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    Neo-Tousey is the current thought of Bernie Sanders07 an ideolegy centering around Meta-Anarchism.pngDeluzogatarianinsm, Existentialist Anarchism.pngExistentialism, PostMarxism.pngPost-Marxism, and Postsitu.pngPost-Situationism, while taking inspiration from Auton.pngAutonomism, AntiDem.pngAnti-Democracy, and Poststruct.pngPost-Structuralism.




    AntiDem.pngThe Flaws of Democracy

    There is a lot than can be said on the flaws of democracy, when i dpeak of democrac i follow the defoniton Cammatte prvides us, " one can define democracy as the behaviour of humans, the organization of those who have lost their original organic unity with the community.", here I will lay out a critique of democracy, and I hope it will be found quite thorough.

    In his essay, The Democrtic Mystification, Jacques Camatte points out that, " Democracy was born from the moment that there was a division between men and the allocation of possession. That is to say, it arose with private property, individuals and the class division of society, with the formation of the state. It follows that it becomes increasingly pure as private property becomes more general and as classes appear more distinctly in society." How can we hope to move past the forces of capitalism if we seek to preserve the same system that rose with it.

    Now lets take a look at the American revolution, the liberal bastion of a democratic revoloutiom. But i ask, how democratic was this? 56 people signed the declaration of independence but the entirety of America had to go to war with England, even after its success, still very few where alowed to vote in the biggening, the peasant gained no freedom. Even today, he still doesnt, his vote is influenced and controlled by those above, the decision isn't his, he is merely the pawn of those abouve him. Democracy has never been "democratic" the existence of creating a "democratic democracy" is imposable, as what is necessary to create such a large structure, will ultimately lead to another ruling class system, but this time under the justificatin of laws and rights, just as fuedilisms justification was religion.

    Under democracy I am nothing less than a number, Bush beat Gore for florida by 537 votes, do we actually know these people exact perspective, why they voted the way they did, or what their motivation is, no they are merely a "Bush supporter", in democracy you become, a democrat, a republican, a torie, a labour party supporter, regardless of your own complex interests you must limit yourself to one vote, one number on a graph.

    Democracy is does just preserve a ruling class, but imbed a ruling class into the very fabric of society, we are tricked into believing, we have power, we are tricked into believing we have choice, that its our decision. Democracy is merely a nother way for the ruling class to rule, while playing into the illusion that it is our decision they are in power.


    Antwork.pngAgainst Work


    Postmodernicon.pngControl Societies

    Postsitu.pngAn Analysis of the Spectacle

    Frankfurt.pngCritical Theory


    Existentialist Anarchism.pngExistentialism

    Meta-Anarchism.pngUnderstanding Schizoanalysis



    General Componenents



    • Diogenes.png Diogenes
    • Marquis de Sade.png Marquis de Sade
    • Existentialist Anarchism.png Franz Kafka
    • Ego-Existential.png Herbert Read
    • Adorno.png Theodor W. Adorno
    • Sartre.png Jean-Paul Sartre
    • StructMarx.png Louis Althusser
    • Meta-Anarchism.png Gilles Deleuze & Félix Guattari
    • Poststruct.png Michel Foucault
    • Camatte.png Jacques Camatte
    • Post-Autonomism.png John Zerzan
    • Postsitu.png Jean-Pierre Voyer



    Post-Autonomism.pngAutonomism and Communization

    • Communization.pngBruno Astarian: Communization as a way out of the crisis
    • Communization.pngEndnotes: What are we to do
    • PostMarxism.pngNegri and Guattari: Communists like us
    • Communization.pngKämpa Tillsammans: Do Chefs Dream of Cloned Sheep
    • Communization.pngKämpa Tillsammans: Faceless Resistance
    • Post-Autonomism.pngKämpa Tillsammans: Possibilities are Found Outside the Unions
    • Communization.pngKämpa Tillsammans: No Peace in the Class War

    File:File:Existentialist Anarchism.pngExistentialism


    Test Results





    I Respect Your Theory

    Anarchists I Dislike

    Pretty Bad

    Very Bad


    Basically The Worst

    Liiteral Fascist

    So I've decided to add the components of ideologies in parenthesis by their name, tell me if I got yours wrong.

    Mega Yes.png Based

    • HelloThere314Icon.pngHelloThere314 (Egocom.png/ExistPhenom.png/Postsitu.png) - Based Anti Economics, Absurdism, Situationist, and Deleuzoguattarianism.
    • Ultro.png LordCompost86 (DialectEgo.png/YngHeg.png/Philan.png) - Obviously philosophically intellectual, as for political views, anti work and horizontal association and small voluntary associations are agreeable with my beliefs.
    • Ioist.png Ego-Progressivism(Egocom.png/Ultraprogressivism.png/Nietzsche.png)- I agree with most of your ideolegy.

    Yes.png Good

    • Duckf.png Duck-Citizen (Postmodernicon.png/Volu.png/Mach.png): I like the post structuralism, but you seem to believe in the necessity of work and morality (also volentaryism is grabage).

    Meh.png Neutral

    • Council.png Councilguy (Commie.png/Brassier.png/Lacan.png) - Although your philosophy is different than mine I still like most of it. As for the political, Of Of course I am very much opposed to the use of a vanguard, but some of your more post marxist elments i still respect. I think what HelloThere said about respecting your ideology more than agreeing with it applies to me asswelhell.
    • Vita.png Vitarchism (Soul.png/Pro-Life.png/Communalist.png) - An unironic soulist and your ideas can be very impractical (you can't base an ideolegy off of conquering death) but a very friendly user.
    • OwfBall.png Owfism (Libms.png/Demlib3.png/Geosynd.png) - Libretarian Market Socialist, not the best not the worst.
    • Glencoe.png Glencoe (Glencoe.png/Demlib3.png/Marketsoc.png - You remind me a lot of MATTball.png Mattism but maybe slightly better.

    No.png Bad

    • MLM.png NotLibra (ML.png/Mao.png/Guevara.png) - Not the worst for an authleft. You want to relieve the workers of capitalism but replace it with another authoritarian force. At least relatively socially progressive.
    • MATTball.png Mattism (Socdem.png/Prog.png/Civlibert.png) - Now I could give a long winded speech about how I dislike your regulatory capitalist liberal democracy, but instead I'm just gonna mention that barack obama is one of your influences and leave it at that.
    • Panth.png Pantheon (SocDist.png/Unimon.png/Progconf.png) - Constitutional Monarchist and distributionst, ugh! At least mildly socially progressive and equal.
    • Ronwelltarianism icon.png Ronwelltarianism (Libcon.png/Kak.png/Kak.png) - Garbage ideolegy, and your child rights bs makes no sense.

    Mega No.png Fascist

    • Vermaatism2gif.gif
      (Authtrans.png/Authcap.png/POSTHUMANISMICON.png) - You describe my ideolegy as a fever dream, but don't you support eugenics, racial darwinism, and totalitarianism. Anyway, you seem intelligent though which makes you immediately better than all other auth rights on this wiki, cool looking page too (why do the authrights have the best looking pages).
    • Truetech.gif BERNHE0504 (Corptism.png/Fash.png/POSTHUMANISMICON.png) - I like the archeofuturism, but your sorta a less inresting Vermaatism2gif.gif
    • Pixil-frame-0(27).png New Model Of Cheesenism (React.png/Homophobia.png/Totalitarian.png) - Corporitist, reactionarry, fascist, bigot. Just leave this wiki.


    "I am quite possibly the worst polcomball artist ever."

    • Panth.pngPantheonism - Add me Marxian.
    • MATTball.png Mattism - Could you add me please
      • Touseyism ball.pngNeo-Touseyism - alright add me to it now
    • HelloThere314Icon.pngHelloThere314 - Add me? I'll do the same when I get around to it.
      • Touseyism ball.pngNeo-Touseyism - Sure
    • OwfBall.png Owfism - Add me?
      • Touseyism ball.pngNeo-Touseyism - Alright, add me too
      • OwfBall.png Owfism - I added you back, but I still dont see my ideology in your self-insert relations tab
        • Touseyism ball.pngNeo-Touseyism - I added you. Maybe refresh?
        • OwfBall.png Owfism - Its fine now.
    • Pixil-frame-0(27).png New Model Of Cheesenism- add me
      • Touseyism ball.pngNeo-Touseyism - Sure thing fascist
    • Council.png CouncilGuy - add me?
      • Touseyism ball.pngNeo-Touseyism - Sure could you add me too.
    • Pixil-frame-0(27).png New Model Of Cheesenism - wait why i cant see me in your relation?
      • Touseyism ball.pngNeo-Touseyism - Sorry forgot to add you, will do so now.
    • Ronwelltarianism icon.png Ronwelltarianism - Can you please add me?
    • Ronwelltarianism icon.png Ronwelltarianism - Wait a minute, I don't see my ideology in there.
      • Touseyism.pngNeo-Touseyism - Bro have a little patience I've been busy I'll do it tomorrow
    • Ultro.png LordCompost86 - Add Please?
      • Touseyism ball.pngNeo-Touseyism - Sure thing, could you add me as well
    • Glencoe.png Glencoe- add me
      • Touseyism ball.pngNeo-Touseyism - Yeah, sorry it took a while
    • Vermaatism2gif.gif
      Can you add me?
      • Touseyism ball.pngNeo-Touseyism - sure
    • Truetech.gif BERNHE0504: Add me this'll be good
      • Touseyism ball.pngNeo-Touseyism - ok lol, add me too
    • Ioist.png Ego-Progressivism - Add me? please 🥺
      • [File:Touseyism ball.png]]Neo-Touseyism - Lol, sorry didnt see you, will add now.

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