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    Neo-TDRHism is the new and current ideology of ThatDudeRightHere. It is civically center-libertarian, economically variable, culturally centrist, and diplomatically centrist.

    It is similar to TDRH's old ideology, except that it has a focus towards tripartism, limited government, and individual rights and liberties. Overall, he believes in small-government social democracy with equality for all, a regulated market economy, and a truly free society. Overall, his goals are:

    • Establishment of economic democracy
    • Widespread private property
    • Expansion of the welfare state
    • Preservation of the environment
    • Creation of a free society
    • A more rational government

    His main inspirations are the various movements of the enlightenment, as he wants a revival of the principles of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness from the American Revolution, as well as the principles of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity from the French Revolution.

    He is opposed to any extremist ideology, for example economic extremist , civic extremist , and culturally extremist ones.

    Who influenced me?


    The reasoning for the ideological shift

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, he was tired of witnessing the ultra-wealthy become richer, mistreating their workers and sending small businesses to the dust. At the same time, he opposed re-imposition of lockdowns, which he felt as a "betrayal to the vaccinated". The former caused an shift to left-wing economics, while the latter caused him to be more distrustful of bureaucratic policies.

    Then, came the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which he largely blamed on Vladimir Putin's bureaucratic government system and imperalist ambitions. This is considered the breaking point for an ideological shift, and it made him shift more towards libertarianism and non-interventionism.

    Economic Beliefs


    In Neo-TDRHism's eyes, worker and consumer co-operatives have shown to be beneficial to the economy in multiple ways, such as customer relations, satisfaction, and sustainability. Thus, he will encourage them as much as possible to transform the current economy into a democratic, social economy. Some ways he will encourage co-operatives include:

    • Implementing a Marcora Law, which is essentially a law that allows unemployed workers to use their amount of unemployment funds to create a co-operative.
    • Giving tax breaks and subsidies to co-operatives, especially those that specialize in green technology.
    • Implement wide-spread education about co-operatives to spread awareness about them.
    • Prevent large corporations from crushing co-operatives.

    With that being said, some other business models will be used as well.

    Small and Medium Businesses

    Along with market socialism, Neo-TDRHism's economic beliefs are also partially inspired by distributism. He will also encourage small and medium businesses, which he defines as the following:

    • Small businesses: A business with 5-15 employees.
    • Medium businesses: A business with 15-50 employees.


    Generally speaking, Neo-TDRHism is more pro-union, if anything. He sees them having a major role in workplace democracy and worker's rights, and as such, they should have their power strengthened and workers should have a chance to join one. strikes and negotiations with the management should be allowed to take place. At-will firing should also be abolished, with bosses being needed to have an actual reason for firing an employee (e.g. unprofessionalism, lack of productivity, lack of accountability, etc.). Despite his pro-union stances, he thinks that worker's guilds might deal more competently with stuff like that.


    Neo-TDRHism thinks that guilds are a good way to organize the economy. There will be guilds for certain trades. The reason why he wants to establish such guilds is because one, businesses in the guild could talk about problems that the trade is collectively having and trying to fix, and two, workers will get more representation in their workplace when they're part of a guild.


    Neo-TDRHism takes a more lax approach when it comes to self-employed workers. He also believes that job training programs should be implemented to help these future self-employed workers to gain basic knowledge for said profession.

    Large Non-Nationalized Businesses

    Neo-TDRHism acknowledges there will inevitably be large businesses no matter the economic model. As such, he thinks that they should either have one or more of three fates:

    1. They become B-corporations.
    2. They have an employee stock ownership plan.
    3. They have board level employee representation.

    If a company has none of the above, they will either be nationalized or broken down into smaller companies.

    Publicly-Owned Businesses

    There will be some sectors of the economy that shouldn't be left to the market to deal with. As such, Neo-TDRHism wants these nationalized. Examples of such sectors include, but are not limited to: healthcare, education and infrastructure. He also thinks that they can be run under national or local authorities.

    Centralized Planning

    Some industries have to be nationalized and made available to the public at little to no costs. Among those, in Neo-TDRHism's eyes, include infrastructure, hospitals and some other medical services, the military, prisons and policing, natural resources, public welfare (not private charities), and public transportation are examples of such industries.

    Decentralized Planning

    Neo-TDRHism would use decentralized planning for sectors of the economy that people rely on, but would be adjusted to fit the conditions of the communities that they live in. In addition, AI planning would be used for decentralized planning.

    A Regulated, Free and Fair Market

    Cultural Beliefs


    Environment and Technology


    Civic Beliefs


    Diplomatic Beliefs



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    Silas: TDRH became based

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