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    This is nolonger my page as I’m taking a break from politics

    "Busco autoridad y anhelo la violencia revolucionaria. Deseo erradicar la oposición a la humanidad. Aspiro a un progreso que beneficie a toda la humanidad. Mi pequeno Reino del Terror."

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    NeoMontagnardism is a Syncretic ideology conceptualized by Manuel Candelero. It heavily inspired by Robespierreism, Dirigisme, and Utopianism, that advocates for an economic system, which is tolerant to private property, but doesn’t allow the abuse of the means of production and extreme state intervention in the economy and it achieves these ideals to the uses of SOEs and State-run Unions.


    The Revolution

    The revolution will be led by a Vanguard party and coalition of its allies. The revolution will be heavily organized and highly planned years before it actually begins. It will be a secretive group of revolutionaries who will overthrow the government and put our party into power. We need a disciplined, heavily organized coalition, led by dedicated revolutionaries, to seize power on behalf of the NeoMontagnards.

    The State

    The states will be comprised of three main forces: the government, the workers, and businesses.


    Each and every province in our state will have representatives from their syndicates. Even the smallest syndicates and provinces will have their voices heard in our state. These representatives will elect members for the lower house, whose members may be selected to be part of the upper house. Representatives, house members, and syndicates of major importance will all comprise a "Greater Council of Syndicates," which would be the head of state and manage most political affairs in the nation.


    The upper house would have a major influence under business, electing delegates to manage state-owned enterprises. The SOEs would partake in commercial activities on behalf of the state. Most businesses in our nation would be run by the state or be under the influence of the state. There will be minor private business, but I don’t see the problem with that as co-ops exist and you could always just elect a new boss if you don’t like the one you currently have.




    Key industries like transportation, energy, and sometimes banking will be owned or heavily controlled by the state. This allows the government to direct investment and production according to the national interest rather than market forces alone.


    The state will provide subsidies, tax incentives, and exclusive contracts to industries it wants to promote. Conversely, it may place barriers on industries it wishes to scale back or transform.


    The government actively regulates the economy, intervening in markets to influence prices or to prevent market failures. This includes anti-monopoly policies, price controls, and managing exchange rates.


    Significant state investment in R&D, especially in high-tech and emerging industries, with the goal of fostering innovation and maintaining a competitive edge internationally.


    The government should invest in education and training programs to ensure a skilled workforce that can meet the needs of the state-directed economy.


    The state will also control foreign trade, using tariffs and quotas to protect domestic industries and promote export-led growth.

    In summary, The idea behind this system is to prevent the kind of economic instability that can arise from laissez-faire capitalism and to ensure that the economy serves broader social and national objectives.


    I want a new culture built on aesthetics and empowering humans rather than a culture built upon fear and suffering. I want a war against tradition but not a war against the past. Tradition is blind worship of the past, a point in time we will never regain. I think we should build a new tradition embracing progress; embracing the future while being built on the skeleton of the past. Our new culture will be the meat, tendons, and muscles on this behemoth of the past. We will be laughing at the primitives; too idiotic to embrace change, and we will be laughing at the futurists; too idiotic to embrace what makes them human.


    What's the point of being human if you can't take pride in who you are? I love my nation, and I cherish my people. We boast the greatest achievements and the most genetic diversity, which is crucial to avoid disabled or deformed offspring. In my view, culture is always evolving, so there's no point in being overly proud of it. However, people nearly always stay in their geographical location, so logically, it makes more sense to take pride in them than in an abstract concept like culture. Don't get me wrong, I love and take pride in my culture, but it will not exist in the same state 200 years from now. Yet, we will always inhabit our lands, and we will never abandon them. I also don't see the logic in disliking ethnic mixing because, in other species, a lack of genetic diversity can lead to extinction. What makes us unique is our genetic diversity, and no other ethnic group can claim that. I would describe myself as a Pan-Hispanic Ethnic Patriot as I myself am an incredibly mixed Latino. And also not a Chauvinist bigot.

    Societal progress against liberalism

    I am not a liberal. I hate liberalism. I hate the forces of liberalism . I hate how it destroys and conquers nations. I hate the fake progress that it promises. But what can we do about it? It is the prominent system in the ‘modern’ world. All we can do is go back, go far back before the Thermidorian reaction, before the first instances of liberalism . By no means am I against true societal progress, and I openly embrace it. To be against societal progress is inherently Luddite in nature, but we aren’t fooled by the past, we embrace true egalitarianism and true progress.

    A homosexual citizen has every right to live a comfortable life in our nation if he was born on our soil and is native to our lands.

    The end goal of all of this



    Post-NeoMontagnardism Is the theocratical stage that takes place after NeoMontagnardism.

    User Tests

    Pick only one from each category :3

    Civic Axis

      • Chaoist (-10)
      • Anarchist (0)
      • Minarchist (0)
      • Libertarian (0)
      • Civically Moderate (0)
      • Statist (+5)
      • Dictablanda (+10)
      • Authoritarian (+10)
      • Totalitarian (0)
      • Orwellian (-10)

    Type of Rule Axis

      • (Anarchist) Anti-Democracy (0)
      • Direct Democracy (0)
      • Semi-Direct Democracy (+5)
      • Representative Democracy (+2)
      • Authoritarian Democracy (+10)
      • Totalitarian Democracy (+1)
      • (Authoritarian) Anti-Democracy (0)

    Economic Axis

      • Marxist Communist (0)
      • Socialist (+5)
      • Welfarist/Gift Economy (+5)
      • Mixed (+10)
      • Liberal Economics (0)
      • Capitalist (0)
      • Darwinist (-20)
    • If none above apply...
      • Third Positionism (+10)
      • Anti-Economy (0)
      • Non-Marxist Communist (+3)
      • Fiscal Federalism (0)

    Economic Freedom

      • Anti-Economy (0)
      • Dirigisme (+10)
      • Regulationism (+5)
      • Mixed (+5)
      • Liberal Economics (0)
      • Free Market (0)
      • Laissez-Faire (-10)
    • If none above apply...

    Then go cry

    Diplomatic Axis

      • Autarchy (-10)
      • Autarky (-10)
      • World Federalist (-10)
      • Cosmopolitan (0)
      • Internationalist (0)
      • Moderate (0)
      • Civic Nationalist (0)
      • Patriotic (+7)
      • Nationalist (+10)
      • Chauvinist (+1)
      • Racial Nationalist (or similar broad category) (-10)
      • Ethno-Nationalist (or similar narrow category) (+5)

    Cultural Axis

      • Revolutionary (+5)
      • Progressive (+10)
      • Reformist (+5)
      • Syncretic (+1)
      • Conservative (0)
      • Traditionalist (-5)
      • Reactionary (-10)

    Technological Axis

      • Primal (-10)
      • Primitivist (0)
      • Pre-Industrial (0)
      • Deceleration (0)
      • Moderate (+1)
      • Acceleration (+5)
      • Automated (0)
      • Transhumanist (+10)
      • Posthumanist (-5)
    • If none of the above apply...
      • Post-Civ () [and/or]
      • Archeofuturism (+5)

    Environmental Axis

      • Human Extinction (0)
      • Radical Environmentalism (0)
      • Eco-Fascism (+5)
      • Ecocentrism (0)
      • Environmentalist (+10)
      • Moderate (0)
      • Post-Industrialism (+10)
      • Industrialist (+5)
      • Anthropocentric (+1)
      • Anti-Environmentalism (0)
      • New Mass Extinction (-10)

    Neurological Axis

      • Anti-Praxis (0)
      • Utopian (0)
      • Dogmatic (0)
      • Idealist (+10)
      • In Between (+5)
      • Realist (0)
      • Pragmatic (0)
      • Rational (0)
      • Dystopian (0)
      • Anti-Theory (-10)

    War Axis

      • Pacifism (0)
      • Non-engagement (+10)
      • De-escalation (+5)
      • Intervention (0)
      • Irredentism (+5)
      • Revachism (0)
      • Jingoism (0)
    • If none above apply...
      • Class Warfare (+3)


      • Insurrectionism (+10)
      • Revolutionism (+20)
      • Moderatism (+1)
      • Reformism (0)
      • Stagnationism (0)

    Ethnic Axis

    si eres hispano obtienes 10 puntos gratis jajajsj

    French revolution

      • Girondins (0)
      • Feuillants (0)
      • Le Marrais (+2)
      • Jacobins (+30)
      • Conjuration des Égaux (+10)
    • If none above apply...
      • Napoleon (+10)
      • Directory (-100)
      • Vendéen rebels (?)
      • Royalists (-50)

    User Results

    Personal Relations

    • Meowxism - From what I know you seem like a great guy. fellow man lover???
    • Aploism - Probably my best political friend. The constant discussing and debating always doing it without arguing and we always respectfully disagree with each other. I’ve little to no complaints about you besides your cultural views, but they are honestly tolerable.
    • CHROMATISM - Jokes aside you’re a great dude who can draw really well and has great humor.
    • Ego-Libertarian Marxism - cool dude on your own but you support a Idealistic narcissist ideology that divides the left, and ruins revolutions. So your head is going on to a pike >:)
    • Folkarchy - A cool and active member of our community. Not much more for me to say. Just don’t listen to those idiots your ideology is fine.
    • Antidemocratic Hippieism -
    • Palaism - Avg man from the land down under. You’re pretty cool and I see you in agartha all the time.



    Useful Allies

    • Meowxism - Silly gato! embrace dirigisme and you'd be perfect!
    • Aploism - a great friend and only tolerable conservative.
    • ILunaticism - You’re a tad bit too liberal but beside that you’re very based. And we are both South Italian.
    • Asneeism - Very good and way better than what you were before.

    Useful tools Allies

    • Progressive Fascism - I feel like I’ve outgrown you. And I don’t respect totalitarianism and Chauvinism


    • V'isme - I won’t let you stop the revolution again! À LA GUILLOTINE!
    • Vykarchism <3 - You like fictional worlds, huh? Read Utopia Then we’ll talk.


    • Vykarchism - Luh muh free market will save us! also thinks I call for some ethnostate
      • Vykarchism - the gay ethnostate was a joke pookie 🧙‍♂️
    • Neo-Folkarchy - lmao this is horrible. Are immigrants and other cultures spooks? You’re literally him.
    • Energeneralism - Decent in some regards, but I don’t see how you’re a fascist as you don’t support a national revival and you are a force of reaction. Please look into the original third positionists

    Palaism (literally worst of the worst)

    (relevant) BOOKS

    The Social Contract by Jean-Jacques Rousseau

    Eternity by the Stars by Louis-Auguste Blanqui

    The Sects and the Revolution by Louis-Augute Blanqui

    Futurist Manifesto by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti

    Manifesto Of Fascist Struggle by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti and Alceste de Ambris

    Charter of Carnaro by Alceste de Ambris and Gabriele d'Annunzio

    On Authority by Friedrich Engles

    Utopia by Thomas More

    Reflections on violence by Georges Sorel

    Confession of a mask by Yukio Mishima

    Sun and steal by Yukio Mishima

    The Italian front scene by a Japanese Samurai by Harukichi Shimoi

    What is property by Proudhon


    Template: NeoMontagnardism

    • - just did your trend, can you post it pwease.
      • - did it again, post it.
    • - Add Evenoskyism and Cosmic Forwardism.
      • No
        • - Why?
    • Vykarchism - Hey there Robespierre 🖐️, could u add me to your relations?
    • Neo-Folkarchy add me
    • - Based ASF. Do u have discord?
      • Holy shit rare bax sighting I don’t use discord 😔
    • Energeneralism - Add me, Fake Third-Positionist
    • ILunaticism - Do you speak Italian?
      • No sorry only I only speak Spanish and English
      • ILunaticism - Vale no es un problema. Yo pedí eso porque deciste que tu tienes origenes italianas.
        • Si mi madre es de Sicilia
    • Vykarchism <3 - Hello robespierre! you know that the font you applied to your Template makes all the people who add you to their relationships get the same font to their page, yov know that, right?
      • Ahh shit no mb
    • Asneeism - Can you add me?
    • Altemism - Add?
    • - Also, add me: Baxism
    • Trentoism - add me please!^^

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