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    Neo-TDRHism is the new and current ideology of ThatDudeRightHere. It is civically center-libertarian, economically variable, culturally centrist, and nationalist.

    It is similar to TDRH's old ideology, except that it has a focus towards tripartism, limited government, and individual rights and liberties. Overall, he believes in small-government social democracy with equality for all, a regulated market economy, and a truly free society. Overall, his goals are:

    • Establishment of economic democracy
    • Widespread private property
    • Expansion of the welfare state
    • Preservation of the environment
    • Creation of a free society
    • A more rational government

    He is opposed to any extremist ideology, for example economic extremist , civic extremist , and culturally extremist ones.

    Who influenced me?


    The reasoning for the ideological shift

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, he was tired of witnessing the ultra-wealthy become richer, mistreating their workers and sending small businesses to the dust. At the same time, he opposed re-imposition of lockdowns, which he felt as a "betrayal to the vaccinated". The former caused an shift to left-wing economics, while the latter caused him to be more distrustful of bureaucratic policies.

    Then, came the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which he largely blamed on Vladimir Putin's bureaucratic government system and imperalist ambitions. This is considered the breaking point for an ideological shift, and it made him shift more towards libertarianism and non-interventionism.

    Economic Beliefs


    Neo-TDRHism's economics are mainly based off of a mixture of several different things, most notably left-wing social democracy, social corporatism, and distributism. So in short, on the economic axis he would be described as centre-left, supporting an ownership-based market economy as a perfect balance between capitalism and socialism, with a strong welfare state and numerous regulations to keep it free and fair.

    Fiscal Policy

    Neo-TDRHism is a keynesian when it comes to fiscal policies, believing that the government should play an active role in the market and creating fiscal programs to boost the economy. He supports increased government spending during times of economic busts to dampen the effects of it. and eventually recover the economy. The Keynesian branch he follows would be close to a mix of new Keynesianism and (to a lesser extent) post-Keynesianism. The former's explanation would be wage and price rigidies to explain unemployment and economic disequilibrium, while the latter would be a preferable counter to the neoclassical economics that were brought to prominence in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

    Competition Laws

    Neo-TDRHism wants to bring back the strong anti-trust laws of Progressive-Era America. If a company is too big to fail, it is too big to exist, as favoring certain companies would lead to {{PCB|Corporatocracy|crony capitalism}]. This is what he'll do to crack down on companies: WIP

    Cultural Beliefs


    Environment and Technology


    Civic Beliefs


    Diplomatic Beliefs



    How to draw



    S (Very Based)

    A (Based)

    B (Kinda Based)

    C (Bringe)

    D (Kinda Cringe)

    E (Cringe)

    F (Very Cringe)


    Silas: TDRH became based

    Tony567- we have the same Income tax plan nice probably copied any add me when you have the chance

    Template:UserMatteel - Yo can you add me when you get around to doing it

    Novoscarletism - pls add me

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    Neo-Kiraism - add me


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