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    Neo-Sorcerersilasism is the new ideology of the user Sorcerersilas. It's somewhat similar to his old ideology, but he is now only an anarchist philosophically and is pragmatically more of a minarcho-mutualist or minarcho-socialist pragmatically. Though still taking influence from utopian socialism because he wants to acheive socialism through peaceful and voluntary reform, he puts less of an emphasis on it because a utopia is impossible and there will always bad in the world.



    He is still a market socialist. He likes co-ops, though they shouldn't be forced and should be voluntary. He wants almost no regulation aside from when necessary, strong anti-trust laws, and some welfarist policies, specifically public water, universal basic income, and an option to have your healthcare free, though healthcare won't be absolutely free, just free when the person who has healthcare wants it to so there can be easy access to healthcare but you can also keep your doctor if you want. (However, there will be absolute free mental healthcare to prevent stuff like school shootings.) though as a whole his economic beliefs are market socialist, he has different economics varying on the size of business. For smallest and self-employed businesses, he is actually capitalist because it's just about impossible private businesses those size will exploit anyone. For small businesses he's an average market socialist, though there might a few private enterprises, but mostly co-ops. For medium businesses, he would have similar economics, but there would be even less private businesses. For big businesses, he has a belief he likes to call "anti-corporate accelerationism", which believes big corporations should be fucked up with insane anti-trust laws, no matter how crazy these laws are.


    He's a pacifist regardless, but his diplomatic axis and foreign policy really varies on the country. In the country he lives in, The USA, a non-interventionist foreign policy would be best.


    He is civically a libertarian. He wants there to be a direct democratic forum to citizens to discuss and decide on issues. He believes the state should be restricted to enforcement of laws, necessary regulations and the protection of the people's rights. He hates centralism and un*tarianism, preferring federalism, decentralism or urbism. He wants to defund the police and thinks the law system should be based around privacy and human rights.


    He is progressive, believing in gender equality, equal rights for everyone, multiculturalism, legalization of most to all drugs, seperation of church and state, et cetera, et cetera.



    • Longism - Even though you were an authoritaran, you cared about the people and I like that.
    • Marsism-Vizirism- Very based aside from the anti-religion stuff, Partly influenced my economic beliefs.

    exploitative nowadays doesn't mean they should be exterminated.

    • Anarcho-Pacifism- If we use violence against an authoritarian state, that will just give them justification to become even more authoritarian.


    • Urbism - I like you a lot in theory, but It would probably just have to become confederalism.
    • Polfaxism - Based but you need to drop capitalism and realize that not all feminists believe in exactly the same thing and banning abortion will just lead to people getting them illegally.
    • Subgenius Based but you need to drop the genocide.
    • Hamiltonianism - Cringe but Hamilton is a great musical.
    • Mutual Libertarianism - Based but it's disappointing you no longer believe in market socialism. Also you're a cool guy.
    • Egoism I agree that the idea of objective morality is cringe but we shouldn't destroy morality in general.
    • - -- You just want to make everyone safe and happy which is great, but you need to stop being so pro-monopolies, pro-government survelliance, pro-centralization pro-theocracy and anti-competition.
    • Neo-Airisuism- I like the idea of eco-communes, it's a great idea, and the PKK is probably the best side in the Syrian Civil War, even if they've done some rather bad things. But you've made many cringe takes, and Marxism is... I mean, he had a few good points, but also much more major bad ones.


    • Neoconservatism - "We'Re ThE wOrLd PoLiCe1!1!1" You're right, actually! You do what the modern-day police does, be violent and fuck things up and then rebrand it as for the sake of safety, but on a worldwide level!
    • Neo-Afunhumaninterism - Thinks libertarianism is just about guns and economics. (damn there are a lot of fake libertarians here)
    • TERFs- Oh, TERF is a slur to silence you? Damn, I wish it worked. Shut the fuck up!

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