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    Neo-Rojanism346 is a Marxist Ideology advocating the worker ownership the of means of production. Its economic view is a decentralized "Council Communist" system, aiming for collective ownership. Culturally, it envisions a dynamic society actively challenging injustice and promoting diversity. The government model emphasizes active worker participation with governance centered on local worker councils, embodying Marx's "dictatorship of the proletariat" and fostering worker-driven policies.


    The means of production undergo proletarian control, constituting a pivotal step towards the realization of socialist ideals. Drawing inspiration from Marx's "Critique of the Gotha Program," my economic structure envisions the establishment of a society where "the producers control their product." Centralized planning becomes a prominent feature, aiming to "centralize all instruments of production in the hands of the state." As the economic framework progresses, the shift towards decentralization. This decentralization seeks to minimize hierarchical structures within society, echoing a vision of "councils of workers" actively managing production without the need for a central authority. The goal is to empower local communities and individuals, emphasizing the need for a "democracy of producers." Workers' councils, in line with Marx's concept of the proletariat seizing control, emerge as pivotal players in economic decision-making. The intricacies of this economic structure echo Marx's assertion in "The Civil War in France" that the working class must "transform the means of production into common property." The "Council Communist" approach embodies a commitment to abolishing class distinctions and aligns with the Marxist vision of a stateless society. The decentralized nature of the "Council Communist" economy encapsulates the essence of Marxist thought, emphasizing collective ownership and the eventual transition towards a society free from both class divisions and centralized state control. The active participation of individuals in shaping their economic destinies reflects the core Marxist principle that "freedom in society can only be the freedom of association."


    In the cultural landscape of my ideal socialist utopia, the revolution of the proletariat would play a central role in driving ongoing societal transformation. This revolution reflects a collective passion for challenging the status quo, dismantling oppressive structures, and actively pursuing a more just and equitable society, one where race, gender, and sexual orientation (mostly[1], are completely abolished. This dynamic cultural element would manifest in several key ways.

    Individuals within this society would be encouraged to actively participate in the decision-making processes that shape their lives. The revolution would extend to the empowerment of all community members, ensuring that diverse voices are heard and considered in the ongoing construction of a just and inclusive society. Education would play a crucial role in fostering the revolutionary spirit, emphasizing critical thinking, awareness of social issues, and a deep understanding of the historical context that has shaped existing power structures.

    The cultural environment would encourage innovative problem-solving approaches. The revolutionary spirit would drive a search for creative and effective solutions to societal problems, with an openness to experimentation and adaptation as circumstances evolve. This commitment to continuous social change would be a defining characteristic of the society, rejecting complacency and embracing the idea that societal structures and norms should be dynamic and responsive to emerging needs and challenges.

    Active opposition to injustice in all its forms would be a hallmark of the cultural landscape. The utopia would actively work against discrimination and exclusion, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive irrespective of their identities. Celebrating diversity would be inherent in the revolutionary cultural ethos, recognizing the richness that comes from different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences.

    In essence, the cultural landscape serves as a driving force for societal dynamism and a commitment to continuous improvement. It propels the community toward a vision of a more inclusive, equitable, and just society, where individuals actively engage in the ongoing process of shaping their collective destiny. This cultural landscape reflects a society that embraces change, challenges oppressive norms, and seeks to build a better future for all its members.

    Goverment Organization:





    Geopolitical Opinions




    Somewhat Friendly


    Somewhat Disliked



    • - Even though I'm a leftcom, I can't bring myself to dislike Fisher, and especially not dislike you, very educated and pragmatic, and while I dislike your more moderate aspects of socialism (like wtf Kautsky is pretty dumb) your cultural stances more than make up for it! Also, just a nice bloke!
    • - Biomechanicalism and the freedom to improve ones flesh is insanely based, I also like your local representatives (just wished it was through councilism) and a decentrally planned economy? very based!!
    • Sundog - Im to dumb to understand half the shit youre saying lol, BUT, you seem based
    • Third Aquarian Model - Aqua!! One of the best users here!! I also agree that fact that communism is not only a better system, but the more moral one, sadly you base it all off of morals which is ehhh, still a great person and ideology

    Somewhat Friendly

    •  Daniello — Seems like a nice guy and culturally we are very similar, I hope you see the failures of a market system but you're pretty based nonetheless.


    Somewhat Disliked

    Tankie Zone (revisionists)

    • Genosse Owens Thought- You are a commie, which is based, but you're like me but if I was more auth (wtf is with the hate on councilism! Read Pannekoek!)
    • Meowxism - Same criticisms as the person above, but you like Vikky Storm which is Ultra-Zased!! But still any MLs are bad
    • Trentoism - literally all of you are the same, marxists leninists are neither and have ruined the communist cause, at least you have good intentions


    • Terekhofism - Fake socialist and quasi-fascist! Fuck you, you reactionary piece of crap!
    • Jadedism - God you are bad, State Capitalism is pretty terrible, also anti-environmentalist, anti-weed, and Authoritarian Anti-Democracy. You do like LGBTQIA+ rights so that's not to bad. Another Quasi-Fascist
    • Danielism - God you are terrible, capitalist, authoritarian, and a monarch?! Yeah you deserve to be here!
    •  Neo-Afunhumaninterism - I really like you as a person! But ideologically you're shit! Laissez Faire? More like shit! That was a terrible joke...
      • - Same as Afun, you two are very similar, both great peeps though
    • Theoanarchism - BLEEEHHHHH!!!! absolute terrible ideology, anarchist, and a sprinkle of white nationalism?! no thank you!
    • Social Authoritarian Bonapartism - youre a big member of the r/PCBA community, but that doesnt save you from being a reactionary, your fake democracy and fascist economics only exist to oppres, also youre fascist change my mind :trollface:
    • ShadowTheEdgy28's thought - Shadow I love you man, but half the shit you say I don't get! Deleuze makes no fucking sense to me, I thank you for inspiring me to actually start reading philosophy, when I finally understand you I may rank you higher but right now I see you as crazy. Sorry!!!


    1. Pedophiles and Zoophiles are still eww
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