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    Neo-Unspokeism is a devoutly religious, authoritarian, and culturally right ideology, with ambiguous (but roughly mixed-economy capitalist) economic views, which is the current dominant ideology in the Unspoken Kingdom (fictional nation, representative of AquaHeart's parents). Their values are mostly inspired by conservative, evangelical Protestant teachings in Christianity. In essence, it is a radicalization of the traditionalist, pro-authority views of Unspokeism, with added elements of radical Christian evangelism and anti-Neoliberalism.

    Neo-Unspokeism loves spreading their Christian beliefs, seeking to convert many atheists they meet at random and cutting ties if they don't comply. They look up a lot to the missionaries of European colonial empires. They believe in their own duty as a missionary of the 21st century. They fight with the Aquarians a lot, especially over religion vs. atheism, and wishes they would turn back to their old self, but agrees with them on fighting for environmental justice.

    Neo-Unspokeism, like Unspokeism, is monarchist in governing the Unspoken Kingdom. They have also been accused of being kleptocratic by the Aquarians.


    Neo-Unspokeism, above all else, likes bringing Christian teachings into any conversation they can slot it in. They have a generally kind demeanor, but if they meet an ideology ball who rejects their Christian teachings persistently, they will eventually drop the facade and cold shoulder that ball. With the Aquarian balls, who they have a more personal rivalry with, Neo-Unspokeism will often quarrel or fight with them over religion.

    They also have a rather controlling personality, always keeping a close watch on not just the residents in their kingdom, but also their friends, as well as the Aquarians, questioning even little things they do.



    • Proto-Aquarian Model - Oh, how I miss the days you obeyed my word.
    • Christian Democracy - The only good democracy is a Christian one.
    • Christian Theocracy - Might be slightly too far, but you are infinitely better than the atheists.
    • Protestant Theocracy - The reformation was a glorious step back towards the teachings of the one true God.
    • Compassionate Conservatism - Christians should spread God's love to the needy.
    • Christian Conservatism - Has weird bouts of being racist towards me, but otherwise, we agree much more than we don't.
    • Eco-Conservatism - This seems really nice.
    • Absolute Monarchism - While I don't really support you in the real world, I still like this style of governance for my kingdom.
    • Imperialism - Thank you for bringing the teachings of God to all the sinners of the world. I shall follow in your example.
    • Kritarchy - Israel was once ruled by a council of judges.
    • Zionism - Israel deserves its rightful claim of the Holy Land.


    • Unspokeism - You were okay in some aspects, but you were also atheist and oftentimes unapologetically sinful.
    • Catholic Theocracy - I really dislike your idol worship with all your saints, but at least you are still somewhat of a Christian.
    • Dengism - Did a lot of good work in building China to its current state, but is still a state atheist.
    • Tridemism - Sun Yat-sen was the best political thinker China ever got. However, modern Taiwan is heading down a path of sin.
    • Sandersism - Your support for public welfare and environmentalism are great. If only you weren't an advocate of sin...
    • Trumpism - Good job on fighting for Christian morals and against the liberals. You don't seem very good at keeping your own morals, though.


    • First Aquarian Model - The first grip of Satan on a pure soul.
    • Second Aquarian Model - Wait, you even support gays now??
    • Third Aquarian Model - A bit less combative than the other two, but still an idiot. Likes calling me a reactionary, like that's going to change how pathetic you are.
    • Gamerism - Video games are a virus that must be stopped.
    • Progressivism - Why won't those disgusting gays repent?
    • Neoliberalism - These sinners don't realize that their hedonistic vision of "progress" strays far from the word of God, and for that they will face the harshest judgement.
    • Hong Kong Democratism - Childish.
    • Bidenism - Advocating sodomy is inexcusable.
    • Maoism - Not only a militant state atheist, but also a destroyer of Chinese culture. Shame on you!
    • Xi Jinping Thought - Your mandated revision of Bible texts and ban of government-independent Christian gatherings are shameful.
    • Islamic Theocracy - You worship a false God, and you have committed atrocities against Christians throughout history.
    • Satanic Theocracy - Literally agents of Satan!
    • State Atheism - Literally agents of Satan!
    • National Socialism - Even if the Aquarians like comparing me to you, I refuse to be compared to you. You are Satan in human flesh.
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