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    Neoliberal Fascism is a Totalitarian.png Totalitarian, Cap.png Economically Right-Wing, Ultranat.png Ultranationalist and Lib.png Liberal ideology. It is the synthesis of Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism and Fash.png Fascism.

    Just like Fash.png Fascism it's extremely nationalistic, but bases its Nation.png Nationalism on something a little different. Instead of basing it on Cultnat.png Culture or Ethnonat.png Ethnicity it bases it on liberal values and citizenship. It believes that other nations which could prove to be threath to the established ideology of the nation must be crushed and that everyone who lives under the state must adhere to its values.

    It still believes in the concept of LibInternat.png Liberal Internationalism, but doesn't come to the same conclusion as other Lib.png Liberals. It sees that trade prevents wars and thinks that it can use this to its benefit. It will use Imp.png Imperialism to create a great empire and will control its newly conquered land through trade. If they can trade then they won't revolt and will instead become loyal vassal states which are "secretly" ruled by Corp.png International Corporations.

    It believes in the roughly same economic system as normal Neoliberal-icon.png Neoliberalism, but can be a bit more Technocracy.png Technocratic and Corp.png Pro-Big Business. Regulationism.png Regulations are needed for a functioning market and can also be used to support businesses which fall in line with the state's agenda. International trade is supported, both as a way to control its vassal states and to further enrich the nation. It hates EconPop.png Economic Populism and Soc.png Socialism.

    Just like Fash.png Fascism it's Caste.png pro-hierarchy. It wants society to be ruled by Plutocrat.png a rich elite and Technocracy.png loyal technocrats and experts. These people will enforce the will of Totalitarian.png the absolute state and ensure that dissidents are crushed.

    Similarly to Fash.png Fascism it believes in Pragmat.png socio-cultural pragmatism, but it doesn't believe in the concept of TradPrgess.png Alternate Modernity instead favouring a Lib.png Liberal view of progress and modernity. It supports all the policies a mildly progressive politician would; Gay.png LGBT, Abort.png Abortion, Fem.png Feminism etc. However, it can also hold slightly conservative positions if it benefits it.




    • Fash.png Fascism - Corporatism and your anti-liberalism is kinda problematic.
    • Reactlib.png Reactionary Liberalism - Good thinking, but democracy and reactionarism is cringe.
    • Statlib.png State Liberalism - Good start, but way too dogmatic when it comes to progress. Also, globalism? Why?
    • HyperBidenicon.png Hyperborea Bidenism - Me if I was a deranged schizo. Racism is bad, though.


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