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    Frontpix.png Frontiers of Human Civilization Frontpix.png

    • Supports KardaAccel.png Kardashev Accelerationism, Scientific Soulism, Quan.png Quantumism, QuanHuman.png Quantum Humanism
    • Transh.png Genh+.png Smol biotranshumanism.png Voluntary Transhumanism and Meta-Humanism.png Voluntary Meta-Humanism
    • (Theoretical?) Existence of Extraterres.png Extraterrestrials are probable, which humans have an opportunity to peacefully co-exist with each other.
      • Any Extraterres.png extraterrestrials that are a danger to humanity must be put into question, and then those dangerous extraterrestrials must be eliminated and destroyed
    • Cyborgs should co-exist peacefully or else cyborgs that aren't peaceful will be eliminated and destroyed.
    • POSTHUMANISMICON.png Robots should co-exist with humans, not to replace them, and any POSTHUMANISMICON.png robots that are a danger to humanity must be eliminated and destroyed
    • Demtrans.png Establish and implement Transhumanist ethics and morals
    • Cooperate with any facility that produces antimatter (starting with physicians from CERN) to start expanding and accelerating the antimatter production to other countries (most conservative/all traditionalist countries would reject this plan) with consent.

    Social issues

    • Opposes suicide, euthanasia, assisted suicide
    • Abortion should only be legal in cases of rape and saving a mothers' live and health
    • End the War on Drugs
      • Decriminalize all drugs and legalize soft drugs
      • Free all non-violent drug offenders
    • Decriminalize and legalize sex work, but with these types of professions, they're extremely high predatory types of professions, so they must be strictly regulated, and crackdowns will become necessary in cases of sexual ethic violations, sexual abuse, etc. that are related, including privacy and worker protections and compensations.
    • Decriminalize and legalize polygamy
    • Establish a Digital Bill of Rights
    • Grants parental rights when people reach the age of consent
    • Age of consent is 13
      • Just because the age of consent has decreased further, doesn't mean adults should get more involved with minors, no matter how much people wants to logically think that there is nothing bad about it. There is no justification for pedophilia, period!
      • Since the age of consent has decreased further, penalties for pedophiles, zoophiles, sexual predators, and child predators, etc. that are related have increased, which these would now become a life sentence offence without parole, requires rehabilitation, weekly psychological tests would now be required to these people, along with a lifetime probation unless final psychological analysis and tests determined that the person no longer have these thoughts, motives, behaviors, etc. that are related to such, which would have the court lifting the probation, but the lift of the probation can only happen by choice when the person finished the life sentence.
      • Also, under the new change, the age gap is way less lenient, which establishes a two-year age gap. For minors regarding to age of consent, they must be born on the same day (for them to perform their parental rights and to do the things, age of consent allows you to do) to prevent an overlap when a minor turn 18 while the other minor is still underaged. If the overlap happens, then the young adult goes to prison for pedophilia, while the minor goes to juvenile detention center.
    • New constitutional amendment - Re-enforce this natural right from the Declaration of Independence, which is once any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, then the people have the right to alter or abolish the government, which then the people can institute a new government, which must be done without violence or force.
    • (Topless Liberty) Allowing women to be topless in the same places where men can be topless, except for minors.


    • Strict background checks and firearm training are required
    • Military license and advanced firearm training in order to buy and use military firearms
      • Psychological tests are also needed in order to buy and use military firearms
    • Voluntary buyback program (also applies to ammunition, accessories, etc.), which the parts are disassembled and then recycle the parts back into all other industries to use in products and as materials.

    Property rights

    • FDF-Pirate.png Overhaul and reform the Intellectual Property law
    • Distributist.png Widespread distribution of property
    • Establish nationwide squatters' rights

    Economic issues

    • 3part.png Neo-corporatism
    • Social Physiocracy and Social Georgism
    • Distributed market economy
      • Can be used as a condition for the steps towards decommodification and to decentralize and localize currency even further; However, local currencies in the US requires a constitutional amendment in order for each US state to have their own state currency that can co-exist with the national currency.
    • SocDist.png Social Distributism, which can shrink down monopolies of all types of ownerships of the means of productions.
    • UBI.png Pro-Universal Basic Income
    • Pro-Universal Basic Services
    • Use Agorismf.png gray markets (and maybe, black markets) can also shrink down any monopolies and to step up against any type of overreach committed by any of the types of ownerships of the means of production.

    Government must contribute and participate within markets, since they already regulate and intervene within markets

    • Government no longer relying on just taxes to pay for their stuff, which is where the contribution and participation within markets
    • Certain institutions such as schools and prisons aren't meant to host competition, so they aren't allowed to host competition and or else any of these institutions will face closure if they do.

    All types of ownerships of the means of production (More than just state/public and private ownership) also contribute and participate within markets

    • Increased competition and innovation
    • Regulation, intervention, distribution, contribution, and participation by all types of ownerships of the means of production.
    • For any self-managed anarchist operations, establishing squatters' rights enables these types of operations to stay around since they don't have to pay for anything to maintain it, and they can provide free services and free stuff, but they need to manufacture, grow their own stuff, provide, etc. in order for these operations stay around, etc.
      • Successful self-managed anarchist operations have chances to inspire operations under different types of ownerships of the means of production to transition into becoming self-managed anarchist operations.
      • Self-managed market anarchist operations' contribution and participation within markets will depend, which they adopt different types of market anarchist models.


    • People can give more taxpayer money than what the tax rate provides for any products and services. The customers that do it must include that information to the employees, so they don't end up giving more to the company and the government can go after them for fraud. The information must also be included when filing tax returns, which after the IRS sends the info to the credit bureaus and the federal reserve, you'll earn tax credits, and your credit score goes up further, which depends on the total amount of extra taxpayer money you gave.
    • Tax choice, which decides on how much percentage of direct control individual taxpayers have on where taxpayer money should go to. The info must be provided when filing tax returns, which the IRS sends the information to the legislative and the executive branch, which they need to do according to the info provided.
    • Regarding to tax credits, you have options to give a tax credit to someone else, share your tax credit up to nine other people, or you can keep the tax credit.

    Political Issues

    • Pro-multi-party system
    • Semidirect.png Semi-direct democracy
    • Proportional representation
    • STAR Voting
    • Repeal the Permanent Apportionment Act of 1929 and raise the number of members of the US House of Reps.
    • New constitutional amendment - One US Senator per 100 US House of Reps.
    • Expand Anti-trust laws to political parties
    • Nationwide open primaries and ban closed primaries
    • Eliminate the electoral threshold requirements

    Energy and Infrastructure

    • Pro-nuclear energy
      • Supports thorium powered nuclear power plants
      • Supports development and funding toward pure fusion nuclear power plants
      • Supports development of Gen IV nuclear power plants and beyond
    • Pro-hydrogen energy
    • For non-renewable energy as a compromise, environmental regulations would modify it to make non-renewable energy more environmentally friendly and less emissive. (Example: Clean coal)
    • Modernize the electrical grid and establish widespread development of smart grids
    • Supports development and widespread use of human power machines to generate energy
    • Supports more development and widespread use of personal energy generators
    • Support the use of large-scale 3D-printing to reduce the overall cost of living
      • Supports more development for large-scale 3D-printing and their applications, which they would be able to 3D-print with any material, able to use in mass production, making products, etc.
    • Supports widespread development of high-speed rail and mass expansion of the railway system.
    • Supports widespread development of multi-unit housing, including mass expansion of multi-unit housing in rural and suburban areas. Requiring consent to convert single-unit housing to multi-unit housing.

    Foreign and Domestic policy

    • Antiimp.png Non-interventionism, Isolationist.png Moderate isolationism, Pluriculturalism, Intercult.png Interculturalism
    • Local.png Localism, and Micronationalism.png Micronational Urbism Urb.png
    • Withdrawal from all of the wars
    • Reduce the military budget
    • Defense contractors and their profit motives are traitors to our country for continuing endless wars, while we don't do anything, because all they want is profits and not for us to defeat the enemies, which makes the military so much weaker than it should be.
      • Any defense contractors that do so will be shut down
    • Reform the police
      • Require police officers to have two to four years of training
    • The government and the politicians must be obligated to improve overall development on most aspects with their jurisdiction by the end of each year or else politicians within areas that don't have most aspects of overall development improved must be recalled.
    • Repopulating the United States Minor Outlying Islands
    • Encouraging new US states to form, which increases the representation, especially within low populated areas.
    • Establish more Native American treaties, which all of these treaties, including older Native American treaties to be modified to also include in Native American treaty-right delegates to US Congress.
    • Allow US territories, including Native American treaty-right delegates to have representation within the Electoral College.

    Environmental issues

    • Ectrans.png Bright green environmentalism + Deepe.png Deep Ecology = Deep Technogaianism.png Deep Technogaianism
      • Also, use regenerative and conservation technology
        • Advocate for environmental landscaping, ecoscaping, regenerative landscaping, desert greening, environmental engineering, ecological engineering, regenerative engineering, etc.
    • Opposition to industrial farming
      • Transition away from it in favor of reliable alternatives
    • Advocate for regenerative agriculture, organic agriculture, aquaponics, hydroponics, aeroponics, vertical farming, urban and suburban agriculture, forest agriculture, foodscraping, etc.
    • Supports regeneration and conservation of natural systems, ecology, biology, etc.


    Mental health is one of the main factors, which issues, policies, needs, etc. will also mainly depend on the well-being on all citizens of any country.

    • Supports decommodification of all processed foods and support to make internet servers free of cost.
    • Increase the retirement age to 70 and increase the money threshold retirees earn.
      • Increase the percentage of interest they earn towards their retirement accounts.
      • For the replacement rate (which is the percentage amount of money that is taken out of your salary to be placed into your retirement account), the percentage rate should be decided by the retiree.
    • Incentivize people to own stocks, bonds, etc.
    • Operations have the right to exclude pedophiles, zoophiles, sexual predators, child predators, murderers, rapists, etc. that are related.
    • MAP (a politically correct term referring to pedos; abbreviation for Minor-Attracted People) shouldn't be part of the LGBTQ+ community. Xenogenders (custom genders) and neopronouns should be considered as part of its own classification instead of being part of the LGBTQ+ community. (Example: Dreamgender - Anti-LGBTQ+, and acts like an alt-right person, but doesn't belong within any of the typical classifications of the right)
    • Microaggressions had turned minorities (Blacks are the most affected by this) from alphas into betas[1][2], so we need to fix the psychology of them.
      • Support widespread use of microinterventions as daily therapeutical treatments to treat microaggressions
      • Desensitize slurs that have a very significant use within society
        • For the slurs that are making a great comeback with significant usage, they will become desensitized.
    • Mandatory 12-hour purges that only happens on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday to gradually reduce crime over time.



    1. This is probably one of the reasons why white nationalists and supremacists' refers to them as inferior, but it is hypocritical considering that since minorities are attacking back, whites could start to develop microaggressions within the future, making us more crazier than before.
    2. NOTE: Not all minorities are like this, but a big chunk of them do and it is most presented and represented within black communities
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