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    Neorock.png Neo-Rocksism is the (new and improved) self-insert ideology of Rocksmanylobsters. It is a social anarchist ideology that aims to create a synthesist federation of ecological, equal and autonomous anarchist communes, where property is owned communally by the people, and not by the state or a private enterprise.












    Other Issues




    Flag of Neo-Rocksism


    Yoda8soup.pngYoda8soup - Hey I know there's no comment section yet but I wanted to say the new ideology's looking good so far. And I love the Monty Python reference it's good to know you're a man of culture. :)

    • Neorock.png Neo-Rocksism - Thank you :) I am now proud to call myself an Anarcho-Yoda8Soupist!

    O'Langism.png O'Langism - Ayy, welcome to the anarchism gang! Also, if you don't mind, I'm not gonna add you until you start writing a bit more bc I want to write an accurate blurb.

    • Neorock.png Neo-Rocksism - Thanks! I don't have much time right now, but I am going to write a small description of what my ideology stands for.

    O'Langism.png O'Langism - What lead to you becoming an anarchist?

    • Neorock.png Neo-Rocksism - Lots of things, but the main reason is I reread the Conquest of Bread after a long time and it made a lot more sense to me.
      • Atronism-icon.png Atronism - Weird, I'm currently reading the Conquest of Bread right now, and I really don't see the appeal so far. Then again, I'm only on the first 30 pages.
        • Neorock.png Neo-Rocksism - If it doesn't click, I suggest you read Anarchism and Other Essays or the Politics of Social Ecology (although the latter is not entirely anarchistic, it gives you a good roundup of Bookchin's anti-hierarchical views).

    Atronism-icon.png Atronism - The page looks great so far, and I love the new design :D

    • Neorock.png Neo-Rocksism - Thanks :) and yes I'm pretty proud of it. I hope we can still be comrades

    So should Anarcho-Rocksism just redirect here now? — Faera (talk) 08:48, 11 March 2023 (UTC)

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