why we should abolish Section 112.
    • Suthep Thaugsuban () - This scumbag ruined the Democrat Party of Thailand. Allowed extremists to plague over the party, as well as your scandals with your cronies. Even Abhisit Vejjajiva hates him. You and your extremist friends are not that different from Japan’s Nippon Kaigi.
    • Prayuth Chan-o-cha () - Couped over a legitimate government even though I am not a fan of Yingluck either (that does not justify what you did). Sold Thailand to the PRC by allowing more Chinese business owners to settle in Thailand, as well as continuing the Lese-Majeste Law to imprison political dissidents. You also failed to control the ladyboy epidemic in the country too, by tightening conscription laws even more. You also robbed millions of Thais by deceiving them with your cronyist bs. Just because I like your cultural views does not mean I have to sympathize for you. If anything, even the Three-fingers woketards know how corrupt you are.
    • Jurin Laksanawisit () - Never forget the Rubber Gloves scandals you did. You also are the reason why Abhisit left the Democrat Party of Thailand. Sold the party to Pr*yuth and his cronies, as well as ruining the reputation of the Democrat Party of Thailand forever alongside with Suthep, which also made the party lost even more younger supporter base such as the New Dems.
    • Yingluck Shinawatra () - The woman who started the woke plague in Thailand. Never forget how you got away with National Rice scandals. Also a kakistocrat who mistranslates several Thai words into English. You never cared about the farmers when the country is in crisis. This witch drugged us with even more national debts. You are not better than Pr*yuth.
    • Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit () - A woketard who started the Three-Fingers movement, which does nothing but to discredit what H.M. King Bhumibol and also good leaders like Plaek Phibunsongkhram contributed to the country, while wanting to replace what’s good of the Thai nation with your woke shit. Being anti-Pr*yuth is good but that doesn’t make me sympathize for you.
    • Vajiralongkorn () - You are a disappointment to the Chakri Dynasty. Does nothing to improve the country, while you yourself live in Germany with concubines like a filthy ancient emperor. Princess Sirindhorn is the true heir of H.M. King Bhumibol, not you.
    • Ho Chi Minh () - A communist pest who attempted to spread the red terror into Thailand. Sure, the South had its faults, that doesn’t make you any better. Persecuted the Vietnamese Tridemists, Buddhists, political dissidents, etc. This man was also behind the infamous Paris Hilton, a prison which put POWs with cockroaches and was considered as one of the worst prisons ever. Yet, he is still praised as a hero today.
    • Le Duan () - Uncle Ho’s successor who almost rolled tanks over Thailand. You turned Vietnam into a puppet of the USSR, while also enslaved the Lao people. Even if you did good overthrowing the Khmer Rouge, you didn’t treat Cambodia well either. Vietnamese Brezhnev.
    • Mahiaddin Yassin () - An elitist kakistocrat who implemented ineffective Covid laws in Malaysia, which only empowered yourself and your cronies.

    Middle East

    • Saddam Hussein () - Waged two unnecessary wars against your neighbors, one in Iran, which used tons of chemical weapons against Iranian and Kurdish civilians, another in Kuwait. This pest was also a quasi-fascist who committed genocides against Kurds and Iraqi Shi’ites to promote an Arab ethnostate. Even Assad and Gaddafi hated you.
    • Hibatullah Akhundzada () - A “moderate” Jihadist who did nothing to improve Afghanistan. You turned the country into a Middle Age hellhole where women are treated like slaves while your own people had to flee from the country.
    • Bashar al-Assad () - Why do many post-colonialists simp for you? Continued your father’s Ba’ath reign of terror, barrel-bombed your own civilians just to “scare terrorists”, used chemical weapons against your own people, turned the country into Russia’s puppet, purged political dissidents, as well as harboring terrorists into the West. You are not a hero. You are just a terrorist scum like Gaddafi. Atleast you are better than Saddam, nothing else personal.
    • Abdullah Öcalan () - A terrorist scum who murdered, bombed, and terrorized the Kurdish and Turkish civilians for decades under the banner of the PKK. A Kurdish separatist who wants to create a Kurdish ethnostate (as if the LibLeftoids are not hypocritical about ethnostates enough). Kurds are actually more religious than Turks, hence why many Kurds vote for Tayyip Erdogan at first place.
    • Yasser Arafat () - An another separatist scum who wanted to create an Arab ethnostate in the Holy Land, by expelling every single Jews from there. Terrorist scum who made the Jews and Arabs live in terror and was no different from the radical Zionists. Atleast the Zionists create a First World country, you did nothing to improve the lives of the Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza.
    • Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud () - You are the mastermind of the Islamic terrorism in the 21st century. Covered up 9/11 evidences alongside with your neocon partners, sponsored Islamic terrorism worldwide by financing multiple Jihadist organizations such as the Taliban, and also an absolute monarch who pretends to be for traditionalism and Islam, yet live like a filthy degenerate who does nothing to protect the Islamic culture in Arabia. You are not a worshipper of God, you are a worshipper of Satan.
    • Muhammad bin Salman () - The son of the above who covered up the evidences of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. Also sponsored terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda, as well as helping Jihadists to destabilize the region, which made the International Refugee Crisis which still happens till this day.
    • Mohammad Reza Pahlavi () - You were nothing like your father. Never forget the secret police and white terror against your political dissidents. Also a puppet of the West propped up after 1941. But then again, you were slightly better than Khomeini, and Iran wouldn’t have become a theocratic hellhole we see today had you won the struggle against Khomeini.
    • Ruhollah Khomeini () - You were worse than the above for Iran. Removed the reforms the Pahlavis did, turned Iran into a medieval theocracy that does nothing but to terrorize the people which even made Iranian people being less confident on Islam, wanted to imperialize on Iraq and Afghanistan, held foreign citizens on hostage, sponsored many terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah, and also ruined the relations of Iran and Israel. Rather befriend with the Saudis than you.
    • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad () - This pest is an open Holocaust denier who ruled Iran with an iron fist. Buddy with Gaddafi and Assad, and also a massive kleptocrat who robbed money from the Iranian people.


    • Gamal Abdel Nasser () - The Egyptian anti-Semite who expelled the Jews from Egypt and wanted to wipe Israel off the map by expelling all Jews from the Holy Land while backing other terrorists like Arafat. Good for expelling the Brits and French from your country as well as modernizing the country, but your authoritarianism, socialism, bootlicking to the USSR, and also Pan-Arab imperialism in Syria with a mask of the United Arab Republic made you belong to this tier.
    • Muammar al-Gaddafi () - A state socialist that created a faux democracy which created an illusion to the Libyan people thinking that Libya under you was a real direct democracy. Socialism worked under your tyranny only because of oil. Sponsored several terrorist organizations around the world for decades, as well as cozying up with North Korea, Syria, Iran, etc. Never forget the Lockerbie bombings too. Resisting imperialism was good, but being a kleptocratic and racist tyrant who sponsored terrorism around the world wasn’t. Then again, you shouldn’t have been overthrown, as that coup completely destroyed the country which turned the highest GDI in Africa into an anarchy and a failed state.
    • Mobutu Sese Seko () - The closest thing to a literal African fashoid alongside with Idi Amin. Did nothing to improve the country, was one of if not the biggest kleptocrats in the world, suppressions of political dissidents, cult of personality, worsened the relations between ethnic minorities in the country, as well as siding with the Apartheid regime of South Africa and the PRC too. You also helped other tyrants and war criminals like Idi Amin, Joseph Kony, or the Hutu extremists who were responsible for the Rwandan Genocide. You were nothing good for Congo.
    • Idi Amin Dada () - The Butcher of Uganda. A tyrant who suffered from mental illness. You were also a fashoid like the above. An ultranationalist who expelled the Indians which butt-fucked the Ugandan economy. You also befriended with notorious figures like Gaddafi and Arafat. Never forget the 300,000 people who were butchered by your reign of terror too.
    • Yahya Jammeh () - Never forget the reign of terror you did against the Gambian people. This demon literally executed homosexuals in public and probably babies too. Also allowed his own goons to rape and molest little girls. The only good thing you did was standing up against imperialists but you also took that too far.
    • Haile Selassie () - Fighting against the Italians in WWII as well as modernizing Ethiopia and turning the country into the torch of Africa’s national liberation were great, but those did not excuse how tyrannical you were. Imperialized over Eritrea, was very autocratic, created the Rastafarian cult which spout false teachings of Christianity towards the Black people, clamping on political dissidents, as well as worsening the economy in your late rule, which caused famine, worsening unemployment, and made the army go on mutiny. However, you were atleast better than the even more tyrannical commie regime known as Derg.

    North America

    • Franklin Delano Roosevelt () - The New Deal didn’t remove the unemployment rate Hoover did. You also violated the constitution on the term limits just like how Teddy tried to do. You started the establishment problem the US suffers today, empowered the feds, burnt the foods when the people were starving, overly regulated the free markets which caused the economic turmoil the US suffers for decades, also you forcefully put the Japanese-Americans in an internment camp despite those people had nothing to do with the Empire of Japan. You had better intentions than modern Democrats, but that’s still a low bar. You did fight against fascism in WWII, but then again, the Brits, the KMT, US Army generals like Patton, and the resistance groups around the occupied conquered territories did contribute more. Yet, this demon is still praised as a “hero” by many modern liberals.
    • Richard Nixon () - Alright, where do I have to start with this. The only positive thing you did was caring about the environment. This pinworm of a human, alongside with K*ssinger, couped several democratically-elected leaders in favor of several kakistocratic dictators, endorsed Mao + recognized the PRC, stopped recognizing the ROC (which Hoxha kicked the country out of the UN), was a lying warmonger, and was responsible for the infamous Watergate scandal which made you get impeached. Mass surveillances against political dissidents were also implemented by you. You were also an anti-Semite. You and Mao were the reason why we were forced to ally with the Khmer Rouge. American Putin.
    • Bill Clinton () - I still never forget what you did behind your wife. You also rigged the Russian elections that allowed Yeltsin to win the elections despite him only had 8% of approval ratings in Russia, bombed the entire country of Yugoslavia while backing another ethnonats like Izetbegovic and Tudjman, also allowing the PRC to join the WTO. You should be in jail right now.
    • Hillary Clinton () - If this witch had won the 2016 US presidential elections, WWIII would have happened earlier. Laughed at the Libyan people she and her cronies ruined their lives, endorsed woke policies, very hawkish, etc. Your email and Russian uranium scandals will never be forgotten, yet they only search about Trump’s “Russian collusion” which was not true.
    • Herbert Hoover () - Kickstarted the Great Depression, thrashed what Coolidge tried to do, heavily intervened in the economics which completely fucked up the country’s economy and agriculture, which caused the workers to strike. Also continued the Prohibition.
    • Barack Obama () - This is the Nobel Peace Prize winner who won the award by continuing Bush 43’s failed interventionist foreign policy in the Middle East, restarted the cold relations between the US and Russia, legalized Satanism, befriended with totalitarian regimes like the PRC or Saudi Arabia, created the TPP which caused many Americans to lost their jobs, kickstarted the rise of wokeism in the 21st century, etc. You are the WORST president of the United States in this century. You, Clinton, and Biden belong in a jail.
    • George W. Bush () - Forgot what I said about Nixon being the “American Putin”, this scumbag is literally the outright copy of Putin. Signed the draconian “Patriot Act” which allowed the big government to spy on civilians, started the ongoing terror and chaos in the Middle East and completely destabilized the region, invaded Iraq (even if Saddam was evil) without a good reason, lied about the WMDs, colluded with the Saudis to cover up the 9/11 evidences, endorsed neo-Keynesian economics which increased the debts of the country and paved the way into the 2008-2009 economic crisis. You, and your neocon goons, are what needs to be purged from the GOP.
    • Joe Biden () - Brought the US back to a meaningless war in Syria since the Obama administration, endorsed woke agenda, allowed transgender people to join the military, allowed children below 18 to sex-change, endorsed open borders policy, and allowed the Taliban to take over Afghanistan without arming the Afghan people which could have defeated the Taliban without the US interference. You may acted tough against the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but then again, had Trump won the second term, the war in Ukraine would have been averted. Never forget the scandals your son did in Ukraine.
    • Ayn Rand () - You are just what modern liberals, keynesians, progressives, and marxoids use to strawman us libertarians.
    • Justin Trudeau () - You are not a liberal. You are a police statist who froze the assets of the truckers who refused to bow down to you and was almost totalitarian on par with Winnie the Pooh when it comes to Covid lockdowns. Yeah, you’re not better than the CCP you are fighting against.
    • Subcommandante Marcos () - A Mexican terrorist who started the ongoing the terrorist insurgency in the Chiapas conflict. Mexican Che Guevara. Though you have some good intentions for the indigenous, but that’s still on a low bar for a terrorist scum like you.
    • Fidel Castro () - Freeing Cuba from the US was indeed based, but everything else of you are cringe. Very repressive against his political dissidents, supported the Soviet imperialists despite being an “anti-imperialist”, turned Cuba into a failed planned economy, and more. I do understand that the US was one of the reasons why you became a commie. But still, supporting Eastoid imperialists like Brezhnev in Czechoslovakia, or Putin in his invasions of Georgia and Ukraine, make you a massive hypocrite.
    • Daniel Ortega () - Nicaragua has turned into a shithole thanks to you. The Sandinistas have done nothing but turned the country into a police state similar to what Castro did, being dependent on the Venezuelans, and funded the Colombian terrorists. Never forget the terror you inflicted to the Nicaraguan people. You’re also a puppet of Putin and Pooh just like your comrades Maduro and Castro.
    • Che Guevara () - This was the man who enjoyed torturing animals, torturing people who disagreed with him, was a racist, and a homophobe. This scum, alongside with Castro, was the reason why Cubans are still suffering from the corrupt and totalitarian bureaucracy the Communist Party of Cuba is. Yet he is still a hero to the New Leftoids.

    South America

    • Lula de Silva () - A lieful and corrupt socialist who started the Leftist epidemic that plagued the country while doing nothing to help the poor and the middle class. I’m glad that Bolsonaro is burying your legacy to the ground now lmao.
    • Dilma Rousseff () - You take what Lula did to the new low. The reason why we shouldn’t trust the Left even in Third World countries.
    • Hugo Chavez () - Freeing Venezuela from the US hegemony was based but that doesn’t make up the cringe you did to the country. Police State tendencies, corruption, funding the Colombian terrorists, making the country overly dependent on the oil economy, undermining the Venezuelan democracy, mass nationalization of the economy, etc. You were the one who started the misery of the people of this “Socialist paradise” which is ongoing till today.
    • Nicholas Maduro () - You, alongside with that above person, are the reason why Venezuelans are eating foods from trash bags. Fucked up the country’s economy, corrupt as fuck, incompetent, responsible for the hyperinflation of the country, made people leave the country, turned the country into a terrorist haven in Latin America, etc. Fiscal conservatives are right to make you a strawman of what socialists advocate for.

    You get your own tier


    • Adolf Hitler () - I don’t have to explain.
    • Joseph Sralin () - Same as the above.
    • Karl Marx () - I don’t have to say anything much about this horseshit of a “philosopher”. “Hated” the rich but lived like a filthy aristocrat, did nothing but to discredit the classical liberal movement, and inspired genocidal monsters in one ideology that murdered hundreds of millions of people in only one century. Like I give a fuck about your “eQuaLiTy” shit?
    • Stanislaw Kosior () - The architect of Holodomor, words cannot describe how wicked he was. Soviet version of Jiang Qing.
    • Trofim Lysenko () - Made pseudo-science about Ukrainian crops which started Holodomor, Stalin’s right hand man. Your brutality to the Ukrainians will never be forgotten. Soviet version of Chen Quanguo.
    • Klaus Barbie () - The fact that the Neocon fuckers left you alive and turned you into their puppet, describe how these fashoid and Nazi monsters that became “good” really are.
    • Oskar Dirlewanger () - This is the lunatic who was nicknamed as “one of the most brutal men of the SS”. A Nazi rapist and torturer. Every single Nazis deserve the bullets from the Slavs.
    • Heinrich Himmler () - Hitler on steroids. The architect of the Holocaust. Words cannot describe how wicked this lunatic was.
    • Aleksandr Dugin () - The Modern Russian version of the above.
    • Ante Pavelić () - This man turned Croatia into a killing machine. Puppet of Hitler and Mussolini. Gouged the eyes of his victims, raped and tortured Serbs, Jews, Romanis, and other with numerous inhumane methods, Croatian irredentism, and others. This is the devil incarnate himself.
    • Benito Mussolini () - Invented the ideology that murdered tens of millions of people in just few decades, later turned himself into Hitler’s puppet. I will never forget what you did to the Balkans, North Africa, East Africa, and the world in general. Had you never invented fascism, millions of lives could have been saved.
    • Nikolai II of Russia () - The fact that I say that the Russian Empire was the REAL Russia, doesn’t excuse the fact that you were the man who singlehandedly caused the deaths of millions in the world. Waged two unnecessary wars (one against Japan and another against Germany). Autocratic, incompetent, and corrupt. If anything, Lenin did the right thing to murder you (but not his children). Thanks for befriending that kakistocrat, HM King Chulalongkorn, but then again, we, the Siamese, could have befriended the German Empire, the US, or Japan instead of you.
    • Slobodan Milošević () - More like Yeltsin-Saddam synthesis. Turned Yugoslavia into a warzone of ethnic conflicts just for the sake of “Greater Serbia” bs. Corrupt as fuck, authoritarian, and was a socialist. An ethnonat who committed genocides against the Bosnian and Albanian Muslims. Tudjman and Izetbegovic were right about you.
    • Boris Yeltsin () - *sigh* What can I say about this demon? Corrupt, incompetent, murderous, etc. Your “liberalization” of Russia was never a real one. Bombed his own parliament, failed to handle the Chechen insurgency, only won the elections in 1996 because Bill Clinton rigged for him. Enriched his oligarchs, made the Russian people even poorer than they already were, made the Westerners easily duck on Russia (even if Russia as a superpower isn’t a good thing but still), and crowned Putin in an easy way out. You fucked up the Russian economy and made the Russian people even more nostalgic to the USSR. The liberalization of Russia could have been handled better if someone else ran the country instead of you. Fuck you drunktard for starting the post-Soviet crisis in Russia which still haunts the Russian people to this day. The more well known version of Chavalit Yongchaiyudh.
    • Leopold II of Belgium () - The worst colonist in history. Chopped the hands of the Congolese, exploited the entire country, enslaved, and tortured the indigenous Congolese people. This pest murdered as much, if not equally, as Hitler did. If those woketards of today in Belgium are doing anything right once, it is demolishing the statue of you.
    • Klaus Schwab () - The architect of the “Great Reset”, a policy that will eventually kills the Third World. He even said this, “You will own nothing, and be happy”. This demon must be dealt quickly.
    • Wojciech Olszański () - Polish version of Rienthong Nanna. I have no words to explain if he becomes the President of Poland.


    • Hideki Tojo () - The Hitler of Asia. Never forget the atrocities and genocides you did to the entirety of East Asia. Tens of millions of the Chinese people were murdered thanks to this spawn of Satan. Totalitarian and imperialistic maniac who ravaged the entire continent of Asia, the one who ordered the Nanking Genocide, comfort women, and other atrocities. You and your goons deserved to burn in hell.
    • Puyi () - A M*nchu scum from the dynasty that ravaged China for three centuries who did nothing but allowed the Japanese marauders to pillage the entirety of China with the Unit 731 experiments, allowing Nobusuke Kishi and his goons to rape and murder women and children, just for the establishment of a fake country of “Manchukuo”. If anything, the House of Aisin Gioro is the shame of the Chinese history, and you are one of the reasons to prove that point.
    • Nobusuke Kishi () - The scum behind the Unit 731 experiments, comfort women, and other genocides who was one of the worst Japanese war criminals. You were also a filthy opportunist who stole the credits of the Japanese economic miracle. Rest in piss.
    • Mao Tse-Tung () - You turned China from Asia’s greatest civilization into a living anarchic hellhole that the Chinese people had to fight to death for survival. Had women pleased him like a typical Chinese emperor, made “the Great Leap Forward” which completely turned China into a living hell that murdered tens of millions of people, which made them flee to countries like Thailand, enabled even viler goons like Jiang Qing, the Red Guards, and the Gang of Four who were behind the “Cultural Revolution”, stole the credits of giving women’s rights from CKS, purged anyone who had an IQ above two digits, supported numerous kakistocratic state socialists like Pol Pot, and tried to undermined my country by funding the Maoist terrorists. I don’t even know why there are still alot of idiotic tankies from the West who simp for you.
    • Jiang Qing () - The mastermind behind the terrors of the Red Guards and the Gang of Four, mass persecutions of intellectuals, and the infamous Cultural Revolution. Even Mao promoted Deng to prevent her from gaining more power. This wicked witch is the incarnation of Mary I of England.
    • Li Peng () - The mastermind behind Deng’s rule of terror and the infamous Tiananmen Square Massacre. You also stole the money of the Chinese people alongside with your gangsters like Jiang Zemin. The Chinese version of Putin.
    • Chen Quanguo () - The mastermind behind the ongoing cultural genocide in Xinjiang. Words cannot describe how evil this spawn of Satan is.
    • Zhang Xueliang () - A national traitor who sold Manchuria to the Japanese, allowed the CCP to survive the purge by CKS, did nothing in WWII, and eventually helped Mao to win the CCW. Why did this cockroach even exist?
    • Kim Jong-Il () - The worst of the Kim dynasty. Responsible for the North Korean humanitarian crisis in the 90s, where North Koreans had to eat just a small bowl of rice per day, while you and your cronies lived like filthy aristocrats from the medieval age. You would be the worst commie tyrant in history had Pol Pot and Mao didn’t exist.
    • Yahya Khan () - The Islamo-Nazcap behind the massacres of the Bengals in 1970s, you were batshit insane and murderous to the point where the Indians had to side with the USSR because you were a puppet of the US to undermine the region of South Asia. Pakistani version of Videla.

    Southeast Asia

    • Thanom Kittikachorn () - October 6th, never forget. A corrupt, lieful, totalitarian, bloodthirsty scum who destroyed everything Plaek and Sarit built. You will always be the symbol of the military terror of Thailand. Thai version of Kenan Evren.
    • Chavalit Yongchaiyudh () - This man is the person who caused the 1997 Asian Economic Crisis alongside with Soros. Never forget what you did to the Thai people. You are also the kickstarter of the modern Thai political turmoil since Thaksin’s premiership. Thai Yeltsin.
    • Brian Berletic () - Dugin’s mouthpiece in Thailand.
    • Pol Pot () - The Horror incarnated. We should have invaded Cambodia under this irl Burgundian System adherent when we had the chance.
    • Rienthong Nanna () - This madman will become Thailand’s Milošević if he gets into the power.
    • Ibrahim Ali () - The Malaysian version of the above. Fuck off for giving the Malaysian-Chinese “White Angpow” terror.
    • Jose Maria Sison () - Terrorist scum who murdered Christians, Muslims, women, and children in cold blood, betrayed Luis Taruc because he wanted to bring peace to the country. The Philippines still suffers from the Maoist terror for decades thanks to this madman. Thanks to the incompetent Aquinos for doing nothing to repel you, you are still here. I hope BBM and Duterte finally put you in the ground.

    Middle East

    • Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi () - The leader of ISIS. World’s biggest enemy who kidnapped, raped, tortured, and murdered several civilians just for the sake of your cult distorting the teachings of Islam. If anything, I’m glad that you’re burning rn.
    • Osama bin Laden () - This monster kickstarted the War on Terror, which costed millions of lives, and the destabilization of the Middle East, which led into the international migrant crisis. You are the bane of humanity himself.
    • Ayman al-Zawahiri () - Osama’s lapdog who had affairs with the FSB back in the 90s.
    • Ibrahim Kaypakkaya () - You did nothing but to discredit Ataturk’s contributions in modernizing Turkey. Wanted to be the Turkish version of Mao and wanted to implement the Cultural Revolution in Turkey. Terrorists like you deserved to be burnt in hell.


    • Isaias Afwerki () - You turned Eritrea into a real life Oceania in 1984. A corrupt, murderous, tyrannical scum who did nothing but terrorize the Eritrean people. This demon also put his political dissidents in a steel container box in the middle of a desert. Eritrea becomes the North Korea of Africa thanks to you. Also a puppet of Putin.
    • Omar al-Bashir () - A filthy Islamic theocrat and a reactionary who ordered raping children under 12 years old, hid the Al-Qaeda terrorists then exported them to the West, lieful, and totalitarian. I’m glad the Sudanese people have taken you down.
    • Francisco Macias Nguema () - This is the hellspawn who murdered 40% of his own country’s population. Equatorial Guinea had turned into the Dachau of Africa thanks to this lunatic and drug addict. African Pol Pot.
    • Charles Taylor () - A marauder, rapist, terrorist sponsor, kleptocrat, etc. who razed his country to the ground, had child soldiers, squads to rape young women, raided the entire villages, and more. The African version Oskar Dirlewanger.
    • Jean-Bedel Bokassa () - This was the African reincarnation of Emperor Caligula of Rome. Wanted to be the Napoleon of Africa, but turned out to be a typical African despot that wrecked his own country. You turned the CAR into a joke to the entire continent, by using 1/3 of the country’s GDP on your coronation. You also had police crushing on the population by kidnapping literal children for disobeying you. The CAR becomes an anarchy thanks to your incompetence, filthy kakistocrat.

    North America

    • Francois Duvalier () - A closest thing to an indigenous Esoteric Fashoid. You must be burning in hell rn.
    • Richard Spencer () - WHY DO YOU HAVE TO EXIST?
    • Dick Cheney () - The architect of the “War on Terror”. Suggested Bush 43 to invade Iraq, a country which was not responsible for the 9/11 attack and lobbied with the Saudis to cover up the 9/11 evidences. You should be in a jail.
    • Kamala Harris () - An average State Liberal who’s the puppeteer of Biden.
    • George Soros () - This is the demon who was behind the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, the rise of Wokeism, forced globalism, and fucking up the global poor (ironic that neolibtards like you claim to care about them). You also sold your fellow Jews to the Nazis. If anything, I’d gladly side with Netanyahu against this demon.
    • Henry Kissinger () - The spawn of satan behind numerous CIA-backed military dictators around the world. Backed batshit insane leaders like Pol Pot, made the US bend to the PRC, and also praised Putin just for the sake of him being an authcon. Why the fuck did you get the Nobel Peace Prize? Also if anything, no offense, but the Nazis should have gassed you instead of those innocent Jews.
    • Harry S. Truman () - This man nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which murdered more than 200,000 people (even if you wanted to prevent more deaths but still). Did nothing to help the KMT to win the CCW. Had an unnecessary quarrel with CKS, which allowed the CCP to gain more power. Even if you helped Greece and Turkey, you only turned those two into your puppets later. You sold us to M*o Tse-Tung. Also how you handled the Korean War was atrocious. Rest in piss, You and FDR.
    • James Buchanan () - This wignat almost wrecked his country with segregationist nonsense. Divided the US, by allowing the Southern states to secede from the Union. I’m glad you failed to destroy the US because of the gigachad L I N C O L N.
    • Woodrow Wilson () - This was the progressive who inspired the modern neocucks. Wanted the US to be a moralf*g for the Europeans by establishing the League of Nations, propped up corruption in the congress, and also endorsed segregationist laws in the country, by allowing the KKK to freely operate. This imperialist scum also tried to conquer other countries and separate them based on ethnicity. Without you, an another demon like FDR wouldn’t have risen into the power at first place.
    • Fulgencio Batista () - Say any shit about how atrocious Castro and Che were, but you were not any better than them. Sold the country to the US crime organizations, endorsed homosexuality and prostitution only for entertainment, while your own countrymen starve. Your state liberal tendencies, batshit insanity, incompetence, and high corruption make Castro looked like a good guy here.

    South America

    • Jorge Rafael Videla () - Hitler of the Pampa. One of the CIA-backed Nazcap dictators during Operation Condor. Up to 30,000 people “mysteriously” disappeared thanks to him, almost waged a war with Pinochet, tortured and kidnapped several political dissidents, harbored several Nazi war criminals into the country, while also severely torturing women and children, and sponsored terrorism. Had a dispute with the British about the Falklands and Castro sided with him against the Brits. Burn in hell.
    • Hugo Banzer () - The murderer who used the notorious Nazi war criminal, Klaus Barbie, in torturing the indigenous of Bolivia. This devil also allowed drug traffickers to fuck up the country. I’m glad that you’re burning in hell rn.
    • Alfredo Stroessner () - An another CIA-backed tyrant who harbored Nazi rapists in his country. Raped, pillaged, and burnt the entire country with totalitarian nonsense. There was also rampant corruption in the country during your rule. Even Coach Red Pill, a Chilean who praised Pinochet, strongly hated you.
    • Abimael Guzmán () - Never forget what you did to the Peruvian people in general. Baby boiling, terrorism, murdering anyone who disagree with your “Shining Path” cult, etc. Fujimori was right to get rid of you and your cult. Peruvian version of Joma Sison.



    • Konfederacja ( Poland)
    • Občanská Demokratická Strana ( Czechia)
    • Reform UK ( United Kingdom)
    • Scottish Libertarian Party ( Scotland)
    • Reconquete! ( France)
    • Vox ( Spain)
    • Alternative for Germany ( Germany)
    • Lega Nord ( Italy)
    • Fratelli d’Italia ( Italy)
    • CHEGA ( Portugal)
    • Freedom Party of Austria (kinda) ( Austria)
    • Schweizerische Volkspartei ( Switzerland)
    • Forum voor Democratie ( Netherlands)
    • Libertarian Party of Russia ( Russia)
    • People's Freedom Party ( Russia)


    • Young China Party ( Taiwan)
    • New Party ( Taiwan)
    • Bharatiya Janatha Party ( India)
    • People Power Party ( South Korea)
    • Liberal Democratic Party (kinda) ( Japan)

    Southeast Asia

    • People’s Action Party ( Singapore)
    • Democrat Party (kinda) ( Thailand)

    Middle East

    • Zehut ( Israel)


    • Rwandan Patriotic Front ( Rwanda)
    • Botswana Democratic Party ( Botswana)

    North America

    • Constitution Party ( United States)
    • Libertarian Party (kinda) ( United States)
    • People’s Party of Canada ( Canada)

    South America

    • Liberal Party ( Brazil)
    • Republican Party ( Chile)
    • Partido Libertario ( Argentina)



    • Fidesz ( Hungary)
    • Parti National-Libéral ( France)
    • Freie Demokratische Partei ( Germany)
    • Rassemblement National ( France)
    • Sverigedemokraterna ( Sweden)
    • UK Independence Party ( United Kingdom)
    • Tories ( United Kingdom)
    • Servant of the People ( Ukraine)
    • Belarusian Popular Front “Revival” ( Belarus)
    • Russia of the Future ( Russia)


    • Kuomintang ( Taiwan)
    • Democratic Labour Party ( Australia)

    Southeast Asia

    • Barisan Nasional ( Malaysia)
    • Partido Federal ng Pilipinas ( Philippines)

    Middle East

    • Likud ( Israel)
    • Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi ( Turkey)
    • Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi ( Turkey)


    North America

    • Republican Party ( United States)
    • Conservative Party ( Canada)

    South America



    • Labour Party ( United Kingdom)
    • La République En Marche! ( France)
    • Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands ( Germany)
    • United Russia ( Russia)
    • Communist Party of the Russian Federation ( Russia)
    • Belaya Rus’ ( Belarus)
    • Platforma Obywatelska ( Poland)
    • Prawo i Sprawiedliwość ( Poland)
    • Partido Socialista Obrero Español ( Spain)
    • Sveriges Socialdemokratiska Arbetareparti ( Sweden)
    • Sinn Fein ( Ireland)


    • Communist Party of China ( China)
    • Worker’s Party of Korea ( North Korea)
    • Democratic Progressive Party ( Taiwan)

    Southeast Asia

    • Pheu Thai ( Thailand)
    • Move Forward Party ( Thailand)
    • Palang Pracharat Party ( Thailand)
    • Communist Party of Vietnam ( Vietnam)
    • Tatmadaw ( Myanmar)
    • Lao People's Revolutionary Party ( Laos)

    Middle East

    • House of Saud ( Saudi Arabia)
    • Hamas ( Palestinian Territories)
    • Palestinian Liberation Organization ( Palestinian Territories)
    • Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party ( Syria)
    • Hezbollah ( Lebanon)


    • Most of them because those countries are full of corruption.

    North America

    • Partido Revolucionario Institucional ( Mexico)
    • Democratic Party ( United States)
    • Liberal Party ( Canada)
    • Partido Comunista de Cuba ( Cuba)

    South America

    • Partido dos Trabalhadores ( Brazil)
    • Frente de Todos ( Argentina)
    • Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela ( Venezuela)


  • KAISER VS - Good stuffs about history memes and making me more interested with the cause.
  • Jordan Peterson - Highly respectable Conservative Liberal.
  • Paul Joseph Watson - One based Britbong. I love how you make the Regressive Leftoids cope and seethe.
  • FreedomToons - A very good satire animation channel based on a libertarian perspective. Rather watch this than PragerU.
  • Nation TV - After the Kanok Gang are gone, you become a decent Thai news outlet.
  • Amarin TV - One of my favorite domestic news outlet. Rather this than Voice TV or TOP NEWS.
  • Neutral

    • PragerU - Good for trolling leftoids but I know that the Nazis were not the same as Marxists. Also military interventionism and anti-environmentalism are big cringe.
    • Ben Shapiro - Average military-industrial complex simping LINO. Atleast we both hate the Regressive Left .
    • NFKRZ - Average Russian succdem who exposed the ugly side of the Russian governmental system. Nice.
    • Life of Boris - Good contents for Slavic countries. However, you suffer from a highly cringe fanbase who simps for him.


    • Infrared “Haz” - Unironic Nazbol who thinks that the Mongols and the Ottomans were socialists.
    • Vaush - A “libertarian” socialist who supports the military-industrial complex and is a world federalist. You’re the everything wrong with the New Leftoids. Even Nick Fuentes is better than you. Filthy z**phile and p*dophile
    • Gravel Institute - Leftist version of PragerU.
    • TOP NEWS - Average Pr*yuthoid “news” outlet.
    • Voice TV - Average Sam Kib news outlet, slightly better than TOP NEWS but still a pr*ggoid propaganda.


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    • Principles of Economics by Carl Menger
    • Human Action by Ludwig von Mises
    • Individualism and Economic Order by Friedrich A. Hayek
    • The Road to Serfdom by Friedrich A. Hayek
    • Freedom and Reality by Enoch Powell
    • 1984 by George Orwell
    • Reflections on the Revolution in France by Edmund Burke
    • The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith
    • The Invisible Hand by Adam Smith
    • Race and Culture by Thomas Sowell
    • Black Rednecks and White Liberals by Thomas Sowell
    • End the Fed by Ron Paul


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