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    NeoSajism or SajGuardism Is a economically center to center-left, moderately auth-leaning, globalist, progressive, Techno-Liberal Democratic, moderately to strongly regulationist, and welfarist and many other things. Though they are very similar, they have a couple differences but admirable to the 2 ideologies that use it as a reason to unite as one. Though due to the similarities, its ideology is not that different from its parents. Its is SajZeal's New Ideology.

    Political Organization


    NeoSajism proposes a system of governance from Dragonguardism, which is a semi-technocratic republic with a couple of other details from SajZeal.

    He supports a a bicameral parliament would serve as the legislative center of power. The lower chamber would consist of democratically elected representatives carrying the legislative initiative, while the higher chamber would consist of technocrats appointed from among candidates with the backing of various large STEM institutions across the nation. The technocratic chamber would not be able to propose its own laws but veto and propose corrections to bills voted by the lower chamber. Additionally the executive power would lay in the hands of technocratic council of ministers, headed by a Chancellor elected from among ministers by both legislative chambers.

    The Technic Organization, STEM education & Its Roles

    In STEM education, it is taken very seriously because STEM education teaches self sufficiency (Which correlates to the individual), handing real world applications, creativity, innovation, how to get into lucrative careers, improves problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and science literacy, and can be the key component to the U.S winning in the future. Student of all ages must have STEM subjects as top priority or at the lowest, average scores on the subject. In the Technic organization, people must have a High school degree/college degree in STEM classes to join. There, you can Innovate privately or publicly (with a group) but the most important thing about the Technic organization, is that it has to largely assist the economy, industry, businesses, unions, social programs, the government, society, agencies like NASA and FBI, etc. As well as addressing issues whether in the organization but mostly the country's issues and finding their own solutions. And also make advanced technologies cheaper and available for the public to use.

    If a Technic Member becomes merited and knowledgeable enough, the merited would be ranked into a Technocrat, giving them access to political power without abuse.

    Economic Organization

    Social Market/Social Democratic economy

    NeoSajism embraces economic ideas inspired by Ordo-Liberalism and Social Democracy. System of progressive wealth and corporate taxes favoring small and medium businesses alongside anti-monopolist laws, support for trade and labor unions, social safety net, kenyesianist interventions boosting the economy in times of crisis. Also, there should be enough trade unions to fit 1/4 of the worker population, and moderately to strongly regulated.

    See Ordo-Social Democracy for the exact economics.

    SajZeal is aware of Capital Strikes and he would tend to use Arctofire's process of achieving regulations successfully while strong enough to resist a capital strike. Slowly adding regulations by working within the frame of global Neoliberalism would be good enough to make a nation strong enough to resist a capital strike.

    Technocratic Intervention

    To prosper the economy even more, NeoSajism thinks that the Technics must largely assist businesses, unions, and the industry by giving advanced technologies of any kind to all of them, and sending tech, distribution, business, union, and other experts to volunteer in businesses/unions or have Specialist Businesses or Specialist unions helping them and make really advanced technologies from the Technic organization available and cheap as possible for the public to use.

    Kenyesianist Intervention

    NeoSajism believes that government should boost the economy by intervening with government spending and such other public services. He believes that it has succeed in the Economic Expansion after WW2 which proved its supremacy of many other economic systems and that the crisis in the 1970s were due to Neo-Keynesianist interventions instead of such other versions of Classical Economics.

    Cultural and Diplomatic Organization

    Enlightenment Culture

    NeoSajism Believes that for a society to truly prosper it must embrace a type of rationalist and progressive culture it associates with the Enlightenment. The embrace of that culture entails a balance of individualist philosophy with values of community and solidarity, support for civil rights, optimism in terms of technological and social progress, opposition towards discrimination in terms of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, race etc. He also believes that to solve great challenges that await the world in the future, such as global warming, overpopulation, resource scarcity and space colonization, humanity needs to unite under a common global government. He believes that it will be impossible to create a cohesive world government until vast majority of the world embraces the Enlightenment Culture creating a foundation for a united superculture of humanity. This would be the only way that allows for a creation of stable world government.

    Process of Unification

    NeoSajism believes that countries should properly spread Enlightenment Culture around the world which would allow many other countries to feel a sense of unification felt by Enlightenment Culture. Not only that, it would be able to challenge the likes of Tyranny, Theocracy, authoritarianism, and State Socialistic influences like North Korea and Syria. If humans are enlightened enough, this would be able to create states of similar National Identities while still pushed by enlightenment culture. This would be a big step towards a world government which will eventually come to.

    Other Beliefs


    SajZeal believes that religion should not be outright banned but it's influence should be pushed completely out of the public sphere into the private one. Thus, it advocates a laicist state in which secular, enlightenment, and STEM values mostly replace the religious ones in society.

    Transhumanism and How to Achieve it

    SajZeal believes that for humanity to progress we should improve our bodies through genetic modification and cybernetics, completely end death from old age and minimize suffering through it. Liberal Technocracy also believes it is crucial for transhumanism to improve mental capacities of humanity to stop possible danger of AI rebellion and boost technological progress as well as enable humanity to transcend the limits of natural human experience.

    He Believes in order to achieve it is up to the Technic organization and Technic Businesses to somewhat focus on Transhumanism by advancing Technology.

    Emancipation By Technology

    SajZeal believes that humans should seek to destroy Social Discrimination with the addition of enlightenment culture, this isn't just discrimination towards Sexuality and Gender, it is also applies towards Race and ethnicity. Inequalities can be caused by material conditions or Lack of advanced tech. SajZeal belives that technology can be the ultimate tool of emancipation.


    SajZeal believes in a Liberal Form of the Faustian Spirit, seeing it as the Actual and True philosophy of The Faustian Spirit. SajZeal believes that humanity should strive for is greatness even if it means breaking the rules of Natural Order. And Understanding and taking Nature under its control. Believing that individual humans should follow ambition which means to strive for great achievements like making society a better place and even making personal successes. However, it should be practiced with other ideals since if it doesn't it would harm humans as a whole. - Introduction and Ambition

    There should be enough liberty to exercise Society's and Individual's potential and ambition. However, humans are still enslaved by their own limitations and to remove them requires Transhumanism to so Such and even break from the "First Tyranny". - Liberty

    Humans should always work in good faith by giving points where points are due and not putting a individual's gain over all. Which is to stabilize the ideal of Ambition. - Justice

    Humans should understand other timeless ideals as well as to work on solutions to what we have today - Wisdom

    Humans should have the ability to understand reality and to act pragmatically in life and the understanding of ambition. - Reason

    Individuals of humans must commit to to humankind's quest for all knowledge, whether by scientific discovery and innovation or even inspiring others to do so with artistic mastery, what also serves ambition. - Service To Truth.

    Transhumanism is also important to the philosophy of Neo-Faustism against the natural order. He also believes in uniting humans which is also an ideal of Neo-Faustism.

    Temporary Environmentalism

    SajZeal believes that the destruction of nature without technology being advanced enough to create tools that would replace nature's protections would cause huge issues for humanity. Thus it would temporarily support Environmentalism and at the same time, focus on technologies that would replace nature's protections of humans (Like Machines that would work more efficiently than Trees, Technology that would breed biodiversity, or even artificial organisms that would fix the issue of Water pollution. Thus when Nature's protections are replaced. NeoSajism should support productivity and no longer support Environmentalism.



    • Liberal Technocracy - The very synthesis of my ideas! A Welfare-Market-Regulationist economy, Liberalism, enlightenment, pro-unification, Technocracy, and a great philosophy! Although im not Machiavellian, nor much about the "Civic Religion". But still an ideology that deserves to be seriously practiced. I cant just wait a long time for you to join the political world.
    • Old SajZeal - To be honest, you lack potential towards a grand future. But, we share many ideas, and yes, we share the ideal of STEM. I had to realize that Social Sciences and philosophy were important as well.
    • Classical Social Democracy - One of my favorite (Moderate) Conservatives despite that. You actually care about the role of specialists in the government with democratic characteristics. You recognize welfare and regulation, and a process to resist a labor strike in which in find with. And we agree that not all types of progressivism are efficient (Woke).
    • Neo-Faustism - Finally, a form of futurist philosophy which isn't fascistic or discriminatory! Hail Liberty! Hail our striving for greatness! Hail our greatest achievements! Hail wisdom! Hail reason! Hail our commitment to understanding the universe! Hail Technology! Unite Humanity!

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