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    Left Values

    Third Position Values

    Dozen Values



    Social State

    "The basic principle of any civilized society is social justice"-Gamal Abdul Nasser

    Culture and nation

    I believe that culture is the basis of who we are and what our nation is. I think it is important to protect some traditions since these are what make our culture, but at the same time I believe that moderate progressivism should be allowed since this is normal and improves our culture.
    I believe that all Hispanic countries should be united or collaborate among ourselves for our common good and defend ourselves from Anglo-Saxon Atlanticist neoliberal imperialism. I would also like cooperation between countries with Latin culture.
    I am completely against ethnic racism, I believe that anyone who speaks our language, follows our traditions and considers themselves Hispanic has to be accepted as such.

    • This goes to ELM and all the anti-nationalist "socialists"

    Nationalism is not a tool of the bourgeoisie, thinking this is simply stupid since nationalism is the idea of seeking the best for your nation, and OBVIOUSLY, the best for your nation is not what a small group of bourgeoisie wants. The bourgeoisie wants nations to be weak so they can better exploit their people without anything stopping them.


    In terms of progressivism and traditionalism I consider myself inclined towards traditionalism, although I consider that social progress is something natural, inevitable and good. I believe that we must seek progress but maintaining the traditions that make us part of our culture, destroying traditions is destroying culture and avoiding progress is stupid.

    I consider that Modern-progressivism is degenerate and has deviated from what real progress is, instead of seeking for society to progress it seeks for society to reverse the bad things of the past, being a kind of inverted reactionism(example: change homophobia to heterophobia)

    Some conservative ideas I have:

    • I am in favor of protecting traditions
    • I am a nationalist
    • I oppose SJW
    • I oppose pedophilia, zoophilia, etc
    • I believe that LGBT people are overrepresented
    • I think there are only 2 genders
    • I oppose the abolition of gender
    • I oppose affirmative action
    • I believe that minors under 18 cannot consent and therefore gender change operations cannot be performed. I believe that allowing minors to consent to this is like allowing pedophilia
    • I oppose the legalization of drugs and believe that alcohol should be more regulated

    Some progressive ideas I have:

    • I support the separation of church from state
    • I support first and second wave feminism
    • I am against reactionism and extreme conservatism, I believe that avoiding progress is just as bad as destroying traditions
    • I support gender equality
    • I believe that each person can do what they want as long as it does not harm others.
    • I oppose discrimination
    • I oppose racism

    Foreign policy

    We must have a patriotic foreign policy that is based on defending our national interests and our sovereignty. We must not allow foreign imperialist powers, China and the USA, to influence our decisions, relationships, trade, etc., with other countries. We must remove Argentina and the Hispanic world from the imperialist influence of the US and China, which is destroying it. That's why I see the Russian bloc as the best ally; unlike the imperialists of China and the USA, Russia has another type of imperialism, it wants the countries on its borders, not colonies all over the world. I would be worried if my country were within its borders, but for distant countries, Russia is the best option. I believe we should emulate something similar to India's foreign policy, although with more inclination towards Russia than India has.

    I firmly believe that currently the Yankee neoliberal Atlanticist imperialism has defeated the other 2 political positions, the third position and the left, creating a unipolar world in which the United States can do whatever it wants, violating the sovereignty of other countries. Therefore, despite the differences between these ideologies, I seek to create an alliance between anti-liberal forces to fight together against this.

    I see China as a red United States, an imperialist wearing a socialist mask. Even so, I believe that currently it is possible to cooperate with them to destroy the Yankee empire, but we must be careful, since china does not seek a multipolar world, it wants to take the crown of the unipolar world.

    I believe we can still have relations with the USA and China if it benefits us in some way, but always ensuring that they do not start to have too much influence over us.


    Technologically I am a futurist and I believe that technological advances must be sought at all costs. I believe that the state must invest heavily in academic and scientific institutions and link them strongly to the state to create a golden age of technology and bring humanity to a new space and biotranshumanist era.

    I believe that technological advances should focus mainly on biotranshumanism, improving human biological capabilities, and on space technology so that humanity overcomes the last frontier.

    regarding the environmental I believe that the best way to protect the environment is to create new technologies that spend less, produce more and pollute less. I think that currently the best way to get energy is with nuclear energy, and I honestly do not understand the environmentalists who are against this, It is proven that it is the most efficient and least polluting way to produce energy.

    User Tests

    Pick only one from each category :3

    Civic Axis

      • Chaoist (-10)
      • Anarchist (-10)
      • Minarchist (-7)
      • Libertarian (-5)
      • Civically Moderate (0)
      • Statist (+8)
      • Dictablanda (+10)
      • Authoritarian (+7)
      • Totalitarian (-3)
      • Orwellian (-10)

    Type of Rule Axis

      • (Anarchist) Anti-Democracy (-10)
      • Direct Democracy (0)
      • Semi-Direct Democracy (+1)
      • Representative Democracy (+5)
      • Authoritarian Democracy (+10)
      • Totalitarian Democracy (+4)
      • (Authoritarian) Anti-Democracy (0)
    • If none above apply...
      • Organic Centralism (-4)

    Economic Axis

      • Marxist Communist ()
      • Socialist (+8)
      • Welfarist (+10)
      • Mixed (+4)
      • Liberal Economics (-6)
      • Capitalist (-7)
      • Darwinist (-10)
    • If none above apply...
      • Third Positionism (+8)
      • Anti-Economy (-10)
      • Non-Marxist Communist (0)
      • Fiscal Federalism (+3)

    Economic Freedom

      • Anti-Economy (-10)
      • Dirigisme (+10)
      • Regulationism (+10)
      • Mixed (0)
      • Liberal Economics (-4)
      • Free Market (-8)
      • Laissez-Faire (-10)
    • If none above apply...
      • Central Planned (-1)
      • Decentral Planned (-7)

    Diplomatic Axis

      • Autarchy (-10)
      • Autarky (+8)
      • (Alter-) Globalist (+1)
      • World Federalist (0)
      • Cosmopolitan (-5)
      • Internationalist (-1)
      • Moderate (+3)
      • Civic Nationalist (+6)
      • Patriotic (+8)
      • Nationalist (+10)
      • Chauvinist (+3)
      • Racial Nationalist (or similar broad category) (-10)
      • Ethno-Nationalist (or similar narrow category) (-10)


      • Western (-10)
      • Western Adjacent (-10)
      • Non-Aligned (+6)
      • East Adjacent (+7)
      • Eastern (+5)

    Cultural Axis

      • Revolutionary (-10)
      • Progressive (+2)
      • Reformist (+5)
      • Syncretic (+10)
      • Conservative (+5)
      • Traditionalist (+2)
      • Reactionary (-10)

    Technological Axis

      • Primal (-10)
      • Primitivist (-9)
      • Pre-Industrial (-9)
      • Deceleration (-8)
      • Moderate (0)
      • Acceleration (+9)
      • Automated (+10)
      • Transhumanist (+10)
      • Posthumanist (+3)

    Environmental Axis

      • Human Extinction (-10 wth)
      • Radical Environmentalism (-10)
      • Eco-Fascism (-10)
      • Ecocentrism (-4)
      • Environmentalist (+8)
      • Moderate (+8)
      • Post-Industrialism (+7)
      • Industrialist (+9)
      • Anthropocentric (+10)
      • Anti-Environmentalism (-10)
      • New Mass Extinction (-10)

    Neurological Axis

      • Anti-Praxis (-10)
      • Utopian (-9)
      • Dogmatic (-6)
      • Idealist (+7)
      • In Between (+8)
      • Realist (+10)
      • Pragmatic (+10)
      • Rational (+8)
      • Dystopian (-10)
      • Anti-Theory (0)

    War Axis

      • Pacifism (+5)
      • Non-engagement (+8)
      • De-escalation (+9)
      • Intervention (0)
      • Irredentism (+4)
      • Revachism (0)
      • Jingoism (-10)
    • If none above apply...
      • Class Warfare (+1)


      • Insurrectionism (0)
      • Revolutionism (+7)
      • Moderatism (+4)
      • Reformism (+1)
      • Stagnationism (-6)




    • Aploism extremely based r/PCBA comrade, The two of us are practically identical socially and technologically
    • Ipseism As always, ultra schizophrenic, but this time worse, we are opposite in practically everything, mainly in anarchism and in collectivism-individualism. although I love lynching criminals
    • CHROMATISM You are liberal and pro-West, but your position on progressivism is very based. You also have other good policies like technological futurism, galacticism and you created ad astrum which is extremely based. The thing about being banned for drawing "Jesus x Hitler pedophile" is literally 1984

    Practically me

    • Donutzism In general you are quite good. I just want to talk about a specific point that I really liked: your ideas about a cultural revolution are very good, the truth is it is an idea that I have thought about years ago, we cannot make our nation succeed with the current state of our culture which It was degenerated by neoliberal imperialism to weaken us.

    Deivinism You are fine in general, I really like your economy. You are like me but a little more traditionalist.


    • ILunaticism Probably one of the best ideologies here, everything I have seen is quite similar to me. together we can end this trash. The only bad thing is that the Yankees brainwashed you to hate Putin.
    • WilliamCapo19 You do not like neoliberalism or false "progressivism" , you support distributism and a correct version of the third position and your opinion on Hispanicism is similar to mine. Although almost everything is fine there are some things that ruin you, mainly the Atlanticism. Russia is not imperialist, imperialism is when, in a not necessarily military way, you invade countries around the world to align them with your interests. Russia is expansionist. If you stopped basing your foreign policy opinions on what the news says you would be better.
    • Energeneralism too conservative, that is bad, but then you protect the environment and your economy is good. You are also partly right about democracy, but I don't think establishing a dictatorship is the right way to solve it. You're also like a far-right version of me. If you were a little less reactionary and more democratic you would be fine
    • Altemism The same as the one above but painted red. If you were a little more democratic and less traditionalist you would be fine.
    • RandomUser876 Although I don't know what your ideology is, asking others to add others is very based
    • Strasserism you should have ruled germany...
    • Savoinism We share several things in common, you are like a more capitalist me.
    • Neo-Nasakomism Basically the "he who doesn't think like me is Mussolini" guy. By the way, calling people "fascist" is quite ironic considering that your flag is literally inspired by the flag of the Third Reich. At least you are Pro-Russian and you are one of the few who sees how liberalism has defeated fascism and communism.
    • Nitrism Too extreme in everything, you seem like an exaggerated and poorly founded version of Deivinism, Donutzsm or Engeneralism
    • Vichy-Germanism Too fascist for my taste, but if I were French I'd probably support something similar to this.
    • adding list


    • Anarcho-Arkhatranism I don't like libertarian economics and I like a strong state that protects workers, but you are pro russia which is extremely good.
    • Barbaric-Socialism an ideology
    • Social-Accelerationism Some of your positions seem very bad to me since you are anational and globalist, then you are also a welfarist and transhumanist which is very good, the rest is meh.


    • Left Islamism The only good thing you have is the welfare.
    • Esaism I do not believe that supplying drugs to the population is the best way to establish a world socialist utopia. You are still better than others in this category.
    • United People's Coalition You were a good party, it's a shame the Anticoms took your leadership
    • K1R4KW33NN - Satlinist SJW synthesis, cringe. (yes, i copy this from williamcapo19). You are spared from going to Tartarus because you are a Ad Astrum Coalition Comrade.
    • MagicArya Your views on technology and post-humanism are based, otherwise we are practically opposite. Why the hell do you create a new page every day?!
    • Kassuism Basically an ancap, I don't need to explain why I don't like this.
    • Griffinism the same as the one above
    • Hysteria Thought I love your art and your aesthetics. apart from that you are my opposite
    • Apallagism Incoherent reactionary-transsexual ideology, plus you are a libertarian
    • Vyktarianism Liberal, reactionary, pagan, puppet of the Atlanticist empire, and anarchist, it couldn't be worse what the hell is Eco-cannibalism?!?!
    •  DECBism You are a horrifying imperialist who wants to maintain and give more power to my Yankee unipolar egemonia, all your opinions on foreign policy are horrible and the worst thing is that you support national socialism Israel.
    • Opkedism neoliberal imperialist atlanticist progre, a danger to humanity.

    El Tartaro

    • Ego-Libertarian Marxism Nationalism is not a tool of the bourgeoisie, thinking this is simply stupid since nationalism is the idea of seeking the best for your nation, and OBVIOUSLY, the best for your nation is not what a small group of bourgeoisie wants. The bourgeoisie wants nations to be weak so they can better exploit their people without anything stopping them. Furthermore, what makes you think that nationalism creates conflicts between the native population and immigrants? It is historically proven that immigration is good for nations. The conflicts between the native population and immigrants are problems of racism and xenophobia, not nationalism. There are many other things I could write here but this would be too long. Except for the technological advance, you are practically the opposite of me.
    • Lycanthropy How to say it? We are opposites in everything. But specifically, I want to comment on something: you are against humanity going into space, that makes no sense. Humanity was born to inherit the stars and we are going to do it, it is our destiny and nothing can stop us in the same way that nothing could stop us from making the entire planet ours. Humanity is a species that is biologically predisposed to exploration and conquest.
      • - How am I higher up than this guy lmao.
    • MugiKotobuki8814 The worst crap I've read, I don't doubt that you've never touched a book in your life and your ideology is just taken from what you saw reading TNO focus. You are truly the worst scum, the worst part is that you call yourself a Peronist and Rosist when either of those two would have sent you to a reeducation camp if they had seen you. I don't doubt that even Hitler would have hated you, and I've also heard that you are a pedophile scum. "People" like you should be enslaved in a mine in Africa. You are literally the reason why the Yankees think Argentinians are all Nazis and racists. Unfortunately, scum like you get much more visibility than normal people.
      • - To be fair, pedophilia and nazism are two major tenants of Peronism.


    Add comments in "New/Unreaded" Template: Markezism

    Now that the PCBA elections are over I have time to add everyone who asked me below this message

    - If you're wondering why I got banned, long story short, there was a trend started by Winwin of shipping ancap and ancom. Snoo, being the ancap hater he was, compared this to shipping Jesus X pedophile Hitler, and so I drew that. I then got banned.

      • - bro, literally 1984 :skull:

    RandomUser876 - Hey can you add Altemism & Energeneralismi Please, Add them not me.

    - Thoughts on Palestinian Third Way? Ps, you should do a user test.

      • what is the user test
        • - The big rating thingies you see on every self insert page.
          • - ok, i'm going to do it

    CHROMATISM - Gimme alias.

    CHROMATISM - Would you like to join the Ad Astrum Coalition?

      • YES!

    Aploism - Can you add me im u/amougussus

      • Ok

    It’s me Manuel (u/Eugene_LeEpic) can I help edit your page?

    -Yes, I don't know how to do it. Do you have any video tutorial?

    -I'm going to go now. If you want to add something to the page, do so.

    Add me?


    me in space
    me in space
    Art by Hysteria thought
    Art by Hysteria thought


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