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    Neoclassical Geoliberalism

    Neoclassical Geoliberalism is a synthesis ideology of Classical Liberalism,  Georgism, and  Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism propagated by Andalusian Union. It seeks to increase foreign trade through the reduction of tariffs, use limited government regulation (primarily to protect workers), and tax unused and used land on specific scales. NeoclasGeolib is also explicitly environmentalist.


      The 3 Principles

    NeoclasGeolib's philosophy works for 3 major principles: Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness; though these principles are altered from mainstream Classical Liberal thought.


    The first principle is the principle of Life, which states that every person should have the right to live their lives free of harm. This extends beyond the mainstream Classical Liberal view of the principle, in that Neoclassical Geoliberalism is in favor of strong and negotiable worker rights, in order to ensure that the workers' right to life is not violated by corporations.


    The second principle is that of Liberty. This principle states that everyone should have the right to run their businesses and homes (mostly) free of regulation. The only place this is not true is when it violates other peoples' right to Life. For instance, workers' rights are supported since the businesses' right to not pay their workers does not supersede a worker's right to get a wage which they can live by.

      Pursuit of Happiness

    The third principle, the Pursuit of Happiness, is a build off of the first and second principles. Particularly, the reduction of regulations on homes is meant to encourage a familial lifestyle. However, NeoclasGeolib supports the Pursuit of Happiness outside of familial living by creating public schools to be used incase children cannot afford private schools, infrastructural projects to facilitate commerce, and an LVT/LUT (Land Value Tax/Land Usage Tax) whose surplus revenue will be distributed to poorer communities in a limited welfare state.


    The Land Value Tax is 1 of 2 systems proposed to limit land ownership and create government revenue with limited taxation in other fields. This tax would be placed on owners of land depending on the value of their owned land. The main goal is to raise revenue through the tax in the short term, before acquiring the land and value to use in the long term.


    The Land Usage Tax is a tax system unique to NeoclasGeolib that is proposed primarily to limit non-useful land ownership, rather than raise revenue. The tax system favors homes in which a family is living full-time, at a 5% income tax rate on said family. The system's second stage is on small businesses, with a 15% income tax rate on the revenue earned from the location on the plot. The third stage is on big businesses, with a 50% income tax rate on revenues earned on a particular spot. Finally, the fourth stage has a 100% income tax rate on landlords, since they don't deserve rights. All of these values are subject to change.


    A primary aspect of NeoclasGeolib's philosophy is that of federalism. Federalism, in this context, is the belief that certain powers should be delegated down to local authorities, but that higher authorities also have certain duties they must fulfil.


    The Federalist ideal in a NeoclasGeolib society is a global one, in which constituencies are able to make judgements on policy without much interference from higher authorities. This type of philosophy mainly came about as a reaction to the necessity of tariffs in a world with nation-states, as well as a glimpse into the future that humanity must be able to pool all of their resources together in cooperation if it is to exist as a species.


    Every single authority on the ladder of governments that makes up the Federalist system must be democratic and balanced. Democracy leads the authorities in a direction to be beholden to their constituents in the most simple way possible (a rejection of FPTP is also prevalent). Without democracy, the Federalist system loses all legitimacy on all levels.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Neoclassical Geoliberalism
    1. Draw a tricolor of white, yellow, and blue
    2. Draw a grey Georgist sign in the center
    3. Add sunglasses and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Yellow #FFDA2C 255, 218, 44
    Blue #3C3B6E 60, 59, 110
    Grey #484848 72, 72, 72





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