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    Neoprogressivism is a special kind of progressivism founded on the cultural believes of Aaron.

    It supports racial, gender and sexual equality. It sees everyone born as equal and believes that actions should determen how people should be treaten and not stuff that they don't have control over. It thinks also that society should socially progress but it doesn't want to force these changes on people and allows conservatives to live a conservative lifestyle while progressives can life a progressive lifestyle.

    It supports also cultural secularism, because it thinks that culture has nothing to do in politics and that culture is a personal matter. It sees cultural preserven as dumb because if a culture can't survive because it's actually good it should just die out, cultural darwinism so to speak. While thinking that inclusivity can be something postive it still opposes forced inclusivity like for example a women ratio for jobs because it sees that as inherently discrimatory because the women would get the job just for being a women and not because she's really good at it. It also doesn't believe in the concept of hate speech because he fully supports freedom of speech and is strictly against media censorship. It also supports pro-choise and decriminalization of all drugs (making consume legal but selling not) and making cannabis legal. It also supports multiculturalism and opposes neo-pronouns because they completely miss the point of pronouns.

    It also fights against SJW taking over the progressive movement. It sees them as fake progressives and as a dangerous threat to modern society which is why they should be seen as a radical minority which society should just ignore.

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