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    Hi, welcome to my ideological page. The ideological beliefs of the user Neopara. Neoparaism is a economically centrist, culturally liberal, hyper-internationalist, civically liberal, and democratic ideology.

    Ideological Principles

    Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

    My main philosophy being a liberal works off these 3 principles: Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. All of which come from classical liberalism. Life being that, people should be able to live their lives free of harm. My version of this differs from classical liberalism since I believe that worker's rights and welfare are necessary to ensure that corporations are not violating this principle. The Liberty part means, people should be free to run their lives free from state intervention when it does not violate other people's rights. The Pursuit of Happiness is built off the first and second principles. However, with everything mentioned above, I believe the pursuit of happiness can be achieved through helping the needy to prevent exploitation.


    Being a world federalist, I believe that we as humans are responsible for upholding humanity and that further uniting it into a world federation is what's going to keep us going for thousands of years to come. This also coincides with my cosmopolitan outlook on the world, I do not hold on to any particular identity I was assigned with since I am a world citizen, that identity is more important due to the arbitrary identities we have been assigned being devise towards world unity. With this, he argues that things like: religion, ethnicity, and nationalities should all be eventually replaced for a pan-human identity which would further unite and globalize the world.

    Ideological Beliefs


    Neoparaism is a socially progressive ideology, supporting a more egalitarian and inclusive society were all people regardless of their backround are treated equally. This means her ideology supports: LGBT rights, feminism, secularism, abortion rights, and a society were the legal system is based around the harm principle.


    Neoparaism is a georgist ideology, meaning that she supports a land value tax, as she believes it's the best way to cut deadweight from the market making it more efficient. Along with this, her support public land ownership and tenant unions to replace landlords. As for her support for markets, she mainly believes in a social market economy. Her support for the welfare state makes them a social georgist.

    World Federalism

    Neoparaism supports the world federalist movement, which is based around the advocation of a democratic federal world government. Along with this, she supports the global justice movement, which is a social movement that protests against neoliberal globalization that has lead corporate wealth to rise while destroying the working class as a result, making her an alter-world federalist. This would be achieved through using pan-nationalist regional alliances and intergovernmental organizations such as the United Nations to integrate countries borders into each other until the entire world is united under a single country.

    Liberal Democracy

    Neoparaism ideal form of government would be a liberal, parliamentary, non-partisan, secular republic. Each country would count as their own member state, and how the power is distributed would be dependent on the population of each country. Members who represent these countries would be voted on by the population of the member states with no political parties being involved in the process. Parts of the government would be ran off of technocratic characteristics, making her ideology technoliberal.


    Neoparaism supports environmentalism and protection of the environment through economic regulations such as carbon taxes and funding research towards green jobs along with recreational energy so humanity won't be as dependent on energy reserves which are destructive towards the environment. This would make her a green liberal ideology.

    Test Results

    Ideological Relations



    • Globalism - You have the right idea on a world government, just not keen on economic globalization which only makes wealth inequality go up.
    • Social Libertarianism - Mostly good, although libertarianism is iffy for me. Also Andrew Yang is pretty based.
    • Interculturalism - We as humans need to assimilate into a single pan-human identity, although you can be too nationalistic for me at times.
    • Georgism - Just get more left-wing economically, and you would be based!
    • Nordic Model - Some of you guys can be quite nationalistic which is unfortunate, but your model has proven to be the most successful the world has ever seen. I would also like to visit Denmark in the future if I ever could because it looks like a wonderful country.


    • Multiculturalism - While I don't think multiculturalism is unable to work, I believe we as humans need a common identity for pan-human stability.
    • Patriotism - While I do believe in a pan-humanity identity, I also believe we should see each other as world citizens more. Although, if this was implemented the right way, it could end up serving said pan-human identity greatly.
    • Socialism - It sounds good in theory, but not in practice.


    • Protectionism - Free trade increases economic output and growth, tariffs are only a barrier to economic development.
    • Authoritarianism - While some authoritarian leaders were forces for progress, democracy is the only form of governance which is acceptable.


    • Fascism - Perhaps one of the worst ideologies to exist.
    • Nationalism - You exist to arbitrarily divide the world.


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