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    Neo-Selfism, Neo-Self or Noveltist Avaritionist Post-Humanism is an off-the-compass, ego-post-humanist and avarationist ideology that believes the individual should seek to strenghten himself with technology on an avarationist society so that he may take and do what he wants without opposition.


    Anpostr.png Property

    Neo-Selfism rejects the right-wing ideal of property rights, they believe the only way property can be maintained and aquired is throught force and violence tho unlike Ancom.png Leftists ML.png Neo-Selfism thinks that's a good thing making it Avar.png Avaritionist.

    POSTHUMANISMICON.png Survival Darwinist.png

    As Neo-Selfism believes the only way property exists is throught aggression and ultimatly embraces it, they believe only the strong have the "right" to property and so they should take what is theirs. Neo-Selfism believes that the competition under social darwinism will lead the individual to better himself with technology to grow stronger therefore evolving themselves, this will eventually lead to the individual growing past his human form, becoming a new and stronger individual, a "new-self".

    Ego.png Anti-Spookism Avar.png

    Neo-Selfism believes society is inherently authoritarian and collectivist, limiting the individual from reaching it's full potential and giving protection to the "weak", therefore Neo-Selfism PCB-Postciv.png Rejects society as a spook, consequentially rejecting the government aswell.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Fill it using your preferable shade of black.
    3. Draw a big arrow pointing up using (#A90C43)
    4. Draw the avarationist 'X' in front of the arrow (#870026)
    5. Add robotic eyes using a dark-grey (#7F7E7F)
    6. Fill the eyes with (#CC0033)
    7. Done.







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