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    The new page/ideology of UnoGamer after embracing Marxism and leaving the Post-Left. My icons are: ///


    • Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677)
    • Karl Marx (1818-1883)
    • Friedrich Engels (1820-1895)
    • Frederich Nietzsche (1844-1900)
    • Gilles Deleuze (1925-1995)
    • Felix Guattari (1930-1992)
    • Guy Debord (1931-1994)











    Mega Based

    • Conorism - So heckin based....
    • Io - Really based and its fun talking to you on discord.
    • Arthurwp - Very based!!!


    • HelloThere314 - Pretty based and well read. My opinion on you is pretty much the same.
    • Coffee Thought - Coffee Moment
    • Floofel's Thought - Pretty cool based on what ive seen on discord but anti-communism is pretty cringe and reddit
    • Meowxism - Your philosophy has gotten better but i still view marxism-leninism as a perversion of marxism, other than that its good
    • O'Langism - Trade Unions are pretty outdated as a form of revolutionary struggle plus workers and soldier councils are better. The rest is pretty alright tho,
    • .dotdotdotsam Thought - the anti-stalinism is good but the patriotism is quite cringe.
    • Jefbol Thought - Fellow heterodox marxist but you takes on the "hedonistic left" other than breadtube are quite cringe.
    • Kimnostic Socialism - honestly pretty based and fellow council communist



    Mostly Cringe

    • Aceffism - Liberalism, anti-socialism, zionism, and humanism all suck but at least you arent a neocon nationalism like him


    Mega Cringe

    Mega Based




    Mostly Cringe




    Have Read

    • Guy Debord
      • Society of the Spectacle
    • Serafinski
      • Blessed is the Flame
    • Anonymous
      • Desert
    • Jason Mcquinn
      • Post-Left Anarchy : Leaving the Left Behind
    • Kristian Lamprecht
      • A Critique of Capitalism and other Established Systems: An Introduction to Stirnerite Marxism
    • Nyx Land
      • Hello From the Wired
    • Saul Newman
      • Anarchism, Marxism and the Bonapartist State
    • Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels
      • The Communist Manifesto
    • Daniel Guérin
      • For a Libertarian Communism
    • Mark Fisher
      • Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative?
    • Aufheben
      • Autonomia
    • Gilles Deleuze
      • Spinoza: Practical Philosophy
    • Vikky Storm
      • The Gender Accelerationist Manifesto
    • Gavin Durham
      • Introduction to Gender Acceleration


    • Max Stirner
      • The Unique and its Property
    • Albert Camus
      • The Rebel
    • Frederich Nietzsche
      • Beyond Good and Evil

    Plan to Read

    • Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
      • Property is Theft!
    • Kevin Carson
      • Studies in Mutualist Political Economy
      • Organization Theory: A Libertarian Perspective
    • Nyx Land
      • Gender Acceleration: A Blackpaper
    • Gilles Deleuze
      • Anti-Oedipus
      • Thousand Plateaus
    • Jean-Pierre Voyer
      • It's Crazy How Many Things Don't Exist: Selected Writings of Jean-Pierre Voyer
    • Mark Fisher
      • Acid Communism
    • Frederich Nietzsche
      • On the Genealogy of Morals
      • Ecce Homo
      • Thus Spoke Zarathustra
      • Human, All Too Human
    • Karl Marx
      • Capital
        • Vol. 1
        • Vol. 2
        • Vol. 3
      • Wage-Labour and Capital
    • Antonio Gramsci
      • Prison Notebooks
        • Vol. 1
        • Vol. 2
        • Vol. 3
    • Helen Hester
      • Xenofeminism
    • Sadie Plant
      • Zeros and Ones
    • Jean-Paul Sartre
      • Being and Nothingness
      • Nausea
      • Existentialism is a Humanism
    • Simone De Beauvoir
      • What is Existentialism
      • The Second Sex
      • The Ethics of Ambiguity


    Anatomy of the state by Murray N Rothbard (- CarrotsRppl2ism)
    Industrial Society and its Future by Theodore John Kaczynski (- CarrotsRppl2ism)
    Roxane Wolf x Male Reader by Wattpad (- CarrotsRppl2ism)
    Dialectical and Historical Materialism ( Meowxism)


    • Revolutionary Eclecticism - urm Add me??
    • Conorism uno add me..,,
    • HelloThere314 - Yo, add me?
    • Floofel's Thought - May ya add me?
    • Add me pls- coffee
    • Meowxism - add me mate
    • Meowxism - what dont u like about the term "libertarian". also what are your thoughts on french maoism, mao-spontex, and althusser?
      • UnoGamer - I find terms like “libertarian” and “authoritarian” vague and pretty meaningless. Like there are major differences between libsocs and right-libertarians but they’re both grouped as “libertarian”. For the french maoists i find them pretty based, especially with their participation in may 68. Althusser is pretty cool (except the killing his wife thing) but i have yet to read him. “Mao-Spontex” is pretty interesting, the term itself is a pejorative against their movement, i am quite attracted to them ideologically with their spontaneous and more decentralist application of maoist ideas.
        • Meowxism - as for mao himself, what do you think of him? ik some ppl who don't like stalin like him, especially the ones who are anti-auth leftists and/or take influence from the french maoist movements of the 60s and 70s. also, what are your thoughts on the conspiracy theories surrounding neo-marxism (or "cultural marxism", as many refer on the right refer it to) and how the frankfurt school (marcuse in particular) gave birth to the "bourgeois" "woke" "revisionist" new left?
          • UnoGamer - Mao is alright, hes one of the better mls, but his cultural revolution didnt go far enough in ending bourgeois society and once he died china eventually fell back into a bourgeois reactionary state. Cultural marxism is an anti-semitic conspiracy theory and holds no base in reality and people who espouse the rhetoric of it and the frankfurt school have no understanding of the theories advocated by these groups. The concept of the "old" and "new" lefts are just pointless and often mistunderstand these currents often as exclusive or contradictory.
            • Meowxism - what makes him stand out from the others mls, i may ask? why do so many ultras and/or libsocs like mao but hate stalin?
              • UnoGamer - Probably his influence on figures like badiou and althusser and that when compared to stalin, his actions progressed the conditions in china.
                • Meowxism - ahh fair. btw, could u upd relations a bit more? i added a bit more info to my influences list if u didnt know
    • O'Langism - Add me?
    • .dotdotdotsam Thought - add me ?
    • Neo-Glencoeism- add me?
    • Io - Uno can you like... add mee..... ><
    • Jefbol Thought - add me
    • CarrotsRppl2ism - add me?
    • Arthurwp - add me?
    • .dotdotdotsam Thought - I'm not exactly an "anti-Stalinist".
    • Aceffism - Added, please add back
    • Kimnostic Socialism Did you, do me now please
    • Meridionalism - add me
    • Minnesotan Communism - u should add me
    • LordCompost86 - I would love to add you, especially seeing that I am requesting that you add myself; however, I cannot, in good nature, write a section on you without any actual information. Perhaps you could throw me a proverbial bone and suggest or briefly outline a position on anything, preferably something unique to you. Thanks.
    • Cyberdelic Egoism - add me?
    • Ego-Libertarian Marxism - Can you add me, comrade?
    •  Meadowsin's Basilisk - Add me?
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