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    Neo-YugoslavPartisanism is the new and improved Ideology of YugoslavPartisan. It's a Bri'ish Maoist and National Socialist ideology that is a bit more authoritarian and a lot more rightist (and based) than YugoslavPartisanism. It is an economically far right and culturally a moderate reactionary (as in, he only wants to deport 50% of all Muslim invaders). It also supports the abolition of LGBT+ rights, gender equality and Secularism.


    Immature, low-functioning autistic kid who witch-hunts people based solely in ideology rather than personality, completely insufferable in every concievable way. Especially triggered by the word "retard."



    Neo-YugoslavPartisanism advocates for a state total repression of workers' rights like the Arstozakan Communist Party in Paper Please and a totalitarian third positions economy.

    Revolution or Reform?

    Revolution. How will we achieve Revolution?/How will it happen? Easy. War. Wars will lower the morale of the people, and they will realize the brutal flaws of social democracy and will turn to pinochetism and supercapitalism, and will revolt against the working-class oppressors! This part is actually very based.



    - Artaud, is that you?


    • Jacobinism- Couping for the win! But all this beheading ppl is going somewhere.
    • Totalism- Pretty based, but you're getting pretty close to alternate Fascism. Go further.
    • Early 1900s Fabianism- WTF? Why eugenics? Why? Cringe economics, but eugenics? Holy mother of based!
    • Labour Zionism- A good Zionist, but still a Zionist. Shame it's not run by BLACK KINGS!
    • Revisionist Zionism- Another eh Zionist.
    • Particracy- One party state can still be a democracy but still is pretty based.
    • Christian Socialism- Based but Secularism is necessary in the revolution. Moke sure it is the right religion, though.
    • Christian Communism- Read above.


    Best Friends

  • Conseilism File:Consalt.png- Free my man.




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